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“Our organization was founded to advance the software test and quality assurance profession”: IIST

thesiliconreview-dr-hanna-ceo-iist-17“We strongly believe in education and education-based certifications as the way to establish and advance the software test and quality profession.”

International Institute of Software Testing (IIST) was founded in 1999 after Dr. Magdy Hanna, Founder/ CEO/ Chairman, realized, through his work with large companies and government organizations, that software and system testing was being performed very much as ad hoc informal activities. Many large companies did not use any systematic methods to ensure that critical systems are being adequately tested. His concern increased when he found out that software and system testing was not being taught in many colleges and programs. In addition, few organizations offered a program to certify individuals as software testers without giving them any form of training that helped them gain the skills needed to do a minimal level of testing.

The International Institute for Soft­ware test was founded with the mission to advance the software testing pro­fession through formal education and professional education-based certifications. IIST was the first and only certification body that offered professional certifications in software testing and quality assurance that is based on a course of study where individuals participate in hands-on practical training that helped them learns methods and techniques to make them effective test professionals.

The International Institute for Software Testing strongly believes in the following mission statement:

To promote disciplined approaches to software testing and to caution against ad hoc testing by non-qualified individuals and groups.


IIST offers a number of free training programs:

  • Online Interactive Webinars
  • Online Recorded Webinars
  • Live Seminars at different cities Enjoy these scheduled events at a city near you

Practical Training

IIST has over 100 courses that cover every aspect of software testing and quality assurance. Over 60 of these courses are available online as self-paced session. IIST offer training at different cities around the U.S. Companies also bring IIST to teach courses for their testing and quality teams.


IIST offers 12 different certifications that cover every aspect of software testing and quality assurance.

General Testing Certifications

  • Certified Software Test Professional – Associate Level
  • Certified Software Test Professional – Practitioner Level
  • Certified Software Test Professional – Master Level

Agile Testing Certifications

  • Certified Agile Software Test Professional –Practitioner Level
  • Certified Agile Software Test Professional – Master Level

Test Automation Certifications

  • Certified Software Test Automation Specialist
  • Certified Software Test Automation Architect

Test Management Certifications

  • Certified Software Test Lead
  • Certified Test Manager – Practitioner Level
  • Certified Test Manager – Master Level

Mobile Test Certifications

  • Certified Mobile Software Test Professional

Quality Management


  • Certified Software Quality Manager

Let us walk and talk with the exemplar: Magdy Hanna, Founder/ CEO and Chairman

‘It is difficult to start a venture. But far more difficult to maintain it’ - How would you and your team interpret this saying?

It is still challenging to maintain the popularity and success of such rigorous certification programs that require individuals to complete a course of study while there are few providers out there that would certify individuals for couple hundred dollars without providing them any training. 

What challenges did you face in your initial years? What can your peers learn from it?

Building the credibility of the program during the first few years was a real challenge, especially there were few providers who were offering to certify individuals without having to attend any training or invest in training.  Those certifications cost no more than couple hundred dollars compared to the IIST education-based certifications that cost couple thousand dollars at the time. To overcome this challenge, IIST restructured it certification programs into levels to allow individuals to progress as they advance through their career.

How successful was your first Certification accepted by the industry?

The program was well-received by companies and government organization that wanted to invest in their employees. IIST started to offer the training program leading to this certification around the U.S. and Canada and was well attended.

If you have to list the factors that have been/are the biggest asset to your organization, what would they be and why?

  • Education as the only way to develop and advance the profession. The IIST Advisory Board is dedicated to this education-based certification approach.
  • The certification training is always practical and applicable. We stay away from any theories and academic material. Our goal is always to teach individuals methods and techniques that help them succeed in their job.
  • Our instructors are practitioners and consultants who work on projects every day, which makes their delivery of training much more effective

Know more in brief about the icon

Dr. Hanna is the founder, CEO and Chairman of the International Institute for Software Testing; the leading educational and professional development organization that provides education-based certifications to software test and quality professionals around the world.

Dr. Hanna’s experience in software engineering goes back to the late 70’s. He started as a developer and moved up to management positions in development and QA. Dr. Hanna is a recognized educator, speaker and consultant in several areas of software engineering. His distinguished seminars on various topics have been highly rated by software professionals.  

As a consultant, Dr. Hanna has helped organizations define and improve their software processes using disciplined software engineering approaches.

As a professor of software Engineering at the University of St. Thomas, he taught graduate courses on several software engineering topics with emphasis on practical software quality techniques.

Dr. Hanna holds a Ph.D. and a Masters degree in Computer and Information Sciences form the University of Minnesota, and a Masters in Operations Research from Cairo University.

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