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“Our goal is to enhance performance, improve vendor responsiveness, and eliminate the distractions related to managing your equipment portfolio”: The Remi Group

thesiliconreview-dan-schuster-ceo-the-remi-group-17With modern businesses heavily reliant on high-technology to be competitive, an organization that does not properly leverage modern equipment management principles will struggle to meet today’s business challenges. But it is true that one size does not fit all when it comes to equipment maintenance. Organizations that depend upon high levels of sophisticated equipment can benefit dramatically from a fully integrated value-based equipment management system. By understanding and capitalizing on several significant trends in equipment management, organizations can reduce overhead costs, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize equipment performance and utilization. Remi, the US based equipment care solution provider, is a lower cost alternative to equipment manufacturer service contracts and extended warranties.

Transforming the equipment service Industry

Founded in the year 1998, Remi is an award winning company with a platform that centralizes the entire process of repairing and maintaining electronic devices. It helps in reducing the costs associated with maintaining equipment while extending its useful life. With an extraordinary level of industry experience and technical expertise Remi offers equipment management solutions to clients across all market segments. It replaces existing manufacturer agreements and consolidates all assets into one comprehensive program. In this way Remi guarantees significant and measureable cost savings and delivers a number of benefits associated with administrative efficiencies, management reporting, and service delivery best practices. It transforms the equipment service industry with challenging technologies that offers services for equipment utilized by the healthcare, education, government, pharmaceutical, financial, and business market segments. Equipment systems covered include medical, scientific, testing, telecommunications, network, data processing, general office, security systems, financial equipment, and mail processing industries; and other type of electronic equipment.

The proven strategy

Electronic devices are part and parcel of every commercial enterprise. Every public entity owns and maintains different types of electronic equipment and proper maintenance is crucial in reducing repair expenses. Generally, these organizations will purchase service agreements or extended warranties from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) at the time they purchase the equipment. Remi’s program replaces an organization’s various service contracts with a comprehensive program that consolidates the cost of equipment maintenance and produces measurable cost savings, administrative efficiency, and enhanced visibility pertaining to an organization’s equipment portfolio. This includes reduction in the costs associated with parts, labor, travel, emergency repair and preventive maintenance. With this different approach Remi empowers its customers to outperform by providing cost effective and innovative equipment care solutions.

Know the work culture

An organization reaches the pinnacle of success only when their customers are satisfied and their employees find their work challenging and fulfilling. Remi is fanatical about achieving both these goals and provides a platform where employees are encouraged to serve the customer and challenge the status quo. The entire team is committed to finding the best customized solution for each client and maintaining an open mind about new and unconventional ideas. Employees are encouraged to express their opinions directly to their managers or even to any of the C- level executives. This open-door approach helps in eliminating all kind of work related issues and makes Remi one of the best places to work in Charlotte, NC. 

Glimpse of the customer responses

With each service that it renders, Remi has adopted a feedback system that allows their customers to constantly provide feedback, both positive and negative, on all aspects of their maintenance management program. This approach allows Remi to constantly improve service levels while helping to identify unmet customer needs. Examples of actual client comments include:

  • Great customer support. We are very pleased with the service we have received so far and we are saving tax payer dollars as well
  • Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. Simply the best for the job
  • You have taken good care of us as long as we've had service contracts with you - Keep it up and Thank you!

The Case study of ‘The Northeast Healthcare System’

Client background: This Healthcare System is comprised of 6 Hospitals and 3 skilled nursing facilities with a total of 1,900+ certified hospital beds. With over 17,000 employees, it has established itself as the leading healthcare provider in its region.

Client’s challenge: The system was facing a tighter budget due to rising costs and lowered federal reimbursements.

Remi’s Solution: Remi immediately impacted the bottom line with over $1M in first year savings and provided a clearer view into their equipment maintenance expenditure.

Moments of glory

The company has been awarded Inc. 5000 for five consecutive years (2012-2016) as one of the country’s fastest-growing companies, Business North Carolina Mid-Market Fast 40 for four consecutive years (2013-2016) as one of the state’s fastest-growing mid-market companies, Charlotte Business Journal's Best Places to Work for two consecutive years (2015-2016), Charlotte Business Journal’s Fast 50 in 2012-2013 as one of the region’s fastest-growing companies, and Smart CEO's Future 50 Award in 2016 as one of the region’s fastest growing mid-sized companies.

Greet the master

Dan Schuster, CEO: As Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dan is responsible for giving direction and leadership toward achieving the annual strategic goals and objectives of the company. He coordinates external initiatives at the highest level, creating new and innovative opportunities for growth. Dan ensures the value proposition, philosophy, and mission of Remi are unsurpassed in providing Equipment Maintenance Management Programs.

Dan received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, as well as a Master’s in Business Administration from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. Prior to joining Remi, Dan worked for Delco Systems (a division of General Motors) as Service Operations Manager, Specialty Underwriters Group, LLC as Senior Vice President of Operations, Mediserve (a division of General Electric Medical Systems) as Chief Operating Officer, and REMi (a division of Royal &SunAlliance Insurance) as Vice President and General Manager.

“We empower our Customers to outperform by providing cost effective and innovative equipment care solutions delivered with passionate and dedicated service.”