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10 Fastest Growing Compliance Solution Providers 2017

“Our technology-based solutions and service-focused culture help make our customers more competitive, compliant and profitable”: CSI

thesiliconreview-csi-logo-17Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) provides financial technology solutions and regulatory compliance software to banks, financial institutions and a variety of other industries nationwide. Based in Paducah, Kentucky, and incorporated in 1965 with six employees and three customer banks, CSI is now one of the nation’s largest providers in the fintech and regtech spaces. And with more than 1,100 employees, our staff is among the best in the industry.

CSI Service Offerings

As a single-source technology provider, CSI understands our customers’ needs and offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower your success. In addition to our industry-leading solutions for financial institutions, CSI offers additional services to respond to ever-changing industry climates including insurance, importers and exporters, money services businesses and many others.

By working with customers like you, we develop product suites that best meet your IT needs and anticipate the growth of your customers’ technology demands. We keep our finger on your industry’s pulse so you can consolidate costs and spend less time managing multiple partners.

Developing Customer Partnerships

When you choose a technology partner, you look for a provider you can trust. For CSI, being your partner and confidant means living up to our promise to be:

  • Authentic: CSI believes in long-term relationships, not short-term agreements. In every customer interaction, we strive to be genuine, certain and credible.
  • Innovative: To deliver products and services that solve present-day challenges, we anticipate future opportunities to ensure your success.
  • Professional: We maintain our reputation for exemplary customer support by engaging all those we serve with professionalism, expertise and respect.
  • Relevant: We listen to your feedback and respond with dynamic solutions that garner superior results.
  • Responsive: Providing the highest level of service in the industry means we strive to be approachable and results-driven in all customer interactions.
  • Solid: We are a stable, financially conservative company, providing reliable solutions that strengthen your performance and success.

Technology and Regulatory Compliance

With more than 50 years in business, CSI understands its customers’ needs. And through the products and services it offers, CSI strives to be a trusted partner that empowers you to remain competitive, compliant and profitable. As single-source technology providers for banks and other industries, CSI has a deep suite of products that provide all of the financial core competencies and regulatory compliance tools you need.

Corporate Compliance

When you’re searching for regulatory compliance software or financial technology solutions, you’re looking for a company that you can trust to uphold the same operating and stability guidelines that you do. And in the heavily regulated fintech and regtech industries, that’s a necessity. At CSI, we maintain strict oversight of our people, processes and technology to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in accordance with FFIEC compliance guidelines. We understand the complexities of today’s business environment and remain committed to providing safe, secure and solid service in:

Internal Controls: CSI undergoes multiple independent reviews annually. We respect the sensitive nature of your information and take steps to ensure we maintain the highest levels of confidentiality.

Business Continuity: CSI maintains business continuity protocols for roles, policies and procedures if services must transfer from our main facilities to one of our several backup locations.

Financial Stability: CSI has a solid history of financial performance and stability. We cultivate long-term recurring revenue relationships with strong financial institutions and other industries.

Customer Testimonials

“Working with CSI has allowed us to grow significantly without the addition of more overhead. Five years ago we were a $50 million bank, and today we are a $130 million bank—and I have less staff now than I did then.”

- Royce Clay, President and CEO, City National Bank of Colorado City

“Customer service is the shining star at CSI.”

- Ernie Chappel, President, the First National Bank

“I firmly believe that an outsourced bank is only as good as its core provider. Since our conversion in 2005, we have definitely become a better bank and enjoy the fact that we can offer our customers a wide array of products and services.”

- Pamela J. Decker, Executive Vice President & COO, American Bank & Trust

The Leadership Team

Steve Powless, Chairman and CEO: In his role, Steve sets the company’s focus on technology innovation and ensures that it’s delivering value to both customers and shareholders. During his more than 30-year career with CSI, he has held such leadership positions as executive vice president of corporate development, chief operating officer and president; he’s also been a member of the CSI Board of Directors since 1992. Steve was named CEO in 1999, only the second person in the company’s history to hold the position; he then was elected board chairman in 2017, again becoming only the second person in the company’s history to hold that position. In addition to his leadership at CSI, Steve has served the fintech industry in various leadership roles, including being past president and director of the Association for Financial Technology (AFT). He holds a B.S. in Business from Murray State University.

Stan Eckenberg, President: Since joining CSI in 1992 as director of special projects, he has served as the vice president of product marketing, senior vice president of NuPoint and executive vice president of CSI. Prior to joining CSI, Stan held management roles at Xerox and Unisys Corporations. In addition, he is a past director and president of the Association for Financial Technology, a national trade association. He holds a B.S. in Business from Southern Illinois University.

“At CSI, we believe in doing the right thing every time. We think win-win, value teamwork and remain committed to continuous improvement.”