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Organizing insights in the enterprise workflows to make life of engineers better in the oil and gas industry:  Moblize

thesiliconreview amit mehta ceo moblize 17Digital trends and technological advancements have made a significant impact on practically every aspect of modern life. Consumerization of technology has virtually penetrated all aspects of our personal lives and helped us become productive unlike ever before. Today we cannot live without our smart phone platform to conduct our day to day business and it’s become our new best friend. The Oil and gas sector is very good at hardware innovation but very poor at software innovations. Even as a matured and highly capital intensive market, the use of software centric technologies is very limited especially on daily basis by enterprise users. Moblize is one such company that saw the need to improve the daily life of engineers (enterprise users) in oil and gas sector, and thus started applying data analytics to make humans vs. machines smart first. The vertical was selected because it is a very nascent market and hence ripe for innovation.

Moblize aggregates, prepares data from variety of data lakes automatically and applies analytics to it to provide engineers with Actionable fact based insights which helps them avoid overlooking opportunities, underestimating risks and supports big judgement from big data to achieve a step change improvement in attaining operational and business agility.

Supporting big judgement from big data

imageProACT is Moblize’s flagship product, a cloud based SAAS (software as a service) product that is focused on improving the daily life of Drilling Engineers in the oil and gas enter-prise by helping them do most of their daily tasks via a single source of truth powered by analytics providing actionable insights. The typical Drilling Engineer today is overloaded with work due to highly inefficient daily workflows. Due to time constraints, decisions are often made on intuition instead of facts which can lead to overlooking opportunities, under estimating risks etc. ProACT allows them to domore with less, collapse inefficiencies in daily workflows so they can spend time where it is truly needed – engineering.

Its first roll out of ProACT platform allowed enterprise users to start using it within 2 days of signing contract. They started getting Return on Investment within 25 days and reduced inefficiencies in their daily workflows by 10% which lead to the platform being rolled to all business units in less than a month.

Leading the consumerization of oil and gas enterprise

The ProACT our flagship product led to consumerization of oil and gas enterprises. The consumerization of technology happened in three waves, with first wave consumers saying “I’ll deal with whatever system you give me;” in the second wave, “I’ll bring a better system, just support it;” now in the third wave they’re saying “I expect a system that enables a better way of working. Deliver it.” So, the baseline expectation has shifted, led by an increasing number of experiences in their personal lives becoming easier and better. Frequently, mobile apps are becoming the most important client, as users look for the convenience of any time and any place access, and apps take advantage of the many converged features on a smartphone (e.g., geo-location, multi-modal communications, camera, applications).

Striving for excellence in everything it does

Moblize’s vision, demanding clients, international offices that let it ensure competitive prices and sustain margins, and getting exposed to the best practices of running a SaaS company at Silicon Valley are some of the factors that the company thinks has contributed to its consistent growth as an organization.

The company believes that as individuals we have to grow personally while the company grows and that requires a lot of discipline, self-awareness and focus especially as you rip up the old scripts and write new ones. A company has to maintain the customer relations and meet their expectations in an expanding and diversifying business and attract a wide range of personnel to support new business lines and areas of operations in order to sustain in the market. Now, Moblize has nearly 60 people worldwide. The organizational structure is very flat with management team layer as CEO, CFO, CTO, MD-ASIA, VP Cus-tomer Success. All report to CEO and have direct reports to them with no additional layer.

Future endeavors

The company is gearing to launch couple of new product lines under its global platform called ProMPTTM. This will include ProACT for Drilling Engineers, ProFRAC for Completion Engineers and ProWISE an AI (Artificially Intelligent) private knowledge platform to help fully unlock human intelligence and creativity at the enterprises.

Moblize expects to see itself expanding rapidly in other oil and gas segments like completion/exploration, becoming a leader in providing analytics to oil and gas enterprises and then replicating its successes to other industry verticals especially in other capital intensive markets. CEO Amit Mehta said, “We are helping our customers take advantage of the latest technology in cloud based services and analytics in order to improve their daily workflows and support big judgement from the big data. We plan to expand our capabilities and services to offer these concepts to a much broader range of industries and users.”

Knowing the leader behind Moblize, CEO Amit Mehta

Amit Mehta brings 10 years of experience to the Oil and Gas sector. Prior to Mobilize, he studied Masters in Manufacturing and Management at Cambridge University in UK where he visited over 50 plus manufacturing plants across the globe and worked in the manufac-turing plants of Peugeot, Unilever, GE, Jaguar, Boeing, Victoria Secrets implementing lean manufacturing principles to increase business and operational agility. Under his leadership, Mobilize was recently recognized as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur 360List, that has mastered a balance of impact, innovation, growth and leadership in spite of the oil and gas downturn. He has been featured in magazines such as Forbes, CIO Magazine, JPT, World Oil, Hart E&P, Oilvoice, Oilman, Mixergy to name a few.

“We work together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect and dignity for all.”