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30 Most Trustworthy Companies of the year 2017

One of the leading providers of IT Solutions and Services : Maxil Technology Solutions Inc.

thesiliconreview-kal-reddy-founder-president-maxil-technology-solutions-inc-2017Today’s reality states that most of the companies and organizations suffer from lower operational and labor costs. This reduces focus from their core business processes and hampers in freeing up their internal resources that otherwise could have been put into effective use for the welfare of the company. Many times stranded with internal resource, many world class companies and organizations find themselves in juxtaposition with difficulties as it blocks the acceleration process. And not just that, companies also suffer in adapting new market trends and lags in delivering the promised services to their clients. This became the core reason to establish an outsourcing company which would benefit other companies in managing peripheral services. It is in these prevailing circumstances Maxil Technology Solution Inc was founded to provide resources to its clients on their site, or offshore, or multi-site® experience.

Maxil Technology is a provider of innovative Information Technology solutions and services. The company is backed by a strong and dedicated team of technology professionals with extensive domain knowledge in many verticals. It has also bagged position last year in Inc. 5000,  the most prestigious ranking of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

The company is focused in providing industry solutions in core areas: Data Warehousing, Quality Assurance, Java Applications, and Networking. These five areas of expertise, along with Staffing Group and Offshore delivery capabilities, it has provided its clients a wide array of applications, including real-time systems, online systems, embedded systems, process control, transaction processing, image processing, and many others. It however reflects on  us as to how they are using anything from mobile and cloud software to analytics and the Internet of Things to serve their employees and customers.

Dawning of the company

thesiliconreview-raj-kosaraju-cofounder-cio-maxil-technology-solutions-inc-2017Maxil, headquartered in Oakbrook Illinois, took its shape as a company when its founder Kal Reddy and co-founder Raj Kosaraju finished their respective studies in Texas A&M University and planned to initiate a company in Illinois. Before the entrepreneurial drive caught them, both of them were working in different companies, and later on Abdul Baig, (Co-Founder) another associate from Texas A&M University joined them in their venture.

Beside its venture in business, the company also contributes to the global platform by lending support to an international network of volunteers and educators who runs free, extra-curricular coding clubs for children in local venues. It provides easy to follow coding projects which helps children in learning Scratch, HTML & CSS and Python by making games, animations and websites. The project introduces coding concepts which helps children to grow their understanding of digital making. The company is also involved in Haiti education for Children.

Pillar of the company: Product

The company’s first in-house product was an app tech platform called Frenzy. Since operating like a simple STK menu or a graphic rich UI on a mobile has become a practical interface for users to transact their financial services, it is evident that a lot of sensitive information is also passed through servers at various times. Frenzy worked as a technology platform that served as an intermediary between banks and customers, and as time rolled, the product was highly praised and recognized by Fintech enterprises. The company aimed at keeping the product simple and friendly for its users.

Vertical Specialization

Maxil’s competitive edge comes from combining technology competencies with its understanding of verticals, straddling a range of sectors from banking and insurance, power, mining and telecom, financial services to education. It’s high quality, high value IT solutions have helped reshape businesses and delivered measurable results to its customers. In its 17 years of business, Maxil has provided information technology staffing services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies, small to medium businesses (SMB) and government organizations to help them facilitate their business processes.

Maxil brings extensive knowledge and bets practices around improving application development productivity and effectiveness. It accelerates organizational maturity at all levels, with proven techniques that focuses on improving process, building staff competencies and expanding knowledge capital, with specific areas of focus at each level of maturity defined by the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®). The company is also enriched with more than two decades of experience in providing any combination of contingent-only, contingent-to-hire and direct placement services to help clients in: gaining on-demand access to exceptional people, reduction of management burden, etc.

The roadmap ahead

Maxil is gearing up with a cloud-based e-commerce Application and Solution in the coming years. This solution will benefit users by allowing them to adapt in market conditions with certain flexibility that might not be available on site. The cloud will be accelerating the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, thus allowing employees to virtually “dial into” their corporate systems with their own computers or tablets. It will be cost-reducing and less of a hassle in increasing cloud storage and providing cloud server needs compared to on-site infrastructure;

an organization can use an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model to run its application package or custom e-commerce software Raj and Abdul have acquired some of the most advanced software Development programs some of them in Big Data, IoT, Cloud, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development and Analytics, to mention a few. They say great teams build each other up and strengthen individual members to create a cohesive group. It is when people work together on a team--  that is precisely when team projects encourage employees to feel proud of their contributions

All said the company will embark upon its next step in implanting Initial Public Offerings (IPO) by the next year. New technologies like NoSQL, MPP databases and Hadoop have emerged to address big data, machine learning and cloud challenges and are also enabling new products and services to be delivered by the value chain. “We are looking at a significant growth in the coming days ahead,” wraps up Kal Reddy.

Meet the master brain

Kal Reddy, Founder and President of Maxil Technology Solutions Inc has worked as a Staff/Principal Consultant, Systems Analyst, Database Analyst, Database Architect, ETL Consultant, Informatica Architect & Informatica Administrator. He helped in growing the company from zero to 100+ employees, with direct P&L responsibility for $10 million in annual revenues.He developed solution groups with five practice areas in the fields of Data Warehousing, Quality Assurance, Java, Oracle Applications and Networking. He also played a pivotal role in developing the overall strategy and company building process, while serving as a Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“We focus on delivering the right business results on time and on budget — working with clients driven to make a difference.”