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Pioneering the Next Generation of Dynamics GP in the Cloud: Njevity, Inc.


Perhaps you have heard of Microsoft Dynamics GP (also known as Great Plains Software). As one of the most popular ERP Solutions for Mid-Market Business over the past 30 years, your company might even be using it for their Accounting, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, and/or HR/Payroll systems.

But at a time when single-purpose cloud and mobile apps are taking over the enterprise, companies are struggling with how to make their On-Premises apps talk to these new services. There are other cloud ERP players in the market, but none of them have the combination of the deep, broad functionality and the simple, intuitive user experience offered by Dynamics GP. This puts companies in a position where they are forced to choose between capability and technology. Until now.

Njevity, Inc., based in Denver, CO, has developed a cloud based solution for Dynamics GP, called PowerGP Online,that marry the capabilities of Dynamics GP with new cloud technologies to provide companies with the tools they need to manage and grow their businesses. But Njevity is doing so much more than just hosting Dynamics GP in the Cloud, they are providing a whole new experience for GP that not only runs in any browser on any device but also includes mobile apps, import tools, connectors for Power BI and other cloud/mobile apps as well as a slew of new features.

So, whether your business is struggling with an outdated or poorly implemented system, or you have outgrown an entry-level solution like QuickBooks, you can benefit from PowerGP Online. If you already run your business on Dynamics GP, whether you are in the cloud or on-premises, you can take advantage of our free Migration Services and move your business to the Cloud with 100% Data Fidelity.

Prevalent Market Trends

The ERP software market has traditionally been highly fragmented across players such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and Sage as well as hundreds of industry-specific applications with no clear market leader. Once promising solutions such as Intacct and NetSuite have recently undergone acquisitions by larger companies that have distracted them and taken them off message. Based on their current actions, Microsoft has focused more and more energy on Enterprise plays such as Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Meanwhile, SAP still can’t seem to figure out how to maintain momentum in the mid-market.

In the meantime, Dynamics GP and their roughly 50,000 customers and nearly 1,000 partners and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) continues to provide the best combination of functionality, ease of use, industry verticalization, and technology adoption of any other player. Njevity enables the Dynamics GP community to take a leadership position in the market with a solution that adds an exciting, coherent cloud strategy to the ERP Solution that mid-market companies already love.

Njevity- the most trusted Cloud Partner of Microsoft Dynamics Partners

Njevity has reinvented Dynamics GP for the Cloud, and in the process, provided mid-market businesses with a compelling solution for Cloud ERP. With PowerGP Online, the company has taken all the great functionality of Dynamics GP, added its own IP to make it easier to use, and created new API’s, which can easily hook it up to other cloud applications like and Expensify. Njevity has automated the deployment so that it only takes about 5 minutes to stand up a new tenant. The firm has built management portals, mobile applications, and content packs for Power BI. Furthermore, Njevity has integrated with Office365 and built live Excel Reports that can run on a user’s local computer and refresh against live data in the cloud. Njevity is also building video training libraries to help reduce the time and cost associated with training new users.

Njevity believes that Dynamics GP is the best ERP for Mid-Market Companies and the innovations added to PowerGP Online makes it the best cloud-based ERP for mid-market companies.

The Inspiring Journey of Njevity

Njevity’s journey began in the summer of 2001 when the founder of the company, Chris Dobkins, moved to Colorado after selling The Zeal Group, a Nashville, TN based Dynamics GP Consulting firm that Chris started in 1994 and grew to be one of the top 1% of Dynamics Consulting firms in the world.

A combination of the words ingenuity and longevity, Njevity was born to provide creative solutions to complex business problems that would last over time and changes in technology. By 2010, Njevity had established itself as a leading consulting firm along the front range of Colorado that specialized in helping complex businesses of all sizes automate processes and integrate their operational and line of business applications with their core financial systems.

But as network, database, and security technology advanced at an accelerated pace, and as external threats from viruses, malware, and phishing attacks became increaseingly prevalent and sophisticated, the Njevity Team realized that mid-market businesses couldn’t keep up. So, in 2010, Njevity launched its first Cloud Brand to reinvent how mid-sized businesses acquired, used and maintained their business applications. It quickly developed a reputation for providing high performing, secure, compliant and reliable cloud deployments of Dynamics GP at very affordable prices.

