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Optimize Your Documents: HITS Scanning Solutions

thesiliconreview-michael-steinmann-ceo-hits-solution-17We understand the necessity of safe and secure document conversion and management.

HITS Scanning Solutions is a premier document scanning and conversion company. Through its unique and extensive quality control checks, HITS has become a leader in the document management industry. When you partner with HITS, you receive the highest level of customer care throughout your entire customized solution. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, or anywhere in between, HITS is centrally located to conveniently provide document scanning and conversion services from coast-to-coast. By utilizing innovative technology, HITS creates optimized documents that enhance its customer’s working environment.

Genesis and Growth of HITS

HITS Scanning Solutions, Inc. began in 1994 in a small office front, with six employees and has grown tenfold over the past two decades, migrating from performing microfilm service in its earliest years, to providing a host of digital offerings today to meet the demands of its 21st century customers. HITS’ consistent growth is due to its commitment and knowledge of the industry. The company provides complimentary services to sustain its growth rate. Some of these added services include STR8VIEW and HITS’ ability to cost effectively help its customers transition from the conventional physical storage facilities to a more modern solution.

HITS developed an extensive in-house document tracking application which allows for accurate cataloging of all documents during the conversion process. Whether you are in need of scanning solutions for paper documents, large format documents like blueprints, microfilm, or monitoring strip conversion, HITS can assist you with all of your scanning needs. The firm also specializes in data migration and document destruction.

The company’s success has led to many awards, including being recognized as the fastest growing technology company in St. Louis, by Deloitte-Touch and the Regional Commerce and Growth Association. HITS has provided service for hundreds of local companies, as well as multi-year projects in New York, Colorado and Minnesota. Performing consistently ‘Above and Beyond’ its customer’s expectations has fueled the company’s growth.

The Flagship Service & Product- STR8VIEW

HITS utilizes its proprietary production tracking system to categorize customer records extracted from conventional physical storage facilities into two categories. Records which have met the retention policy in place and those which have not. By completing this categorization, HITS is able to provide their customers with a detailed inventory list. This list is utilized to convert the data into electronic images while securely shredding records no longer required for retention. In completing this process, HITS has provided a number of benefits, most importantly for hospitals, allowing them the ability to mitigate liability.

The company invested heavily in designing STR8VIEW—an innovative secure cloud-based document management system that enhances the way organizations view and retrieve their documents. This eliminates the hassle of going through multiple channels to retrieve documents which reduces time and cost associated with maintaining a paper office.

Officially launched on May 1, 2017, with 30+ commitments from medical offices in Missouri and Illinois, STR8VIEW is making it easier for health information management professionals to retrieve and view documents. What makes STR8VIEW truly unique is its one-of-a-kind viewer designed for continuous viewing of fetal monitoring strips. Users can take advantage of audit capabilities, a user-friendly interface, simultaneous viewing, HD images, and much more, but when it comes to what makes STR8VIEW special is the ability to allow users to view fetal monitoring strips in an optimized continuous view. A feature only STR8VIEW can offer.

The Roadmap Ahead

HITS strives to revolutionize document management towards a more modern approach through the adoption of scanning and electronic record-keeping, while maintaining their flexibility to service all industry types. In a couple of years, the company aims to expand its customer base by ushering in its solutions to a larger geographical region as HITS continue to expand its partnerships on a national level.  Providing strategic solutions that help aid HITS’ customers in removing their need for physical storage while also providing easy-to-use search management systems like STR8VIEW, the company will certainly growth and expand its reach on a larger level in and outside of its core (healthcare).

Clientele Manifestoes

“HITS exceeded our expectations with their superior customer service and work quality.”

- Bob Pratt, Sr. Technical Support Analyst, American Railcar Leasing

“With HITS state of the art technology and methodology, as well as their professional understanding of the challenges of the modem HIM department, I highly recommend their services.”

- Jane Zbinden, RHIA, MBA, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

“HITS converted approximately 400,000 images into multipage. TIF’s which we were able to upload in our system creating an effective and efficient method of accessing our files.”

- Gerard Hempstead, CLU, ChFC, CFP, CPA, Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual

Meet the Inspiring Personality

Michael Steinmann, President and CEO: In 2015, HITS Scanning Solutions was sold to Michael Steinmann, then Senior Vice President. Michael’s story is what makes America great. Starting in the warehouse as a high school senior in 2001, Michael worked 40 hour weeks while attending night classes at Lindenwood University; earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. In 2005, Michael was promoted to Account Representative where he thrived tremendously. Michael’s superior leadership, hard work in various operational capacities, and experience gave him the knowledge and understanding of the entire company from the inside out. He grew the business exponentially and earned enough in commissions to purchase the company! Under Michael’s leadership, HITS has gone through a technological metamorphosis, adding many new capabilities to meet the customer’s increasing demands and reliance on HITS.

“We have the technology, the experience, and the solutions to transition the industry out of physical storage.”