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10 Fastest Growing Retail Companies 2017

“Our solutions enable retailers to drive flawless execution in their corporate, labor, and store operations”: Reflexis Systems, Inc.


“Reflexis StorePulse® synchronizes activities with real-time metrics, alerts, and customer demand.”

About the company

Reflexis is the pioneer in real-time store execution and workforce management solutions that enable retailers to execute their customer engagement strategy flawlessly and uncover profit. The Reflexis platform of real-time store execution, task management, compliance, time and attendance, and labor scheduling (including budgeting, forecasting, and employee self-service) enables retailers to align store labor & activities to corporate goals and institutionalize best-practice response to real-time metrics and alerts.

For the past 15 years, more than 200 customers in multiple vertical categories such as retail, hospitality, and Quick Service Restaurants have reported dramatic improvements in compliance with corporate strategies; higher productivity of corporate, field, and store employees; and increased revenue and profitability after implementing Reflexis workforce management and real-time execution solutions.

Reflexis Systems, Inc. is privately held and headquartered in Dedham, Massachusetts, with the Customer Operations Group in Kennesaw, Georgia and international offices in the UK, Germany, and India with additional sales presence in Canada and Latin America.



It provides a cloud-based, pre-configured family of task management, Retail auditing, and mobility solutions that can be implemented in 3-5 weeks. Each ReflexisPlus solution includes built-in best practices based on the experience Reflexis has gained from implementing task management and store auditing solutions for some of the best-run retailers in the world.

ReflexisPlus comes configured “out of the box” to support the organizational structure, projects, and task types of specific retail categories such as Grocery, Convenience, Big Box, and Specialty.

95 percent or higher completion rates in all stores of sales-driving promotions, product launches, and major campaigns such as back-to-school and holidays

With ReflexisPlus, you can ensure your stores are consistently delivering the brand experience you want for your customers. Best of all, with lightning fast implementations, you will see an almost immediate payback in ROI from increased revenue, improved productivity, and consistent execution of your retail strategy.

StoreWalk for ReflexisPlus

StoreWalk for ReflexisPlus provides a system for conducting more consistent and productive store walks and retail audits and turning what is often a slow-moving and inefficient routine into a streamlined process that spreads best practices to every store. It builds corporate compliance into each visit and enables managers in the field to focus attention quickly on problem areas.

Mobility for ReflexisPlus™

ReflexisPlus™ on mobile devices enables retailers to increase efficiency and improve customer service by putting task management and store auditing into the hands of store leaders. With ReflexisPlus and StoreWalk for ReflexisPlus™ on smart phones and tablets, managers can make faster decisions, respond to opportunities, and ensure consistent execution of retail strategy, all while in the store aisles:

  • View daily, store specific prioritized tasks including promotions and product launches that drive increased sales
  • View projects, including overdue and edited, to ensure they are completed as intended
  • Optional department view lets store managers monitor tasks/projects by team categories


Traditional workforce management solutions provide valuable ROI for retailers, but they schedule store labor and tasks based on corporate plans and forecasted workload drivers that are weeks, months, and even years old. No matter how accurate the forecast data and labor scheduling algorithms, traditional solutions don’t allow retailers to detect real-time events and trends and direct best-practice response to the dozens of unplanned interruptions that happen in stores on a daily basis:

  • Buy online/ pickup in-store and e-commerce fulfillment
  • Unexpected customer arrivals

The Reflexis StorePulse® real-time customer engagement platform enables retailers to sense key events and trends happening inside and outside stores and intelligently redirects store associates to provide exceptional customer service. Reflexis StorePulse® uses real-time data from any source, analyzes it, and sends alerts with appropriate follow-up actions to the right corporate or store employee.

Reflexis StorePulse® Real-Time Store Execution on Mobile Devices

Retailers have an opportunity to leverage their stores as competitive advantages over “Pure Play” online retailers: immediate gratification for “I Want it Now” shoppers; faster delivery to homes for e-commerce orders using “Ship from Store;” ability for customers to touch and feel products in the aisles; and much more. But to maximize the considerable investment in people, stores, and real estate, “brick and mortar” retailers must provide a personalized shopping experience in store aisles ─ which web sites already provide ─ by anticipating customer needs, fulfilling their omni-channel promise, and providing a consistent brand experience across all stores.

Reflexis StorePulse®real-time store execution on mobile devices provides retailers with the perfect solution to enable stores to respond to immediate customer demand and maximize the most important space in your stores ─ the three feet between an associate and a shopper in the aisles. Reflexis StorePulse on mobile devices enables the following capabilities:

  • Detect and respond to real-time customer needs such as high value “check-ins” by greeting them in the aisles with prior purchase history and preferences to make the most of selling opportunities
  • Respond using a retailer’s own best practices to real-time metrics and alerts about stock-outs, weather, overdue critical task non-completion, and more

Meet the luminary: Prashanth Palakurthi, Founder and CEO

Prashanth Palakurthi is the CEO of Reflexis Systems. He founded the company in 2001 and with his team of co-founders pioneered the category of Retail Execution Management solutions that enable companies to simplify store operations and consistently execute labor operations and customer engagement strategies.

Prashanth is a double graduate with Masters in Mathematics and Management Studies from the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences in India. He serves as an Advisor to the Board of the Giving Back Foundation spending time on Autism Research and is a frequent contributor to educational programs at his Alma Mater.

"Our customers have reported dramatic improvements in store-level compliance with corporate strategies; higher productivity of corporate, field, and store management; and increased sales and profitability.”