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“One of the early players in the field of private business communication networks and a leading global IT platform”: BROSIX

thesiliconreview-stefan-chekanov-ceo-brosix-17Few things are as important to the management of a small business as effective communication. And while instant messaging (IM) software platforms are most widely used for personal or recreational use, many small business owners have embraced IM in the workplace to support or even replace traditional forms of communication.

IM systems that operate solely within the business eliminate concerns about security and privacy that arise when outsourcing. They also offer a level of user interface customisation and compatibility with existing or legacy software not found with consumer IM. 

Brosix has traveled a long way and gained importance in the field of Instant Messaging and Peer-to-Peer communication by paving its way through the elegant alleys of technology. It takes immense pride in its easy-to-use, secure communication tools for home and enterprises. 

Inception of Brosix

Brosix rose from the CEO’s (Stefan Chekanov) insatiable need to create and secure the internal business communication network in 2006. During the CEO’s stint with outsourcing projects which involved a high communication flow with foreign clients, the need for a safe and streamlined communication platform in his work and other businesses grew evident which propelled him to launch Brosix.

Initial struggle and expansion

Due to the lack of experience with private and secure business IM networks and similar products in the market during the initial years of Brosix, it posed as a challenge to communicate about the product and its underlying benefits. 

Since the release of the first version in June 2006, immense love and constructive criticism for the platform aided the team to tackle the initial setbacks and server overloads which came their way. In fact, requests and ideas for new features had to be prioritized lest the platform strayed from the initial idea. With technological advancements and efficient platforms for communication in personal lives, user expectations have risen accordingly. 

Brosix has proudly introduced audio and video chatting in its messaging app and also rolled out compatibility feature with smart phones. It culminates its user experience by providing an interface which greatly resembles the one in their personal lives. 

Why Brosix?

Brosix strives relentlessly to provide its clients with innovative and secure instant messaging and other efficient communication technologies without the necessity of investing in additional software, hardware, infrastructure, and day to day maintenance. Constant love and encouragement which pours in from their clients has reaffirmed belief in their progress. Above all, Brosix believes in a continuous process which enables them to adapt and innovate in accordance with the ever-developing market’s needs. 

How they roll

In Brosix, every employee is an asset; every suggestion, criticism, idea is considered as business always accounts to team effort. Every employee values team work and is responsible for delivering one’s best efforts which generates a rewarding work environment. The team’s common goal of striving towards perfection acts as a great motivation towards success. The primary driving force of the organization lies in interesting projects, satisfied customers and excellent team-mates.

Realm of growth

Every employee is granted autonomy in work-related decisions based on their desire which contributes invariably to consistent growth and a stable work environment. In terms of professional development, employees are encouraged in every plausible aspect of growth leading to the team making a head way from all standpoints of advancement.

Pointers to the young

Innovation is the key to any successful organization. Technology continually grows obsolete and requires constant awareness of new trends and the ability to adapt products to meet the evolving inclinations of the market. So, an innovative approach which specifies the clients’ needs and the benefits which can be reaped from it serve as an important tool in diagnosing the expectations of clients.

New Product- lineup

An exciting version of Brosix for Desktop, IoS and Android intended to deliver an enhanced level of usability and flexibility to the clients, thereby contributing largely to increased team-productivity. 


Brosix Instant Messenger won the 2017 Great User Experience Award and the 2017 Rising Star Award for their instant messaging software category, both reserved for top quality products that won’t expose users to complex installations and expensive training. 

In 2010 Brosix won the prize “Best IM feature of 2010” for the second year in a row

Brosix won “Best IM Feature 2009”, “Developers of the year 2009”.

Brosix instant messaging has earned multiple awards, making it one of the top instant messenger programs in the nation. 

Atypical- Brosix

Given the growing concerns of security and constant news of data breaches, private business communication networks have become an increasingly important topic for businesses. To address these challenges and emerge as a global platform is a matter of pride and happiness to Brosix.

A glimpse into future prospects

The elementary mission and vision of the organization lies in providing convenient, innovative and secure communication solutions to the clients. With this in focus, Brosix intends to garner advantage of further technological advances and trends in communication.

Say  ahoy  to the captain: CEO and Co-founder, Stefan Chekanov  

Stefan has been involved in computer programming for over 20 years. He has grown as an individual through this journey from working directly in firms, to providing outsourcing solutions, to co-founding, along with his brother and partner through the years - Brosix.

"Our reputation is the key here. Through hard work and dedication we have been able to establish a solid reputation for innovative and secure communication solutions."