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30 Most Trustworthy Companies of the year 2017

“Ours is the world’s most fastest, advanced weather solutions platform” : TempoQuest, Inc

thesiliconreview-gene-pache-founder-president-coo-director-tempoquest-inc-2017No one is unaware of unmatched power of nature and its ever changing and uncertain persona which leaves us unsure of what turn it may take next. It is said and believed that Mother Nature is unpredictable and has many secrets hidden in itself that are beyond our imagination. We humans in an effort to predict nature have switched from traditional methods of weather forecasting and with help of cloud/ SAAS prediction of weather conditions have taken another step ahead towards attaining higher accuracy and flexibility.

Uprise of IoT has revolutionized major industries that includes Industries, Agriculture, Healthcare and have expanded its scope not only to build smart cities but also to accurate forecasting of weather. Weather forecasting itself has its direct or indirect influence on various sectors of economy like renewable energy, and utilities, transportation, agriculture, fire, emergency management and other business and thereby, making this forecasting  a key element in an economy’s growth.

Weather forecast with cloud helps faster, more accurate results which is the root cause of TempoQuest’s emergence in July 2014.

TempoQuest, TQI, is a “software as a service” and weather solutions platform company established to meet the need for faster, more accurate weather forecasts. Today, TQI is in the process of developing unique software, which will deliver next-generation weather forecasts to commercial users and government agencies around the world. Development efforts are currently underway with the time to first release estimated to be 12 months.

TempoQuest’s suite of weather forecasting software solutions are being designed to run on graphic processor unit accelerators (GPUs) instead of CPUs, NVIDIA. This will dramatically accelerate the speed and accuracy of analysis. Though GPU accelerators are currently in use for other ‘big data’ applications, the technology is just beginning to be applied to comprehensive weather data analysis.

TempoQuest was started to fill the need for faster and more accurate Regional weather forecasts. TempoQuest has elected to develop highly specialized software, AceCAST™ products, that will enable the world’s most widely used regional weather  forecast model WRF, Weather Research and Forecast, to run on the latest NVIDIA GPU accelerators, Volta™ and beyond. This will provide a never before seen weather forecast.

Faster, more accurate, and more frequently disseminated forecasts will help all of society and ensure a higher level of security and protection for the American people. These improvements in forecast processing speed, accuracy and increased frequency of dissemination will help the entire globe.

Explication of the first released product

The first product completed was a technology demonstration project called AceCAST™ Hybrid This product was completed May 31, 2017 and demonstrated its premise that the WRF model can be ported to run on NVIDIA GPUs and that process acceleration can be achieved. The next product that will be launched will be AceCAST™ v1.0 and will deliver a 3X-5X weather forecast processing acceleration. The ultimate goal is to develop an AceCAST™ version that will deliver a 10X processing acceleration. This means that a forecast that now takes three hours could be completed in 18 minutes.

Saving grace

  • Business & technical alliance with NVIDIA Corporation
  • Unfailing support from NVIDIA
  • Technical development partnership with the Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Contributions made by the former National Weather Service Director of Science and Technology, now TQI’s Chief Technology Officer
  • Help, assistance and support by the key investors and BOARD of Directors

Current possie

TQI was founded by experts in meteorology and the weather forecasting and services businesses. As of January 2017, the company has achieved the following milestones.

Financial Sponsorship -  TQI closed a “Seed Round” financing with key investors, including:

  • NVIDIA Corporation, a close TQI partner;
  • Former CEO of Synopsys, Inc., successful software exec & investor;
  • A leading Silicon Valley venture exec;
  • A Former CEO of Nynex Mobile;
  • Insiders, led by Chairman/ CEO Ed Keible, - exec and investor.

Initial Forecast Product- TQI finished coding its first weather forecast software demonstration, AceCAST™ Hybrid, designed to offer 33% faster processing speed of the WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) Model - the most widely used numerical weather prediction system in the world.

Roadmap- Delivery in 2017 and 2018 of a series of AceCAST™ software products, leading to AceCAST™ 3.0, providing 10X speed improvement in weather forecasting.

Technical Team- Team expanded since the financing, adding: 1) CTO, Don Berchoff, former Director, Science & Technology, National Weather Service; 2) Chief Scientist, John Manobianco, PhD, a leading meteorology modeling expert; 3) Daniel Abdi, PhD, a senior software engineer; 4) Paul Maravelias, a weather data scientist and visualization expert; 5) Jason Anderson, an experienced meteorological forecaster and project manager

Entry into the Visualization Market- TQI has entered the weather visualization software market, with acquisition of the advanced WSV3 weather display software products, including the NEXRAD Pro System, radar display software.

TempoQuest- Potent

TempoQuest’s products will be a major contribution to the globe and its inhabitants. Weather impacts Industry profits, cost, infrastructure and lives. TempoQuest products will address and provide solutions to remedy all of these problems.

Globally feasible

The company sees TempoQuest being the global leader in providing high resolution hyper-local forecasts. TempoQuest will be the go to company for companies in renewable energy, transportation, agriculture and retail weather forecasting wanting to increase their profitability and lower their costs.

Embrace the brainiac: Gene Pache, Founder, President, COO, Director

Gene Pache has been a senior executive and Division President in technical Fortune 300 and 500 companies. He has started, developed and led six start-ups in weather software, satellite meteorology, internet medicine, cancer treatment, social media and interactive software for education. Mr. Pache spent 12 years at Raychem Corp, a Silicon Valley based materials science company, and five years at Nashua Corp. Prior to his business career he was a NAVY fighter pilot where he flew for 10 years active duty and 10 years in the Reserves. He is a retired NAVY CAPTAIN.

“We focus on three critical needs: Forecasting, Data Assimilation and Visualization.”