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10 Fastest Growing Mobility Companies 2016

One of the most professional “design & development” partners in the Mobility Space: InnovationM

“We have mobile in our roots & design in our culture; we help companies to strategize their mobile requirement.”

InnovationM provides top-notch consulting, design & development services in the mobility space – helping clients build solutions on consumer and enterprise side. Their experience & capabilities are to build end to end mobile solutions and in all the designs & solutions, UI Design and User Experience (UX) is the core. InnovationM is headquartered in Noida, India, with the Account & Client Solutions team present in US.

Founded in 2010, the Executive Team & Advisors have extensive experience working in the mobile ecosystem in India and in US and brings a lot of domain / industry knowledge to the table in areas such as LBS, Media, Education, Finance, Healthcare and Social Media. InnovationM is continuously rated among the top 10 mobile development companies by independent US-based technology research firms.

InnovationM is best among the best; read-on to know why

Continuous Learning: InnovationM believes in what Albert Einstein had said, “Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” They have a culture of continuous learning at quite an extensive rate, the sole reason for the company’s cumulative development timeline is that they want their folks face unique challenges and design remarkable solutions for the same.

Enough space for development: Here at InnovationM, employees are empowered by having more autonomy to make their own decisions regarding “design and development”, giving the employees their own space for development and a sense of importance and making them feel as if they have more input in the direction of the organization.

 Designing at its best: InnovationM’s tagline is “Build a Mobile Experience” and they mean it. They believe in not just building mobile apps that looks great, but designing experiences for the user. The company consults with the client’s business to distinguish who the users are and what the client wants them to do. Their team of designers and developers work together to turn client’s need into mobile solutions with high user experience & usability.

Service Offerings


InnovationM also offers “Mobile-Forms-as-a-Service” (mFaaS), a mobile development service which helps companies build form-based business applications onto mobile so that the business can be done faster.

They have built “Design Heights”, a repository of mobile & web design patterns. InnovationM has collated these patterns over the last 2 years or so based on experience of designing mobile solutions for the clients, internal Innovation Design Workshops as well a deep research on the design patterns which the industry is following to solve common design problems. While every mobile solution is different in its own respect, there are a lot of features & functionalities which are common across various mobile solutions and which does not require a new design “exercise” all the time. Instead these solutions need to be benefitted from some of the best design patterns available which not only saves time while designing but also makes sure that the best & time-tested design patterns are applied to solve a problem.

Innovative products by InnovationM

Water App (Reminder & Tracker): This is an application which reminds to drink water adequately & regularly and track the water intake.

My Android: This is an application tool which provides useful information to developers & Android enthusiasts about their Android phone and tablet.

thesiliconreview-android-app thesiliconreview-waterdrop-innovation

Big clients and client testimonials

  1. “I would like to thank all your team for the very attentive, patient and good humoured support that you have provided in what has been a more difficult app development than we initially thought. I really enjoyed working with you all.”
    – Project Manager of an International Educational Organization (UK).
  1. “Thank you for all your hard work on building the app…it looks great! We approached you with a tight deadline & you – DELIVERED!! We appreciate your responsiveness, organization, and efficiency.”
    – Project Manager of a Health Communication Company (USA).
  1. “It was a very good experience working with InnovationM. They will be my first choice always for any work related to Mobile apps. I had to launch an Android Tablet apps in very tight timelines. We had some not-so-good code base developed already. Even the Sr. management executives in my company are applauding their work who were earlier a bit reluctant about offshoring.”– Development Manager of a Financial Service Firm (Canada).

Branded as “Most Reliable” by the lead players of International market

  • Brand team at one of the largest European AUTOMOBILE manufacturers does business on iPad solution built flawlessly by InnovationM.
  • Stewards in luxury HOTELS in Dubai, Mauritius and London are using InnovationM Mobile POS solution to take customer orders.
  • One of the largest FINANCIAL service provider of Canada sells Education Plans on Android tablet solution built by InnovationM.
  • An end to end mobile solution for Chronic Disease Management built for one of the biggest
    HOSPITALS in New York.
  • Flight Booking app for # 1 low-cost AIRLINE in India.
  • A leading provider of International SIM & DATA SOLUTIONS worked with InnovationM to improve their customer verification process using Android tablets.
  • Developed the first ever Socially connected MOBILE WALLET on iOS & Windows Phone for India’s Largest Payment Solution Provider.
  • Students all over the world are using Education App rebuilt by InnovationM for an International EDUCATIONAL Organization.
  • CARPOOL SOLUTION launched in DELHI for ODD-EVEN SCHEME was built by InnovationM.

“Our attention to detail helps us to bring reference business and
differentiates us from the competition.”

Plotting the future

  • “We do not teach mobile design to our clients but we show them that we understand what they hired us for. More difficult than the design itself is to take design decisions for a product which clients love the most. It’s a responsible job that we take up at InnovationM”.
  • “A mobile solution success hinges on just one thing: how users perceive it.Does the mobile solution give me value? Is it easy to use? Is it pleasant to use?” These are the questions that run through the minds of users as they interact with our products, and they form the basis of their decisions on whether to become regular users. At InnovationM, we build mobile solutions for the user and in all our designs UX/UI is the core.”
  • “We wish to inculcate a culture of “design focus”in every solution that we do. Without this “culture”, InnovationM would just be building apps, not experiences.”

 Meet the Executive Duo

Manish Seth, Co-founder & CEO: Manish is the chief mentor & strategist for all technology related efforts within the company. He provides strategic direction to the company in terms of focus areas and competencies in various technologies. Manish has around 19 Years of industry experience in delivery, project management, consulting, and solutioning in the mobility & software development space. He has excellent exposure in working closely with companies around the world in areas of app development, advisory, building mobile strategy & roadmaps, consulting and training. He has travelled extensively across the world (USA, UK, pan-India and Singapore) to provide consultancy in mobile solution development and other development areas. Manish is a visionary and a regular speaker at various mobile events and seminars.

Ashish Seth, Co-founder and Head of Mobile Services: Ashish takes care of mobile strategy and business development. His responsibility is to guide customer in building a mobile roadmap and strategy, and support their teams in building mobile solutions. Ashish has around 19 Years of experience in consulting & development space with around 8 years in client solutioning in the mobility space, working out of India, UK and US. He has worked with lot of start-ups in mobility space, product companies, SaaS companies etc to build solutions across various mobile platforms and domains such as Location, hospitality, healthcare, media, finance, and many more. Ashish enjoys working with technology and technology-enabled companies and considers his customer’s success as his success.