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10 Fastest Software Companies 2015

Pioneering Global Research Solutions: SCUBE Scientific Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

scube-scientific-debasish-bhattacharya-ceoSCUBE provides complete services through its Scientific Software Solutions such as Requirements Analysis/Definition, Application Integration, Data Interpretation and other technical services. Team SCUBE specializes in onsite training programs organized as per the clients requirement and its specialized domain experts deliver updated training modules to cater to Industrial, Research and Academic needs.

Founded in May 2004 by an ex employee of SVAM Software Ltd, Debasish Bhattacharya, SCUBE Scientific Software Solutions Pvt Ltd has established itself, not just as a software seller but a set of people who can discuss science with clients and actively help them in their research work.

The New Delhi headquartered company that has been innovating research solutions with the guidance of Debasish’s 18 plus years of experience and expertise in the software field has innovated products that aids academicians in their teaching and assists commercials in their research activities.

Easy range of Solutions
SCUBE is a renowned distributor of leading-edge, easy-to-use and affordable scientific software tools pan India and neighboring SAARC countries. Its marketing and technical-support team works together with clients to offer tailor-made solutions for their scientific software needs. SCUBE’s operational excellence is derived from its responsiveness and team SCUBE has over a decade of experience working on a wide range of softwares, platforms and technologies. SCUBE India aligns with industry best practices of Quality Management Systems.

Gaussian: An electronic structure software for computational chemistry, physics, life sciences

Mnova: A NMR and Mass spectroscopy data analysis software.

ChemiBioOffice: A scientific drawing program for chemist and biologists.

SCIGRESS: A molecular design modeling & molecular dynamics software. ADMEWORKS ModelBuilder is a tool dedicated for building QSAR/QSPR models. Cell Illustrator software allows scientists to draw biological pathway model, define its simulation properties, run the simulation and display its results.

ImagePro: A software for scientific & industrial image analysis and processing.

Mathematica: A mathematical simulation & numerical & symbolic computing software.

Statistica: A statistics and analytics software package for data analysis, data management, statistics, data mining and data visualization.

Scientific WorkPlace: A software for scientific publishing.

Ligand Scout: LigandScout is a fully integrated platform for accurate virtual screening based on 3D chemical feature pharmacophore models.

The ISO 9001:2008 certified company is also a D&B B2 category Company and is maintaining a steady growth of average 12% on YOY basis. “Being the distributors of few famous international scientific companies, our competition is mainly from other scientific software publishers, but we have more or less been able to face this stiff competition with the hard work by our skilled team of workers”, adds Founder, Debasish.

2004: Incorporated
2006: Got Gaussian distribution
2008-2009: Crossed 1 cr mark of sale
2010: Got Mathematica distribution
2011-2012: Crossed 3 Cr sale mark
2014-2015: Crossed 5 Cr sale mark

In conversation with the Founder
1. What are your plans for the days ahead?
We want to get in to formal service offerings in near future in the field of molecular modeling, drug discovery.

2. Tell us something about our Revenue Model?

We have a twofold revenue model:-
A) We sell software which we import
B) We provide professional training on the software we sell

3. Scube has always proved its efficiency when it comes to client satisfaction. But with changing market landscapes, do you feel Scube has any tough competitors at the moment? If yes, can you share some details about them?
With competition on the rise, who doesn’t face obstacles! But we at SCUBE believe in taking competition not only seriously but most importantly, positively. We believe in the importance of a healthy customer-provider relationship and I guess that’s what puts us above the rest.

We have a few competitors indeed, but not specifically as such. Each of our Products/Services however, can be compared and appears to be competing with similar market services. But our uniqueness and experience makes us way different form our competitors.

These are:-
A. Gaussian : As such there is no competitor but still products like QChem can be a competitor
B. MNOVA : Competitors: ACD Lab
C. ChemOffice : Competitors: ACD lab’s ChmSketch is a competitor for Structure drawing. ISIS draw is also one competitor.
D. Fujitsu : Competitors: Accelrys Discovery Studio, Schrodinger , MOE
E. Image pro : Competitors: Image J
F. Mathematica : Competitors: Matlab, Mathcad
H. Scientific Workplace : Competitors: Latex freeware
I. Ligand Scout : Competitors: Accelrys Discovery Studio application for pharmacofore modeling

4. So this would mean that SCUBE serves the needs of not only individuals, but groups of academicians or institutions as well?
Yes. We at SCUBE are proud solution providers to Researchers, Institutions and Industrial needs as well. In fact our list of clientele includes:

Partial Research Clients: Ministry of Defence, Bose Institute, ISRO, NBRC, ACTREC and National Physical Laboratory, to name a few.

Partial Industrial Clients: Sterlite, USV, Lupin, 3M India Limited, Syngene, Dr Lal Pathlabs and Dr Reddy’s, to name a few.

Partial Academic Clients: Aligarh Muslim University, Banaras Hindu University, IISER, IIT and NIT, to name a few.

5. Tell us something about your team. How satisfied are you with SCUBE’s client services?
Our experienced team of Application Specialists brings together knowledge and domain expertise to provide you streamlined solutions in the fields of Computational Chemistry, Computational Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Statistical Analysis, Data Mining and Market Research. We have pursued a long-term vision to provide integrated portfolio of software and services to scientific research institutes, academia, industry and the Government. Our dedication and expertise have earned us an array of distinguished clients such as DRDO, CSIR Labs, and every major IIT and University.