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50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017

“OnSIP doesn’t stop with the standard phone system features.” OnSIP


“Today, our cloud phone system and collaboration platform has served over 70,000 customer accounts.”

A Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform merges all of a business’s communication tools (phones, video chat, messaging, etc.) into one service, facilitating more efficient team collaboration and customer outreach. 

OnSIP was established with these ideals in mind by internet veterans Michael Oeth, CEO; Robert Wolpov, President; and John Riordan, CTO in 2004. They sought to design a service that was refreshingly easy for customers to set up and self-service. 

“We also made some big technology investments, architecting our own proprietary platform and patenting a method for scaling it with high redundancy and reliability. Today, our cloud phone system and collaboration platform has served over 70,000 customer accounts,” says Oeth. 

Michael Oeth, CEO says….

OnSIP doesn’t stop with the standard phone system features. 

Work smarter by integrating OnSIP with the platforms you already use such as Zendesk, Slack, Highrise, and Salesforce.

Make better staffing decisions with the Smart Queue Dashboard, a web app that lets supervisors monitor queues, run reports, and more. 

Boost sales and support with InstaCall, a solution that lets your website visitors click-to-video-call your team right in their browsers.

OnSIP flexes to meet the needs of modern organizations

Modern organizations look for communications solutions that enhance their business operations while reducing costs. OnSIP empowers businesses to connect and collaborate with 50+ UCaaS features, pricing that starts with free, and the freedom to select their phones. 

“We let customers choose any standard SIP (VoIP) phone, and we don’t lock them in with proprietary software,” says Oeth. Furthermore, the company has expanded to help businesses accomplish goals beyond connecting desk phones. 

“We help organizations integrate their remote workforce, boost sales conversions, and improve customer experiences. Thanks to our early efforts on our platform, we do not rely on upstream software vendors and have the freedom to innovate,” says Oeth. 

For instance, customers can utilize the company’s InstaCall app and place call buttons on their websites. Visitors can video or voice call without navigating a phone tree.

A customer-centric approach

Oeth attributes much of the company’s growth to its customer-centric approach. “I’m really proud to say we don’t just have customers; we have fans— in large part thanks to our unmatched level of customer care. Our call center wait time is under 20 seconds, and our average ticket satisfaction rating this year is 98%. Our Customer Success Team cares so much about people (and alleviating their problems) that our department head is a volunteer firefighter. We have a special team. In return, our customers provide valuable insight, both explicitly in conversation and implicitly in usage patterns, that helps us fine-tune our offerings.” 

A commitment to the product

Another way the company stays in touch with customer needs is by walking in their shoes. “We use our own service. Every feature released, such as call recording and our Slack integration, benefits our internal operations. This dependency on our own product helps us understand the customer’s perspective and needs.” 

What’s next for OnSIP?

“We are paying acute attention to the growing usage of the OnSIP app— a voice, video, and messaging web application that requires no downloads or plug-ins. Last year, we made this app free for anyone to sign up and use.”

Since then, the company has found that many of its customers rely on the OnSIP app when working remotely, and a portion of its customers have completely replaced their desk phones with it!

Background of the CEO / Co-Founder: Michael Oeth

Mike Oeth graduated from Harvard College in 1991 with a degree in Economics and went to work for FactSet, a financial software services company. Since then, he has held varying leadership positions at technology organizations, including VP of Sales at Interport Communications, VP of Product Development at RCN, and CTO at LivePerson. Since founding OnSIP, Mike has received a Gold American Business (Stevie®) Award in the Executive of the Year - Telecommunications category and has been listed as the #5 most influential person in VoIP by

“OnSIP empowers businesses to connect and collaborate over voice, video, and messaging.”