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Powering the Restaurant of the Future: Dragontail Systems


The fast-food industry generates revenue of over $570 billion. That is more than the GDP of most nations. It is one of the fastest growing sectors and employs hundreds of thousands of people from around the world in various roles. With global population constantly growing and more and more people being able to afford higher standards of life, the fast food industry will only grow bigger in the coming years. From pizzas to fried chicken and French fries to soft drinks, one can find numerous items on the menu at any of the popular joints. The kitchens at the joints churn out dish after dish at an industrial scale. However, what they all lack is the precision and efficiency of a factory and that is where Dragontail Systems comes into play.

One of a kind solution

Mistakes are bound to happen when there are vast quantities of numerous types of dishes being prepared throughout the day. Some of the common types of mistakes include food being overcooked or undercooked, the quantity being varied in certain orders, missing ingredients, customers being delivered the wrong dish, orders being held up, inefficient delivery of orders to end customers and so on. Dragontail Systems has developed a unique way to tackle all issues that plague commercial kitchens and optimize the entire process by its unique technology leveraging artificial intelligence.

The company has developed a state-of-the-art system based on an artificial intelligence powered algorithm to integrate various aspects like food preparation, packaging, plating, and delivery into a single mobile application and a website. What it does is allow the restaurant management to control, coordinate and consolidate their operations in order to bring greater efficiency and optimize processes. That happens through a degree of smart automation of the processes of receiving and queuing up orders and coordinating their timely deliveries


One of Dragontail’s flagship products is the Algo Dispatching System. It all starts with the customers placing an order, to the order being given to the kitchen, the whole preparation process, right through the dispatching station and finally to the delivery and the customer receiving it, enables real-time employee management. It is something like a super smart restaurant manager who can make all the necessary decisions on the spot, track and monitor the locations of every single order, each and every driver, the status of each order being prepared in the kitchen, and the progress in the packaging station in real time and manages the scheduling of every item that needs to be cooked and sent over.

Imagine a scenario in which a restaurant needs to cater to a couple of dozen orders, half of which need to be delivered to customers’ locations while the other half need to be served in the restaurant itself, and there are only two delivery boys available. In a regular situation, the management would have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of orders and would proceed to carry them out in sequential manner without considering vital parameters like the time required for preparation of different types of dishes, distance to each customers’ locations relative to the time taken for their orders to be readied, freshness of the food delivered and so on and so forth. The important factor here is to deliver every customer’s food piping hot and fresh and also serve the customers at the restaurant without delays.

It is virtually impossible for human managers to manage such a scenario and cater to each customer’s order in a timely fashion.

But handling such a hectic day at the office would be effortless with the use of the Algo Dispatch system. The system automatically schedules the orders in addition to the kitchen operations in a way that considers all the parameters and delivers each of the orders to customers within a reasonable time frame. This leads to better productivity, reduced labor costs, reduced operating overhead, better customer service as well as increased revenue for the restaurant.


This camera is another one of Dragontail’s flagship products. It observes the kitchen and keeps track of all the activities in order to optimize food preparation. It is powered by an artificial intelligence based system and is able to track the status of cooking in real time, making sure that the chefs use the right ingredients and follow the recipe precisely. Moreover, the camera can also detect the temperature of the food and notify the kitchen staff if the food is not at an appropriate temperature. Furthermore, the camera also sends pictures of the prepared food to the customer who ordered it. This level of customer service goes on to show the level of dedication that Dragontail Systems maintains in its effort to improve restaurant operations.

Drivers Platform

Maintaining the optimum number of delivery staff is one of the major challenges facing the fast food industry. Dragontail has developed a first-ever consolidated platform to manage drivers. It features a mobile app with an extremely user-friendly interface that allows the restaurant management to track each driver in real time. Additionally, the customers who ordered the food can also get in touch with the delivery guys for clarification. Moreover, restaurants in a particular geographic area can share their delivery staff using the app to ease the burden during peak hours.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that Dragontail’s Driver Platform allows regular people to work as freelance drivers and earn some money on the side and in doing so, help improve the restaurants’ services. Additionally, it also allows the freelancing drivers to adjust their working hours as per their convenience.

At a time when technology is changing the business landscape, Dragontail Systems has pioneered a brilliant way to improve and upgrade the workings of the fast food industry.

Meet The Driving Force behind Dragontail’s Market Winning Technology

Ido Levanon

Ido Levanon serves as the company’s Managing Director. He has 20+ years’ experience and a proven track record in successful management and turnaround of various international companies. He was CEO and a seed investor in several technology start-ups. He also served as the Financial Planning Manager for Fujitsu USA (managed the merger of Fujitsu and ICL). Ido holds an MBA from the San Diego University (1989, Magna cum laude) and B.Sc. Math & Computer Science. He has been part of DT Israel since its inception in 2013 as one of the founding investors.

“We provide end to end software and analytical solutions, using artificial intelligence (AI), for optimization of food preparation and delivery, take-away and dine-in.”