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One of the oldest and best Corporate Risk Management service providers: Pinkerton Corporation

Allan Pinkerton, the man behind the organization, a Scottish American detective and spy, best known for creating the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Pinkerton first got interested in criminal detective work while wandering through the wooded groves around Dundee, looking for trees to make barrel, when he came across a band of counterfeiters who may have been affiliated with the notorious Banditti of the Prairie. After observing their movements for some time, he informed the local sheriff who arrested them. This later led to Pinkerton being appointed, in 1849, as the first police detective in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. In 1850, he partnered with Chicago attorney Edward Rucker in forming the North-Western Police Agency, which later became Pinkerton & Co, and finally Pinkerton National Detective Agency, still in existence today as Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations, a subsidiary of Securitas AB.

Pinkerton is the industry’s leading provider of risk management services and solutions for organizations throughout the world. The company has over 160 years experience managing risks that could potentially harm business or enterprise. From private detective work, to corporate risk consulting, Pinkerton prides itself on offering services to keep client’s company safe.

Headquartered in Michigan, US, Pinkerton traces its roots to 1850 when Allan Pinkerton founded Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency. Throughout its rich history, Pinkerton created the forerunner to the U.S. Secret Service, hired America’s first woman detective, and has remained the industry leader in developing innovative security and risk management solutions for national and international corporations. With employees and offices around the world, Pinkerton has the resources to provide reliable and scalable protection for clients and their assets around the globe.

The Pinkerton Difference
Pinkerton approaches corporate risk management in a uniquely holistic way. They provide services and solutions that are designed to address the different risk areas of a business and its operation, both inside and outside of the company. They have broken down the multitude of risks every organization faces and identified four main categories of risk factors that impact a company’s value. Hazard & Event Risk, Operational & Physical Risk, Technology & Informational Risk and Market & Economic Risk. Because they offer comprehensive solutions and unmatched expertise in each of these areas, coupled with access to their global network of resources, Pinkerton is the industry leader in corporate risk management.

Risk Management Services provided by Pinkerton Corporation
Pinkerton’s services offers proactive protection against the ever-changing threat landscape

Investigative Services: Pinkerton has continued to develop and deliver innovative private investigation solutions that allow them to provide client’s company with reliable and accurate information. Their experienced private investigators handle a wide variety of services. Whether client is concerned with internal employee issues such as theft, Ponzi schemes or other types of corruption, or external worries such as internet fraud, electronic bugging, extortion, or due diligence matters, Pinkerton offers the expertise to get answers and recover client’s assets quickly.

Protective Services: For more than 160 years, Pinkerton’s highly skilled and trained agents have provided protection for corporate leaders and their workforce, famous entertainers, athletes, royal families and diplomats. Their services range from providing one-time executive drivers to developing long-term comprehensive personal protection service programs. Pinkerton also offers expertise in protecting a company’s assets. They respond 24 hours a day to both known and unforeseen threats. This enables their clients to go about their day-to-day business as usual.

Crisis Management & Emergency Services: Whether one is dealing with an employee walkout in Springfield or an earthquake near factory in Ecuador, they have the ability to get their emergency services response team to nearly any location on short notice. Their local Pinkerton office will become client’s emergency management agency, as they quickly engage their global network of specialists for client’s needs. Pinkerton can easily adjust the magnitude of their response, expanding or contracting as client’s situation warrants.

Employment Screening: Thousands of companies throughout the world rely on Pinkerton Employment Screening to provide comprehensive Human Resource Employment Background Screening Services and Solutions. Their solutions incorporate standardized best practices which help streamline client’s workflow and maximize productivity throughout the entire employee life cycle. Their comprehensive employment screening services encompass swift and reliable background checks, drug testing, Form I-9 processing and much more.

Intelligence & Information Services: Whether one is protecting multinational operations, evaluating potential overseas investments and opportunities, or managing corporate travel programs, one need to know what is happening now in proximity to client’s interests. Pinkerton’s Global Risk Group (GRG) improves client’s ability to develop pro-active plans that allows client to respond swiftly and appropriately. Pinkerton’s unmatched network of connected global resources provides an industry-leading advantage allowing their Global Risk Group to deliver innovative, dependable and cost effective “situational awareness” solutions to clients across the globe.

Meet the Master
Jesse Berger, Vice President
Berger has 25 years business ownership and progressive management experience. Berger currently serves as Vice President for Pinkerton Corporate Risk Managements’ Employment Screening Division where he oversees the operations and strategic direction of global screening initiatives. Previously, Berger was CEO of Navicus, a national provider of employment screening and talent management software services. Berger started Navicus in 2003, and under his leadership quadrupled revenue rapidly growing from a small regional operator to a national player serving companies with 100,000’s employees. Navicus was recognized by ‘Inc.’ magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America for the four consecutive years. The company built a strong reputation and was recognized as a leading innovator in integrated talent management solutions that electronically manage employee life cycle transactions. Berger also serves as the Managing Partner of PeopleAssessments.

“Our values represent the spirit and strength of our organization.”