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Powering Subscription Commerce: From Growing Startups to the Fortune 500, Recurly Eliminates the Pain from Managing Subscriptions

thesiliconreview-dan-burkhart-ceo-cofounder-recurly-18From start-ups to global enterprises, today's fastest-growing businesses are harnessing the power of the subscription model to deliver predictable revenue, reveal critical customer insights, and automate revenue-optimizing decisions.

These businesses demand a sophisticated, secure subscription management platform with the flexibility to support constantly evolving billing models with consistently superior customer experiences. Recurly meets that challenge with an enterprise-class subscription management platform that cuts through the complexity of subscription management to optimize and automate revenue growth.

Founded in 2009, Recurly uses an open platform approach to easily connect with a broad variety of back-office systems. In addition to enabling lightweight and flexible custom integrations, Recurly also has powerful out-of-the-box integrations with enterprise solutions like Salesforce, NetSuite, and Avalara to provide efficiencies through end-to-end automation of billing events throughout the customer lifecycle.

Recurly's flexible architecture, coupled with deep expertise in the payments industry is validated by the billions of dollars in transactions the company processes each year. Thousands of companies worldwide depend on Recurly to manage and optimize their rapidly-growing subscription businesses.

 Product Designed To Grow Subscription Business

Speed Time-to-Value

Recurly helps to get up and running quickly. Choose from multiple billing models, payment gateways, and payment methods, and start collecting revenue fast.

  • Billing Model: Subscription businesses even use multiple models within the same business or product line. With Recurly, one can create customized bundles and pricing packages, better serving the customers' needs.
  • Payment Options: Recurly offers popular payment options for businesses so that customers will always find a preferred method of payment no matter where they are located around the world.
  • Payment Gateways: It helps connect with existing payment gateway. Recurly supports over a dozen payment gateways, so getting the merchant accounts connected to Recurly is easy. 
  • Hosted Payment Pages: Recurly's easy-to-use interface for accepting payments let getting up and running quickly with minimal effort—no code required.
  • Integration Partners: Recurly partners with industry leaders to offer a wide range of business solutions. Its integrations include CRM, revenue recognition, accounting and business management tools, with partners such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Xero, Intuit, Avalara, and Kount.
  • Revenue Recognition: Revenue recognition is an important process for businesses' finance function. Recurly supports the flexible subscription and recurring billing business models needed to grow and evolve their companies.

Maximize Revenue

With Recurly’s sophisticated tools for managing subscription plans, promotions, churn, and fraud, one can make sure it is getting all the revenue it deserves.

  • Plan Management: Recurly consolidates everything into a single transaction, invoice and customer confirmation email.
  • Decline and Churn Management: Unlock growth while minimizing churn with Recurly's decline and churn management solutions.
  • Coupons and Discounting: Recurly makes it easy to define and manage numerous promotional offers in a simple console interface so that one doesn’t spend time customizing billing to sync with marketing needs.
  • Gift Subscriptions: Recurly offers two different gift types: cards and plans, which can be created and managed via Recurly’s direct interface (the UI) or it’s API. 
  • Customer Life Cycle Management: Recurly emails are highly customizable to reflect the 'voice' of the brand. Its communication systems ensure that one communicates promptly with the customers for any event related to their subscription.
  • Fraud Management: Recurly is the only subscription management platform on the market today that includes an integrated, comprehensive fraud prevention solution. By using Recurly Fraud Management, one can protect their business with the power of Kount.

Boost Developer Productivity

Recurly gives developers the tools they need to quickly integrate and share data with other systems, securely accept payments, and import current subscribers.

  • js: The Recurly.js JavaScript library secures the checkout forms. Create subscriptions, process one-time transactions, and update customer billing information worry-free.
  • Implementation Options: Recurly offers powerful, robust integrations that allow businesses to connect key applications, such as for finance, operations, sales and other areas of the business. Recurly integrations are streamlined and lightweight, providing with different integration options for different purposes.
  • Mobile Options: Recurly provides developers and merchants with fast, elegant, and secure tools for accepting mobile payments. Whether someone is looking for a native mobile solution or extending the mobile web presence, Recurly has a solution that will meet the business needs.
  • Import Current Subscribers: When it’s time to move from current billing provider, Recurly allows importing existing subscribers and their payment data.

Gain Actionable Insights

Advanced analytics provide meaningful data for key subscription metrics so one can continually optimize subscription business.

Recurly Analytics provides a clear overview of the state of businesses. Subscriber, plan and revenue data, along with KPIs and trend analysis, surface the insights one needs to monitor and take action to improve business every day.

Ensure Security & Compliance

Know that the customer data is fully secure and portable, with varying levels of user access to mitigate security risks and ensure compliance.

  • PCI Compliance
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Data Portability
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Happy Customers

“Recurly has allowed us to shift quite a few resources away from payments... and allowed us to focus on products and services instead of the mechanics of the payments.”

  • Joseph Wecker, Senior Engineer, Twitch

“Recurly has done a really good job of creating a tremendously powerful subscription ecosystem while maintaining genuine simplicity in terms of the implementation.”

  • Marc Ruskin, Founder, Hockey TV

Meet the CEO

Dan Burkhart, CEO, and Co-founder: Dan co-founded Recurly with a deep appreciation for the combination of commerce, marketing, business analytics and good user experience design. Dan brings extensive experience from his background of 14 years in roles spanning internet marketing, product marketing, strategic partnerships, business development and corporate development for eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY), and NBC Internet.

Dan attended the University of Pennsylvania's, Wharton School for his undergraduate degree in economics and received his MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA. He currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children. Outside of the office, Dan enjoys being a dad and taking full advantage of the many benefits of living in the San Francisco Bay Area.