As the cloud business began to grow, it became a game changer. The firm discovered that Cloud ERP enabled its customers to confidently focus on their business instead of worrying about the complicated tech stuff such as firewalls, phishing, and hackers. As Njevity started to better understand the power of helping customers focus on their business and the impact of cloud on customer loyalty, the Team decided to share what they had learned with the Dynamics GP Partner Community to help them build better, stronger, more resilient business so that they could reach and impact even more customers.

Njevity’s passion for providing exceptional cloud experiences was contagious, and its reputation for being the best solution provider for complex business problems quickly started rising in the Dynamics GP Partner community. As the volume of new users and new customers continued to grow, Njevity automated many steps and tasks required to create the complex infrastructure required for a customer to run Dynamics GP. At the same time, its reputation for being able to design, tune, and maintain GP systems for extremely large GP deployments landed the company in the middle of the largest GP deployment on the Azure cloud platform.

This experience, combined with the innate curiosity of the Njevity Team, led them to wonder if there might be a better way for companies to consume Dynamics GP. In answering these questions, the team pioneered new technology that allowed them to reduce the time required to deploy a new GP Customer in the cloud from 5 days to 5 minutes.

This significant technological breakthrough was the beginning of PowerGP Online, and it marked an important milestone for the Njevity Team. By reducing the time and cost required to deploy Dynamics GP, they had found a way to make Dynamics GP accessible to companies that had previously not been able to afford a real, modern business application. The team did not stop there, they went on to build a next-generation API around PowerGP Online that enables it to easily, quickly, and seamlessly integrate with other cloud-based applications such as Power BI. Then, they built a mobile app that reimagined the Dynamics GP experience on an iPad. They created content packs, report libraries, and they built a portal that partners could use to manage their customers’ environments and to transact electronically.

Today, the innovation continues as the Njevity team seeks to redefine and reinvent how customers buy and use Dynamics GP as well as how partners sell and implement. To do this, the company has plans to build new functionality, package solutions differently, and offer streamlined ways of doing business. A library of training videos to help partners and customers learn everything from the basics of accounting to how to perform complex processes within the application is also in the works and new functionality is being created every day.

Chris Dobkins reveals, “We are customizing Dynamics GP to make it easier to use, more intuitive and more capable than ever. And we are forging new partnerships to help us find better ways to bring PowerGP Online to businesses of all shapes and sizes.”

“Our journey to reinvent Dynamics GP for the cloud, to remove transactional friction from business processes, and to improve the life and success of more people in more companies has only just begun,” Chris adds.

Njevity’s Robust Cloud Products

PowerGP Online:

PowerGP Online is built on Dynamics GP, the leading mid-market ERP solution in North America and powered by the Cloud. As the only true Software as a Service solution for Dynamics GP, PowerGP Online provides mid-market businesses with a powerful, functional and reliable cloud-based accounting system that is connected out of the box with other cloud-based apps such as PowerGP Mobile, Office365 and Power BI.

The company’s customers not only enjoy access to their critical business data from any browser on any device, but also benefit from insightful Excel-based reports, powerful customization tools, and a collaborative user group community. Best of all, PowerGP Online is available for as little as $149/month.


NjevityToGo is a private cloud solution that enables Microsoft Dynamics Partners to offer reliable, compliant, and highly performing Dynamics Cloud solutions under their own brands. NjevityToGo provides customers and partners with flexible, scalable cloud solutions specifically designed and tuned for Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM solutions.

Its offerings include “Bring Your Own License” options for customers that have already made the investment in perpetual licenses of Dynamics, Subscription options for customers that are new to Dynamics or have allowed their Dynamics Maintenance Plans to Expire as well as Infrastructure as a Service options for customers with hundreds of users or complex business needs.

The Njevity Cloud Advantage


Trust: The Njevity cloud is SSAE-18 audited and certified, like most clouds, but Njevity took gaining trust a step further. The Njevity cloud is hacker tested for vulnerabilities. They’ve put in the work to ensure their customer’s trust.

