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Our Leads Help You Close the Deal: Sell2World, Inc


“While servicing our clients with high-quality output is a no-brainer, we serve them with high-quality in all other aspects as well.”

Every company in this competitive era wants to stand out from the competition and increase their sales. But, the path to becoming the best among the best is never easy; struggle comes as an add-on. When it comes to sales, there are many companies that are still struggling. Salespeople are running out of gas and are not able to move ahead to generate enough leads. Furthermore, there is a huge misconception about sales that it is all about cold calling and cold emailing. But, in reality, finding the right target groups to sell to is much more important.

Lead generation is one of the master keys to a successful business. A lead is a person or a company that shows some interest in the services or products of a particular company. Without leads, a sales team cannot be successful; generating good leads is just as important as refining the pitch or closing well.

Two brilliant minds, Puneet Shukla and Siddharth Pethe saw the complexities that the businesses were facing in getting the bona fide leads. So, in 2012, to provide an edge to the technology clients in the marketing initiatives, the duo founded Sell2World (S2W). Established with only focusing on technology sectors, S2W has expanded its reach to other industries over the years and has become one of the top-tier vendors in 8 States for providing IT talents.

Leading Businesses around the Globe

Sell2World is a global B2B lead generation firm that specializes in ABM campaigns, content download leads, sales leads, install base leads, B2B market intelligence leads, account profiling, and BANT leads. The company is headquartered in New York City and has its offices in London, UK, and Pune, India.

Being a home-grown company and Pune being the delivery center where most of the competitors are, it was difficult for the company to attract the right talent. So, when the company started, Puneet and Siddharth were the only two who toiled on the company’s first project for a client and made it a great success. It’s been more than 6 years now and they are still working for that client.

Sell2World is transparent and is a rewarding company. Over the years, the company has been able to attract the right talent and develop the foremost industry expertise. Its clients are niche-oriented businesses who want to jumpstart their sales opportunities. So, with a team that has an extensive experience in contacting and making conversations with C-level, EVP, SVP, VP and Director Levels across SMB to global icons, S2W help businesses in every possible way.

Through the company’s structured follow up, no prospects are left un-nurtured. Outsourcing lead generation with Sell2World always results in highly qualified leads and the proven techniques for developing, implementing and executing lead generation campaigns are unparallel in both the B2B lead generation and appointment setting industries.

The Consumer-Centric Firm

Earning the trust and respect of consumers across the world is not an easy job; it needs consistent focus on delivering high quality in all of the actions. And for S2W it is a clear statement and is also one of the key values. There have been instances when the company has shared its profit margins with its clients and employees as they are the pillars of any successful organization. It has also worked as an extended team for the clients and that gave them the reason to trust S2W and have faith in the company’s loyalty.

The company is dynamic in adapting to changes and being transparent with clients, it believes in fostering a culture of feedback; positive or negative, it embraces every single feedback and works on the flaws. This culture at S2W has always motivated the company to deliver the top quality to its clients. Sell2World’s fair management, transparent culture, acceptance for improvements and the belief in serving quality to clients as well as giving back to the society has helped both the company and its clients to bring in growth and employment to the society.

Crafting the Future Roadmap

Sell2World have recently launched a Staffing & Recruiting service which is in the phase of growth. Once that is settled, the company is planning to work on other complementary services that can be launched in the market which are in line with the current services.

Also, the company has plans of adopting a village in India and secure education for them as well as providing them with a healthier and hygienic lifestyle.

Greet the Chief

Puneet Shukla, Co-Founder: With a technological background and marketing experience, it helped Puneet to think about the challenges that technology companies are facing when it comes to executing their marketing campaigns. While he was running Sell2World, he got an opportunity to study the US market carefully which drove him to think that perhaps he should think of adding more services to the company and added the Staffing and recruiting services. The service is only 6 months old but has been catering to 8 state governments for technology talent recruiting.

“We are never short of ideas to promote and propagate your products and services. We enrich our lead generation resources frequently to create business opportunities that are everlasting.”