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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2016

P.E. Analytics: An entrepreneurial enterprise built on pure innovation, identified by high performance, creativity, empowerment, integrity and trust.

silicon-review-samir-jasuja-P.E-Analytics“P.E. Analytics uses more than 8 years of historical catalogued data which is ever growing to generate trends that can be mapped from history to present day.”

Established with an aim to create an information service enterprise through continuous innovation and integration of real time data, analytics to achieve higher transparency, P.E. Analytics owns and operates PropEquity which is an online subscription based real estate data and analytics platform covering over 79,873 projects of 21,099 developers across over 42 cities in India. By appreciating and integrating the value of people, relationships and ideas. The company adds approximately 300 projects every month. It is a premier Business Intelligence product- a first of its kind in India in the Realty space. Their product which is backed by data and analytics empowers their users to make informed and intelligent decision based on real time data.

Built on pure innovation, P.E. Analytics products are unique in the Indian context and which have been validated through the market and with marquee customers. With these future plans already underway, PropEquity is poised for growth. The vision of the company is to create an information service enterprise through continuous innovation and integration of real time data, analytics and cutting edge technology to achieve higher transparency for all participants and beneficiaries of the Realty Sector.

The company continues to grow successfully through a combination of expansion into new geographic and vertical markets, product innovation and investment, and leveraging its business intelligence and common platforms to deploy new and innovative products quickly for existing and new clients.

Established as India’s GOLD Standard for real estate intelligence and services, P.E. Analytics provides data and analytical tools to more than 100 clients. From its early focus on real estate services and data analytics, P.E. Analytics now supports clients in almost every major industry, from Banking and Finance to Government and Retail.

Today, P.E. Analytics has created a growth plan that is driven by revenue generation and profitability, employee growth and development, business processes, synergistic partnering and associations and customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Bunch of revered services offered
Real-Estate Business Intelligence- PropEquity is pioneering to address the challenges faced by Real Estate with respect to availability of primary and secondary market intelligence also covers all the information that one need to successfully operate in this increasingly significant asset class. Real Estate Business Intelligence is PropEquity’s online subscription based service providing analytics, data and real estate research covering the Indian real-estate Industry. By leveraging their proprietary database, their clients gain access to real time information that would otherwise take months to assemble, along with the tools to search, analyze, compare, chart, and audit at a click of a button.

Research & Consulting- PropEquity team carries out customized research & consulting assignments for more specific insights in micro markets that the client may require to assess for accurate decision making. They provide their clients the required market intelligence and analytics to strengthen their business strategies in residential and commercial sectors from a macro to a micro level.

Collateral Risk Management- PropEquity’s Collateral Risk Management (CRM) platform is India’s only platform that provides total solutions to mortgage lending institutions and will be core to the functioning of all departments involved in real estate lending. The CRM product will identify and mitigate risks for the entire real estate portfolio and products on a real time basis. PropEquity’s Collateral Risk Management tool is used by India’s leading banks, financial institutions and mortgage insurers to access the most comprehensive property price information to reduce costs, streamline processes and make informed lending decisions.

Realty Indices- In association with some of the largest Institutions in the Country, PropEquity has developed and launched India’s most comprehensive real estate index. The objective is to create an index that captures real estate pricing of residential properties across key cities and micro markets. It is the first residential and commercial indices based on transaction prices. PropEquity is collaborating with India’s banking and finance regulatory body and the country’s largest commodity exchange to develop housing starts and realty indices.

Catchment Area Analysis- It is the real estate geospatial tool, which has unique combination of innovative user interface and real estate analytics. Pro Equity’s Catchment Area Analysis facilitates a deeper exploration with Google Map API and PropEquity real estate data, driving faster, more accurate conclusions resulting in sound decision making.

“We are India’s top Real Estate investors, equity researchers, developers & banks believes in our data 7 analysis for real estate decision making”