Innovation: Njevity has purpose built a cloud experience for Dynamics GP that is unlike any other cloud or hosted deployment. With new Import Tools, Mobile Apps, a next generation RESTful API, and simplified data entry and inquiry screens that are all unique to the Njevity Cloud, its customers receive more value from Dynamics GP than they would anywhere else.

Expertise: The Njevity team has deep experience in the areas most important to their customers’ Finance Departments such as accounting, IT, security, reporting, analytics and much more. The Njevity Team helps their customers with all the hard stuff and provides resources to tap into when needed so their customers can focus on running their business.

Simplicity: Moving to the cloud should be a simple, straightforward process. The Njevity team of Dynamics Cloud Experts can help ensure that you have an exceptional cloud migration process. And if you are already running your business on Dynamics GP, Njevity can help you make the leap to the cloud with 100% Data Fidelity.

Innovative Services

The Njevity team of experts are here to focus on their customer’s success by creating a solution that is designed for them and all of their business complexities. They offer a wide range of services designed to give their clients the right level of assistance while enabling them to be self-sufficient.

Chris Dobkins concludes by saying, “We will not only help you pick the right solution for your business and evaluate your readiness for a move to the cloud, but we will also be with you every step of the way through your migration. We provide both Web-based and instructor-led training to enable your team regardless of how and when they like to learn. And if you need something special or unique, our team of software developers and integration specialists can help you automate, customize and integrate to make sure that all of your dots are connected and nothing falls through the cracks.”

About Njevity, Inc.

Njevity, Inc. provides Cloud and On-Premises Accounting and Customer Relationship Management solutions to mid-market customers all over the world since 2001. As experts in mid-market business applications for accounting, inventory management, manufacturing, HR/Payroll, and customer engagement, Njevity provides its customers and partners with powerful, cost-effective and zero-maintenance business management tools that are easy to use and simple to deploy.

Njevity’s success is driven by its steadfast focus on improving the life and success of its Partners and Customers by providing exceptional business application experiences that simplify, inform, and delight. The Njevity team consists of 26 team members, including 2 Microsoft MVP’s, who help nearly 3,000 users have exceptional cloud experiences every day. The company is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and a Tier-1 Cloud Service Provider that has earned competencies in Dynamics ERP, Dynamics CRM, and Cloud Technologies.

Incorporated in 2001, the company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with office locations in Fargo, ND, and Mohali, India.

Creating Raving Fans. One Customer at a Time.

“Njevity has provided exceptional customer service and custom solutions for us that go far beyond what would be expected of a typical Dynamics GP Partner and Cloud Provider. They keep us up to date on solutions that work for us, and the best part of our Partnership is that we know they have our best interest at heart.” - Anne Davis, Women’s Bean Project

The Visionary Leader

Chris Dobkins, Founder, President, and CEO: Chris has spent the last 25 years working as Senior Cloud Architect, Senior Process Architect, Project Manager, and ERP/CRM Consultant with a focus on Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM. During that time, he has been involved in hundreds of projects in technical, functional, architectural, and project management roles for companies ranging in size from several Million to several Billion in annual revenue.

Most recently, Chris has overseen the development and launch of the firm’s two Cloud Brands, NjevityToGo, and PowerGP Online. Chris was also instrumental in architecting two of the largest Dynamics GP Cloud deployments in North America. One was a private cloud deployment designed to handle up to 600 concurrent Dynamics GP users. The other was a 400 Concurrent Dynamics GP user deployment on Microsoft Azure—the first Azure deployment of Dynamics GP of this size.

Chris is well known throughout the Dynamics community and has been a featured speaker at numerous Dynamics events. Chris received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Chris is a Microsoft Certified Master in Great Plains Applications, a Certified Master in Great Plains Installation, a Certified Professional in Dynamics SureStep Implementation Methodology, Dynamics CRM Customization, Applications, and Installation, SQL Server and Windows Server. Chris is an active member of the Colorado Technology Association and gives back to his community through the donation of his time to several local charities.

“Our journey to reinvent Dynamics GP for the cloud, to remove transactional friction from business processes, and to improve the life and success of more people in more companies has only just begun.” - Chris Dobkins