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Pioneers in Building Information and Communication Technologies Companies: DeClout

thesiliconreview-vesmond-wong-chairman-group-ceo-declout-2019DeClout is a global builder of next-generation Information and Communications Technologies companies who invests in, incubates, and scales companies to become global or regional market leaders. The Group is exceptional in building companies for harvests and has generated good investment returns. Headquartered in Singapore, DeClout has a vast network across the Asia Pacific, America, Europe, and Africa.

The Group’s portfolio companies comprise of Procurri, Beaqon, vCargo Cloud, and Corous360. Through DeClout Investments, DeClout’s incubation, and fund-raising facilitation arm, the Group seeks to continuously identify synergies between new ventures and its existing businesses to drive growth.

The Group has built an exceptional track record of identifying disruptive trends and reinventing business models to differentiate its value proposition. To date, it has successfully incubated enterprises that are aggregators, enablers or eco-system builders that disrupt the marketplace.From market seeding to the transformation of existing businesses to creating new growth platforms, it actively stewards the growth of its portfolio companies through their various stages of development.

Core Values

Teamwork:No individual effort can be greater than the holistic contribution of a strong and closely knitted team. DeClout encourages a culture of team spirit which allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Innovation:Innovation is the company’s lifeblood. It believes in doing different things and doing things differently. Its ability to innovate existing solutions as well as create new ones for customershas been key drivers of its success.

Excellence:DeClout demands excellence in everything it does. It maintains the highest levels of service that customers expect of the company, and always give its best, no matter how trying the circumstances or challenging the tasks is.

Resilience:DeClout adapts quickly to the ever-changing global environment, and change the way it does things where necessary, to stay as a market leader.

Business Breakthrough

IT Infrastructure Sales & Services:The company’s IT Infrastructure services segment offers innovative solutions in the telecommunication, security, network infrastructure,and hardware lifecycle services sectors, enabling the Group to capitalize on the convergence of data, voice,and applications in the infocommunications and technology industry.

Vertical Domain Clouds:DeClout’s Vertical Doman Clouds (VDCs) segment creates domain-focused ecosystems that redefine communications and interactions between stakeholders. Leveraging and aggregating on the resources and capabilities from its IT Infrastructure segment, DeClout creates ecosystems that add value and supports the seamless exchange of data, information, and ideas among multiple ecosystem players.

DeClout Investments: DeClout Investments, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DeClout, was incorporated 
in 2016 as a two-tier platform comprising incubation and fund-raising 
facilitation for startups and growing enterprises. The incubation tier focuses on 
leveraging the Group’s business network, domain expertise, as well as industry 
knowledge and know-how to create a next-generation business accelerator 
which can add value to the startups. The fund-raising facilitation tier works 
on initiatives with government bodies and like-minded partners to allow 
greater access to financing and investments for the enterprises.

Through DeClout Investments, the group seeks to identify complementary opportunities that are synergistic to the Group, bolting on new competencies and leveraging on the market trends.Supported by the SPRING Singapore Startup SG Accelerator scheme, DeClout Investment has launched a new incubator arm to mentor early-stage startups and help them in product development, proof-of-concept, commercialization,and fundraising.

Meet the Leader

Vesmond Wong, Chairman,and Group Chief Executive Officer: Mr.Vesmond Wong has been the Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of DeClout Limited since 2011. Mr. Wong is responsible for the strategic planning, overall management, and business development of the Group.

As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Wong has founded and managed a few technology companies over the span of his 20-year career and is well-known for his ability to spot industry trends ahead of disruption, and his ability to monetize ventures for successful exits. His successes include taking Procurri Corporation Limited to an IPO on the SGX-ST Mainboard in July 2016, and the sale of Acclivis Technologies and Solutions Pte. Ltd. to CITIC Telecom Group in the same year.

In the venture capital space, Mr. Wong is a member of the Investment Committee of DeClout Ventures Pte Ltd where he selects disruptive companies that are synergistic to DeClout’s business for mentorship and co-investment under the National Research Foundation’s Early Stage Venture Fund III Scheme.

Prior to DeClout, Mr. Wong founded Cavu Corp Pte. Ltd. in 2000, a leading IT infrastructure service provider which offered a full range of enterprise solutions. In 1995, Mr. Wong was also responsible for establishing the business of Vanda Systems (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Hong Kong-listed company. He was instrumental in setting up the company as the Southeast Asia regional headquarters where he was the Country General Manager since its inception till early 2000.

“We invest in, incubate, and scale companies to be market leaders in their industries.”