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“Our mission is to make it easy for companies to understand and optimize their job advertising campaigns.”: Recruitics


Recruitics is the leading recruitment marketing analytics and advertising platform that makes it easy for employers, staffing companies, recruitment agencies and job boards to understand and optimize their job advertising strategies by leveraging real-time data and programmatic technology.

Disrupting the Industry with First-to-Market Technologies

The HR and talent acquisition space has witnessed a massive revolution through the years, and pay-for performance media has been along for the ride. Recruitics was originally born to bring job-level analytics to teams adapting to this change and, secondly, to give them an ability to create a rule-based automated strategy, often referred to as programmatic job advertising.

In 2012, people at Recruitics were sponsoring jobs at popular job-searching sites to understand the performance and get more out of these job ads. Unfortunately, they quickly learned that the ideal platform they were searching for did not exist, and fortunately, they decided to build their own platform to solve this need, Recruitics Action.

For Recruitics, an ideal recruitment marketing platform needs to have at least three things: it has to help in understanding the performance of a platform’s job ads, eliminate time-consuming processes through automation, and allow teams to hire great talent more efficiently.

Recruitics took the opportunity to bring their marketing expertise and first-to-market tools to the evolving recruitment space. And in just a few short years, Recruitics has quickly become the go-to recruitment marketing agency supported by leading analytics and programmatic job advertising platforms and technologies.

Making it Easy is HARD

However, the journey has not been simple for Recruitics. It turns out that it’s actually quite challenging to make job advertising easy for others, especially since performance advertising in the recruitment space is complex and is still new to many businesses.

In the beginning, Recruitics had very advanced big data dashboards for their clients, but their users felt that the recruitment analytics data provided was almost too much, and a bit overwhelming. So, in 2017, in order to decrease the data overload and to support their mission to make things easier for industry professionals, Recruitics Analytics, the industry’s first free analytics platform, was born. This more streamlined analytics platform provides more actionable visualizations and insights.

And while products like Recruitics Analytics and Recruitics Action were created to allow users to analyze and manage their job advertising strategies themselves, Recruitics also learned that some companies want a partner to manage and execute strategies for them. This insight led to the launch of Recruitics Agency, a world-class managed service that empowers its customers with a team of industry experts to execute and manage recruitment marketing strategies.

In solving these recruitment marketing challenges, Recruitics was not only the first to develop both a programmatic buying technology specifically for the talent acquisition industry AND the first to release the industry’s first FREE analytics platform, but also Recruitics is now recognized as a global leader across the board for their award-winning recruitment marketing analytics, programmatic job advertising solutions and recruitment marketing agency services – Analytics, Action, and Agency, respectively.

The Stepping Stone to Success - Focus

As the first company to bring programmatic buying technology to the job advertising and recruitment space, Recruitics learned a lot from its early clients. The team at Recruitics found that they were bolting on unique customizations for each and every client. Overtime, they gradually narrowed their efforts and disciplined their product management approach to focus on their core users and the universal problems they needed to address in recruitment marketing.

Furthermore, Recruitics was the first company to build and release a free recruitment marketing analytics platform to the industry which was honourably dubbed “The Google Analytics for Recruitment” by ERE Media, and this innovative approach has afforded Recruitics a great opportunity to shape the industry. With their target set on the universal problems of wasted spend and too few completed applications, Recruitics has empowered their rapid growth since inception.

Five Elements That Drive Recruitics

People - Recruitics prides themselves on being an amazing place to work, and they’re able to innovate the way they do because of its special group of individuals and experts.

Flexibility - The world is changing fast, and adapting to those changes and building products that solve problems means their work is constantly evolving.

Focus - In a rapidly changing market, it’s easy to lose sight of the problems one is solving in the name of adaptation. As people at Recruitics continue to hear the same or similar challenges repeated, they are encouraged to keep solving their clients’ core recruitment marketing challenges.

Unity - From product to client service, from engineering to sales, Recruitics is unified in its desire to bring value to clients and to help make it easy to achieve amazing recruitment marketing results.

Data - Recruitics understands that we live in a world of data, and using data to drive every decision is a powerful tool in driving predictable outcomes.

The Future Is Bright

It’s a talent-driven job market right now, so companies are spending more money than ever on talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, and employer branding. Recruitics has developed and improved its products and services to align with the revolution taking place in the job advertising sector. Their customers are using pay-for-performance job advertising more than ever, and they have the opportunity to empower them to make better and faster decisions using Recruitics Analytics, Recruitics Action and Recruitics Agency. In addition, Recruitics has taken a big step towards measuring applicant quality by deploying Recruitics

End-to-End Analytics to measure the long-term value of each job advertising source through to hires. These datasets and the corresponding products and services have empowered talent acquisition professionals to truly become digital marketers.


Josh Gampel, Chief Executive Officer: Josh is one of the nation’s most experienced recruitment marketing executives with more than 15 years experience in the space. As CEO of Recruitics, Josh is dedicated to ensuring that each of Recruitics’ clients and users has access to the data and technology they need to make recruitment marketing easy.


Tim Dineen, Chief Innovation Officer: As the co-founder and original architect of the Recruitics platform and developer of many of its first-version products, Tim has had the opportunity to lead development, product strategy, and client integrations during Recruitics’ launch and initial growth phase. In his current role, he helps devise new products and strategies for its clients while assisting with the innovation strategy for the future.

“We have the unique opportunity to help companies find great talent. We are proud to be in an industry in which our core efforts make a positive impact on people.” – Josh Gampel, CEO.