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50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2017

Pioneered then. Reinventing now: Performics

thesiliconreview michael kahn ceo performics 2017Founded in 1998, Performics has evolved significantly over time. Originally operating as an affiliate network, it became the pioneer of the performance marketing field with its early SEM and SEO expertise. For 18 years, the company has continued to redefine it by using data, technology and media in novel ways with the singular mission of relentlessly driving results for its clients.

Built by DoubleClick. Bought by Google. Now the performance marketing arm of Publicis.

Its industry leadership has cultivated deep partner relationships with the leading search engines, social networks and media management platforms, and technology tools. These partnerships give the clients unparalleled access to opportunity and innovation including early betas and exclusive expertise.

Performics is the performance marketing arm of Publicis Media, a Publicis Groupe collection of agency brands and capabilities focused on delivering “connection solutions” at scale. As part of Publicis Media, Performics clients and partners benefit from the combined investment and innovation that comes from being part of the third largest communications company in the world. This powers Performics unqiue ability to outperform today and lead in delivering best in class performance solutions for tomorrow.

‘Performance Guaranteed,’ says Michael Kahn, CEO

Performics pioneered performance marketing. And now, it is reinventing it. Its suite of digital marketing services is built upon a foundation of intent—understanding how consumers decide—across all paid, owned and earned media touchpoints. Through fully integrated, dynamic and personalized experiences, the company is turning consumer intent into conversions.

Motivating Clicks across Channels: Performance Media is our approach to media planning and buying, rooted in our single-minded mission to convert consumer intentions into revenue for our clients. Our extensive experience in biddable media, digital exchanges and addressable ad units has nurtured a philosophy of integration across channels and a rigorous test-and-learn methodology.

Content that Drives Real Results: For consumers, content often trumps ads in authenticity, playing a key role as the connective tissue across the path-to-purchase. But for brands, content development and SEO are often black-box processes of ideation and conception, untied or misaligned to bottom-line results. It’s time to hold content accountable to performance. Performance Content is our process of creating and optimizing actionable content in pursuit of ROI goals.

Deciphering Consumer Intent: Today’s consumer is more complex, empowered and omnichannel than ever. To truly deliver performance, brands must exceed consumer expectations with relevant, engaging and personalized communications, 24/7. Performics Planning & Insights Team delivers brand relevance and revenue by uncovering and converting consumer intent through our proprietary process, Intent-Based Planning.

Measure, Optimize, Convert, Repeat: The proliferation of customer, channel and platform data has bred tremendous complexity into measuring and optimizing marketing performance. Performics Analytics & Technology Team thrives on this complexity, continually re-inventing how we drive conversions and improve ROI for our clients. Our wide-ranging analytics, data and engineering expertise produces actionable insights and unified, cross-channel reporting that powers performance.

Connecting with Consumers: At Performics, we define social media marketing as a balance of media, content, insight and analytics to create measurable results from both participant “impressions” and “expressions.” Because the boundaries between Paid, Owned and Earned nearly dissolve inside of social platforms, acute measurement, strategy and reporting is critical. Capturing the value of social is more than fan acquisition, engagement or community metrics, it is about driving a comprehensive and data-driven social media marketing strategy to activation.

Experiences Delivered Seamlessly: Mobile marketing is more than just a marketing channel. It exists across customer needs, any number of devices, across digital/physical bounds and across multiple internal departments. While it’s true that the devices that we use are “mobile,” so too are the hundreds of millions of customers seeking engagement with brands and products while they’re mobile. At Performics, we think about mobility solutions, which involves the measured impact that mobile has on participant behavior, commerce, conversion and action.

Where They Are, When They Need You: In real-estate, it’s “location, location, location,” but the last decade of digital effectively equalized the playing field between physical and virtual spaces, until now. The evolving application of location-based targeting through search, content, and data feeds is reinvigorating the practice of local marketing. The ubiquitous use of smartphones and connected devices is turning your network of physical presence into the key attribute to winning new digital customers. Performics’ local internet marketing practice connects customers and brands over 100,000 times daily with the right message, the right time in the right place.

Masterbrain behind the masterstroke

Michael Kahn, CEO of Performics Worldwide: Michael is Chief Executive Officer, Performics Worldwide, the global performance marketing agency of Publicis Media, and the Performance Global Practice Lead for Publicis Media. Working with the agency’s global leadership team, Michael oversees strategic service and performance excellence for 2,200+ employees across 57 countries. With a passion to move clients’ businesses ahead every day, Michael motivates the organization to set the standard for strategic leadership, proactive service and sustained innovation, and embodiment of a “performance never rests” mindset. Michael’s Performics career spans ten years where he has led the creation of the agency’s account management practices, marketing function and business development team.

Michael’s early career originated in traditional media agencies but recognizing the transformational change coming with the dawn of the Internet, he quickly jumped to digital e-commerce start-ups beginning in 1998. As an early digital pioneer he played pivotal marketing roles at, and

When he is not driving performance across the globe and earning Hyatt Gold Passport points, he is relaxing with his wife and 3 daughters in northern Michigan or cheering for his beloved Wisconsin Badgers.

“We have a culture filled with openness and curiosity. Our value lies in driving direct and attributed revenues for our clients.”