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50 Fastest Growing Companies Of The Year 2019

Pioneers in Commodity Arbitrage and Asset Management: Galibier Capital Inc.

thesiliconreview-galibier-capital-inc-19Founded in 2006, Galibier Capital Inc. is a Hong Kong-based team of professional commodity dealers with an extensive span of experience in asset management. Its flagship asset management program is commodity arbitrage. Since its inception, Galibier has been grabbing the profit opportunities that arise from asymmetric information. Its strategy is based on multi-year research and observations that led to a realization that it can sustainably grow capital by exploiting market inefficiencies. This window of opportunity will prevail until all governments, markets, and their participants are constantly fully interconnected. It works with pension funds, hedge funds, and it also educates and cooperates with individual traders to hone their algo-based strategies. The company’s passion and achievements have attracted individual investors as well as institutional ones around the globe.

It has offices in Hong Kong, South Africa, UAE, and Panama.

Why Galibier

Galibier envisions sustaining the long-term prosperity of its partners by responsibly growing capital. Its ultimate economic objectives are to deliver stable returns over the long term, which follows from its tradition of efficient management of information and resources. Its algorithms showcase stable low-volatility returns which have been a great opportunity to build an asset management program on.

The firm puts a great emphasis on networking and it also supports individuals to build relationships inside the company as well as outside. The more various inputs are gathered, the more innovation they will spark. Different views and opinions are the basis for successful innovation as diverse combinations may yield interesting yet unexpected results. It strongly encourages creativity in its people and motivates them to generate innovative ideas along with constantly improving its current performance. Ideas are thoroughly tested and explored before implementation. Galibier does not only deal with entrusted capital carefully but it also tries to maintain its reputation and trust.


Ushering through Challenges

Trying to withstand the fierce competition in the global commodity trading business is a big challenge for Galibier. Plus, it deals with asset management services which add up the challenges. However, the more pressure the team felt, the more motivated it became to achieve its mission. Realizing the risks involved in the business, they have always put their own capital to test first and then invited partners to invest. It believes that being strictly profit-focused is not always a good thing. The more profit the company generates, the more it shares either with its employees or its clients, which is a rare thing these days.

Galibier strives to enter into agreements or relationships with defined desired results. Moreover, it holds its people fully accountable for actions taken on behalf of Galibier Capital. Its processes have been refined over the years with strict discipline in mind.

In spite of all the challenges, it has kept improving its investment approach since inception. Over the years, the firm has witnessed numerous so-called black swans, i.e. events that could neither have been predicted nor sensibly profited from. In worst cases, the clients’ funds were at peril all of a sudden. That is why it prefers an extremely short-term trading strategy although it may deprive itself of great profit opportunities. Low-volatility is its clients’ preference as it ensures long-term stability and overall low risk.


Success Mantra

Galibier Capital combines years of experience and honed strategies in order to keep fulfilling its set out objectives. Over the years, it has gained a solid reputation amongst major players on the market as a trusted diligent and focused partner.

Galibier believes that the most important aspect of an organization’s success is its people. “Take care of your people and they will take care of you,” says John Lee, founder, and CEO of Galibier Capital. Businesses must invest in their people. In order to be successful, they must trust them. “We, at Galibier, work like a big family where each member is equally important. We are a synergy inside out,” he added. It is proud to employ an A-class team who display the highest levels of leadership, professionalism, and integrity.

Future Plans

Future is the reflection of the present. Hence, the company thinks that it must concentrate on what it does the best. Instead of making effort to come up with a brand new program, it meticulously analyzes its current system and modifies it according to specific needs in terms of liquidity of the investment capital, performance, and so on. It works with lawyers and brokers to offer the right mix of products to its clients around the world.

It is now in a process of preparing a roadshow that will include meetings with clients, introducers, brokers, traders, and it would like to organize a few workshops and coaching sessions in the coming days.

Meet the Leader

John Lee, Founder and CEO: After studying at Nanyang Technological University and having multiple years of experience in commodity trading in the US, Middle-East, and Asia (NYMEX, NADEX, IRENEX, TOCOM, and VNX), Lee took the decision to found a commodity trading firm that specializes in computerized asset management programs. The idea is to achieve profitability on own capital whilst offering an opportunity to external investors to invest, as well.

“Galibier Capital manages a diversified global portfolio across more than three dozen asset classes and sub-categories.”