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POOL4TOOL: The World’s Only All-in-One Supply Collaboration Platform

“The customer experience is the next competitive battleground” – Jerry Gregoire

If you work for or own a manufacturing company where the demands of direct procurement and its complex processes are at an all-time high, you need a solutions provider with ample experience to understand your needs and offer a perfect panacea to your firm’s issues. POOL4TOOL Inc. is one such company that can solve all your company’s problems with their best-in-class products and solutions.

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, POOL4TOOL Inc. is one of the leading global providers of purchasing software for optimizing business processes and increasing efficiency for companies of all sizes. The cloud-based All-in-One Supplier Collaboration Platform software from POOL4TOOL thoroughly supports all relevant processes in the areas of purchasing, logistics, quality and development. Through science-based methodology, combined with best practice experience from numerous successful projects with world market leaders, the company guarantees the highest level of process optimization for each type of requirement.

Founded in 2001, the first years were marked by the development of the company’s software. In 2007, revenue made a huge leap upwards. Since 2007, POOL4TOL has an average growth in revenue of more than 20% per year.
POOL4TOOL has its origins in Western Europe but is growing at a fast rate, with offices in two other countries. The global headquarters is in Vienna, Austria and the American headquarters is in Detroit, MI.
It also has an office in Singapore and a brand-new office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Exclusive Product Portfolio
The company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of solutions which can be used in any industry. They are available for over 40 processes from tactical and strategic sourcing, supplier management (SRM), supply chain management (SCM), quality control, and product lifecycle costing (PLC). Manufacturing companies are particularly drawn to POOL4TOOL due to the urgent need for transparency and process optimization that goes beyond procurement processes. The solutions offer them better comprehensiveness and a higher level of integration than those of all competitors. No other vendor has a broader portfolio or deeper knowledge of the specific requirements of direct procurement. POOL4TOOL offers best practices from successful projects with more than 200 world market leaders in the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, serial production, and biomedical technology.

POOL4TOOL is the world’s only All-in-One Supply Collaboration platform and combines all processes of product development, strategic sourcing, supply base management, indirect procurement, supply chain management, and quality management within a workflow-based solution. Each of the company’s modules can be licensed individually as a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) and combined gradually into an all-in-one platform with ERP integration.

The core business of the company is the development of a cloud solution for processes in sourcing, procurement, logistics, product development, and quality control. The software can be fully integrated into the client’s ERP system and also flexibly customized for individual requirements.

With new technological innovations coming thick and fast, the company has stayed at the forefront of the industry. POOL4TOOL has implemented Big Data technologies for completely new data analyses in their tool. This means that customers can analyze data in real-time in POOL4TOOL to make the right sourcing decisions. The company also has a project in “Industry 4.0” where clients exchange machinery data with their suppliers over the platform. This enables clients to adjust their supply chain immediately if the manufacturing process at the supplier experiences problems.

POOL4TOOL is focused on direct procurement while all its competitors are focused on indirect procurement. Another differentiator is the all-in-one-supply-collaboration-platform. While most of the other vendors are oriented towards “best-of-breed” for a limited range of processes, POOL4TOOL is a “one-stop-shop” for all processes between companies and their suppliers.

Awards & Recognitions
Included in the “Top 50 Providers to Watch” list by Spend Matters in 2014 & 2015.
CEO Thomas Dieringer won the Supply Chain Pros to Know Award in 2010 and 2015.
Won the Austrian Supply Excellence Award in 2009, 2010 & 2011.
Won 2nd place in the Gartner Idea Competition in 2009.
Regularly listed in Gartner Group and Forrester IT market research and analysis.

Some of POOL4TOOL’s major clients are Carl Zeiss, Kärcher, Leika, Loewe, AT&S, ThyssenKrupp, Andritz, Bendix, Dürr, Freundenberg, Grohe, Miele, Modine, Metso, Mahle, Trumpf, Varian etc. According to the company’s customer satisfaction study, 88% of customers indicated that they will recommend POOL4TOOL.

Client Testimonial
“What convinced us to choose POOL4TOOL was their focus on the specifics of the manufacturing industry. Their deep understanding of Engineering to Order processes should not be overlooked. We were impressed that the company does not just offer standardized purchasing solutions, but also tailors their solutions to meet the needs of each specific company.”
– Srikant Singh / Metso

POOL4TOOL Key Executive
Thomas Dieringer, Founder & CEO, is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in IT, business development, procurement and manufacturing. When Thomas began developing POOL4TOOL in 2000, he was among the pioneers in the field of electronic procurement. Both his sense for market trends and an entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to build POOL4TOOL from the ground up, and led him to strive for innovation and long-lasting process development from the very beginning. With POOL4TOOL, he made his vision of structured cooperation between business partners via an online platform a reality.

“We are the leading and most complete solution portfolio on the direct procurement market, offering over a decade of innovation for sourcing, flexible workflows, and certified security.” – POOL4TOOL