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10 Fastest Growing Security Companies 2017

“Our approach is to apply advanced data collection and analysis and correlate information using artificial intelligence with machine learning and patent-pending predictive and behavioral analytics to visualize, detect and eliminate all types of threats to the enterprise network.” Seceon

thesiliconreview-chandra-pandey-ceo-seceon-17“Seceon’s OTM equips the enterprise with a straightforward automated approach to discern and conquer threats, the company can be relied upon to abstain threats and for rich visibility.”

Seceon was founded in 2015 and concentrates on artificial intelligence, fast/big data, and machine learning, primarily to detect known and unknown threats originating from either inside or outside the network. In contrast to this, other solutions pivot only to known threats.

Chandra Pandey, CEO and Founder, shares his entrepreneurial insights 

Why did you found Seceon? What made you choose this particular arena?

In 2015 my co-founders and I found ourselves victims of the Target hack and were quick to realize that companies were either blind to threats like those that took down Target, or moving too slowly to stop them before they inflicted damage. A new approach was needed to defend against inevitable and increasingly sophisticated attacks, fueling development of our platform and our mission to empower enterprises to detect, respond to and eliminate all known and new cyber-threats with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Tell us about your first product

Seceon’s OTM platform, launched just 18 months after founding the company, provides the industry’s first and only fully-automated threat detection and remediation system, stopping threats in real-time and preventing costly data loss or damage for our customers. The company saves customers millions of dollars by curtailing multiple cybersecurity tool subscriptions and minimizing operational costs by reducing the resources spent on building threat monitoring capabilities. Fully automated, this product detects and responds to threats without human intervention. Seceon’s OTM provides customers with a proverbial “SOC-in-a-Box,” providing immediate visibility, detecting and stopping the attack and remediating threats.

Can you justify:

Your product popularity

Seceon is gaining notoriety as a leading solution. In fact, we were listed in Silicon Review’s 20 fastest growing security companies in 2016. We are recognized for being a cost- effective solution for real-time threat management. Seceon’s subscription-based, environment-agnostic solution provides:

  • A single platform that identifies both known and zero-day threats
  • Automated detection and response – automatically detects and stops threats as they appear, while filtering out non-critical issues
  • Human-independent operation –automatically notifies staff of critical alerts, directs actions, or automates actions to contain the threat
  • Immediate-ROI – by stopping attackers the same day they begin their active attack, Seceon can save companies tens of millions spent annually addressing data loss while dramatically reducing the number of cybersecurity tools required

Your consistent growth as an organization

Keeping in close contact with our customers and partners has enabled us to scale the business dramatically. By embracing their feedback, we can fine-tune product enhancements and better the entire customer and partner experience from introduction to implementation.

Would you admit this saying ‘It is difficult to start a venture. But far more difficult to maintain it’? If yes, - How would you and your team interpret this saying?

The right team is essential for a successful endeavor. Like any business we have had to face unforeseen challenges. As a startup, how the team addresses these challenges together is critical to the company’s survival. We trust one other to do what it takes to fulfill our goals and mission.

What inspired you to choose this field?

In founding Seceon I found a way to surround myself with many likeminded professionals who believe in the problem we are solving for the greater good, the economic contribution we can make, and the customers we can help for our mutual benefit. 

Have you any projects to be introduced in the market?

In early 2017 we launched a product update which concentrates on the MSSP market. Seceon’s OTM provides MSSPs with a single screen for viewing multiple tenants with each tenant or customer only able to see its own assets. When deployed in a multi-tenant environment, all MSSP customers benefit from Seceon OTM’s capabilities.

Benefits for MSSPs:

  • Single view for MSSP for multiple tenants with each customer seeing only its own assets
  • Easy to apply learned security lessons from one customer to another

Where do you visualize your company in a few years?

Our mission is to help companies detect, respond to and remediate cybersecurity threats in real-time. Our sincere hope is that any company, regardless of size or depth of technical talent, has access to our technology and can better protect critical data from loss or damage.

Would you like to meet the CEO? 

Chandra Pandey, CEO and Founder is an expert in data center architecture and highly scalable network solutions, and a proven business leader with more than 20 years of experience developing and marketing innovative technology solutions. Before founding Seceon, Chandra was General Manager and Vice President of Platform Solutions at BTI Systems. He led a global team through the creation, development and launch of the Intelligent Secure Cloud Connect platform to more than 20 Web 2.0-focused customer deployments in less than 18 months. Chandra has also held senior leadership roles at Juniper Networks, Internet Photonics (Ciena), Lucent and 3Com (HP). At Juniper, he led the worldwide Solutions Architecture and Engineering teams and was responsible for delivering integrated security solutions for Juniper’s enterprise, service provider, managed service organization and major OEM partners, driving billions of dollars in revenue for the company. Chandra is an inspirational leader, empowering his team to take on the continually evolving Cybersecurity challenges facing businesses today, creating a new market category in the process. As Seceon’s CEO he works closely with customers to define and address the problems, implications, and solutions of defending corporate assets in today’s highly-connected enterprise.

"Our main focus is to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity platform to all enterprises and MSSPs using our best talent for delivering cutting-edge innovations.”