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Open the Door to Unimagined Possibilities: Euclideon

thesiliconreview-bruce-dell-ceo-euclideon-2017We are the only company in the world that can render unlimited quantities of point cloud data, offering truly Unlimited Detail.

Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail (UD) technology is able to remove all limits surrounding the amount of 3D data that you can capture, visualize, and interact with. No longer are 3D visualization and rendering technologies reliant on expensive, fast hardware with large amounts of RAM.

At the heart of the technology is a 3D search algorithm that can render unlimited quantities of point cloud data in real-time. As this algorithm efficiently grabs only one point for every screen pixel, it can display models of previously unimaginable sizes at interactive frame-rates, without the need for a powerful CPU or graphics card.

By removing the hardware bottleneck from the process of 3D visualization, Euclideon has simultaneously removed any limitations on the amount of detail that a scene can contain. Imagine a 3D landscape that is large enough to stretch off to the horizon, yet where you can zoom in on individual, unique pieces of gravel scattered across the ground – all within less than a second. These unparalleled 3D visualization capabilities were previously thought impossible, but through questioning some fundamental principles, Euclideon has realized the unimagined.

Genesis of Euclideon

In 2007, Bruce Dell – a self-taught programmer – decided to revolutionize the way data was handled in the gaming industry. By creating an ultra-efficient search algorithm – similar to the way that Google can instantly search the vast amounts of data on the internet – Bruce was able to fundamentally change the way that 3D data was handled by computers, liberating the technology from the confines of high-end hardware requirements. In late 2009, Euclideon began its life as a gaming company and shot to fame when it released its now famous ‘Unlimited Detail’ demonstration video onto YouTube. However, the company soon realized that its technology offered incredible benefits to the geospatial industry. In 2010, Euclideon received one of the largest government grants to commercialize Unlimited Detail with the first offering being its geospatial software offering, Geoverse.

Product Portfolio

VAULT: Euclideon Vault is a solution harnessing the power of Euclideon’s Patented Unlimited detail. It is scalable, secure, and adaptable enough to integrate with your existing solutions to solve most big data problems. Euclideon Vault is compatible with Euclideon Holographics, Euclideon Holoverse Rooms, Geoverse, and Holoverse Professional.

SOLIDSCAN:  SOLIDSCAN solves many issues associated with laser scanning – removing holes, reflection noise, and moving objects – and creates a valuable offering to replace “Bubble” or panoramic images with photo-realistic, efficient 3D. SOLIDSCAN converts a laser scan into a solid, photo-realistic representation of the real world. Instead of naively ‘interpolating’ points, SOLIDSCAN uses a new 3D technique to produce solid point clouds with no holes. This is not “meshing” or photogrammetry – instead, we use 3D objects with volume called “Atoms”.

There is no upper limit to the detail that can be reproduced using SOLIDSCAN. A 3 Terabyte SOLIDSCAN file can open and stream at the same speed as a 3 Megabyte one. Incredibly, SOLIDSCAN also removes moving objects and noise from laser scanned data. Only static objects remain. Reflective surfaces like whiteboards and mirrors can be scanned.

Geoverse Massive Data Manager: Geoverse Massive Data Manager is based on Euclideon’s revolutionary Unlimited Detail (UD) Technology. This technology is able to handle the vast amounts of LiDAR data – up to and beyond two million points per second – in a way previously unimaginable on normal computers.

Geoverse Massive Data Manager frees the spatial industry from the need for dedicated 3D cards or powerful CPUs to display – no matter what the size or detail of the dataset. Even more than that, Geoverse Massive Data Manager allows professionals to stream their data from a networked server instantly.

Geoverse Convert: Geoverse Convert solves all these problems, by compressing data down to 5-20% of its original size – without degrading quality – and enabling it to be viewed in the Geoverse MDM package in less than a second – no matter how large the data is, or if it’s coming from a hard drive, flash drive, local server, or the internet. 

Thinking outside the Polygon

Euclideon was able to achieve Unlimited Detail by questioning one of the fundamental principles of 3D visualization – the use of polygons in building 3D models.

Polygons have served the world well, but they have a ‘use by’ date. As technology progresses, we are already at the point where characters or objects in 3D visualizations can have polygons that are less than 1 pixel big. At this point, there is just no reason to process them as a triangle and so most in the industry agree that the future of graphics is atomic.

Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail technology, used in its Geoverse software, is based on the concept of atoms in 3D space – that is, storing objects as collections of 3D pixels. This is a better way of representing real-world objects, as it doesn’t ‘fill in’ objects with homogenous textures and repetitive shapes. Rather, it represents every pixel of a scanned object just as it appears in the real world.

The Architect of Euclideon

Bruce Dell, CEO: Bruce Robert Dell is both the primary creator of Euclideon’s technologies, as well as the coordinator of development and the business in general. His work has appeared in both Popular Science and New Scientist magazines. As a self-taught programmer that never attended university, he often finds different solutions to problems than those considered the ‘industry standard.’ Thinking outside of the box comes naturally to him.

“Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail technology removes the requirement for expensive, high-end hardware when rendering 3D scenes.”