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30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2016

Optra Health: Engineering Digital Healthcare


“Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Optra HEALTH enables life sciences, medical device and healthcare organizations to improve clinical outcomes, increase operational efficiency and extract knowledge from biomedical literature to significantly increase value.”

Founded in 2010, Optra HEALTH is an ISO-certified global organization specializing in Medical Devices and Lab Automation, Life Sciences Informatics and Healthcare IT-based solutions. With a strong medical, scientific and IT domain expertise, along with a global-delivery model, Optra HEALTH serves fortune 500 to startup companies, as well as academic and research institutions. Utilizing its extensive experience, the company leverages ready-to-use building blocks (Center of Excellence) to assist customers in reducing their time-to-market (TTM). OPTRA offers Medical Device design, development, validation and regulatory services for leading Medical Devices companies. Its lifescience informatics solutions are deployed at leading pharmaceutical, biotech companies and academic research organizations.

Optra HEALTH focuses solely on the life science and healthcare industries to improve operational efficiencies, while reducing business costs. In fact in the words of CEO, Abhijeet Gholap, “70% of life science data is in the form of images, and Optra HEALTH’s building block solutions support the efficient use of these images.” Today, the company’s extensive medical and scientific experience and domain expertise are its differentiators. World-leading academic institutions, Fortune 100 life science companies, and medical device pioneers have chosen Optra HEALTH for its agility and significant business value. It employs its OptiShoreTM scalable delivery model that allows clients to choose between various production configurations to best fit their budget and timeframe.

Product Offerings
Optra HEALTH offers ISO-certified global IT based solutions specifically for Medical Devices and Lab Automation, Life Sciences Informatics and Healthcare operations. Clients can expect shorter turnaround times and overall cost-savings due to its building block solutions, developed by the company’s in-house domain experts. These building blocks support seamless data acquisition, data management, analytics, machine learning, visualization and data transportation.

Optra’s clients are in diverse verticals such as healthcare, medical device and lab automation, life science informatics and research. The company’s clients include GE Healthcare, Thermo Fisher, Perkin Elmer, EMD Milipore, Stanford University, UCLA, Harvard, Pfizer, Novartis, Roche, to name a few.

Client Testimonials
“Omnyx contracted Optra Systems for some of its software applications for its upcoming Medical Device. Throughout the project, numerous changes and adaptations needed to be made and Optra Systems was very responsive to such requests and able to turn those around in short amounts of time. One of the unique advantages of Optra is their access to on-staff physicians and domain scientists. It made a significant difference in turning issues around faster as less clinical discussions between our teams were needed as the necessary domain knowledge was available locally. We found this to be a tremendous asset in reducing project cycles.” – Michael Meissner, Vice President, Software Research and Development, Omnyx

“Our group at Stanford has contracted with Optra Systems over the past 7 years to develop software for the National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO) and the Protégé ontology-editing environment. Optra has worked well as a partner for us in this process. They bring a culture of disciplined software engineering while remaining flexible enough to change directions quickly as our needs and priorities change. They have implemented key components that have been important to the success of our systems. We have turned over entire areas of our software system to the Optra team to develop and maintain. We recommend Optra Systems for their professionalism, flexibility, and responsiveness.” – Mark Musen, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University

The company’s global headquarters is located in the Silicon Valley, in Sunnyvale, CA, in close proximity to world-leading life science organizations. The operations team is located in Pune, India.

Future Road Map
Optra’s present focus is on turn-key solutions, while in the near future, the company is rolling out a product useful for Evidence Based Medicine, leveraging its unique machine learning based, Big Data analytics platform for Oncology and Alzheimer’s.

Meet the Leader

Abhijeet Gholap, Founder and CEO
Abhijeet, a seasoned technopreneur, has over 20 years of experience in the software products and services industry. Prior to founding Optra HEALTH, he was founder of BioImagene, a digital pathology company headquartered in California that developed a cancer detection system using image-based artificial intelligence (AI). Today, millions of patients globally are being screened using this detection system, and his invention was recognized by the National Cancer Institute in Washington, DC. Scimagix Inc., (acquired in 2004) and Tissue Informatics Inc. (acquired in 2006) merged into BioImagene, before BioImagene was acquired by Roche Diagnostics in 2010 for $100mn. Abhijeet has several publications and 11 international patents. Previously, Abhijeet was employed by TCS, Cedartech, and Siemens Medical Systems. In 1994, he earned his M.Tech degree at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, India. Presently he chairs Digital healthcare at TiE Silicon Valley and medical technology advisory member to Frost & Sullivan.

“Domain knowledge coupled with regulatory expertise with software, instrumentation and validation capabilities makes Optra Health a unique player in the Digital Healthcare space.”