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Powers the Most Demanding Performance Professionals in the World: RadView


“Handle any performance testing challenge with RadView.”

RadView is a leading provider of application performance and load testing software. Since 1993, RadView has enabled over 3500 customers around the world to assure the performance, scalability and reliability of their internet applications.

Leading organizations depend on RadView’s award-winning product WebLOAD to test applications for financial services, retail, media, education, manufacturing, healthcare and more. Robust and flexible, WebLOAD is both easy to use, and powerful enough to handle the most complex testing challenges. It simulates heavy load in a broad range of web, mobile, and cloud environments and provides clients with the actionable intelligence needed in order to rapidly identify and resolve bottlenecks.

The company is committed to customer success. Its customer service team is here to help and guide whether you are a novice or an expert user. Its flexible licensing program enables to maximize the value of clients’ load testing investment.


Web & Application Load Testing: Perform website load testing and generate massive user load with WebLOAD’s extensive set of features and support of web technologies. Quickly build tests, generate load (on premises or from the cloud), and analyze results using a rich set of reports designed to pinpoint performance problems.

Java load testing: Perform extensive Java load testing, whether one has a complete client/server Java system, only a Java client, or only a Java server. Acting as a Java stress test tool, WebLOAD supports the following servers:

  • J2EE servers such as Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss, Tomcat, JOnAS, GlassFish, etc.
  • Standard Java frameworks such as JSF, Spring, Struts, Stripes, Wicket, JBoss Seam, ZK Framework, etc.

Continuous Integration (CI) Performance Testing: WebLOAD lets clients’ automate performance testing and smoothly incorporate it into clients Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CI) processes for faster and more efficient software deployment. Developers, QA groups and DevOps personnel can collaborate and:

  • Orchestrate automatic tests against every build in the pipeline
  • Share performance test results via a web dashboard
  • Manage test data in a shared repository together with software versions

Performance Testing for ERP and CRM: WebLOAD supports ERP load testing of leading systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle. Even in these complex environments, WebLOAD makes it easy to create scripts and execute robust performance testing programs.

Since ERP and CRM applications are usually customized to meet the specific business requirements of clients’ organization, it is not enough to rely on the initial performance testing done by the software vendor. It is a best practice to test the performance of clients’ application before initial deployment as well as any major system updates and upgrades.

Performance Testing for Higher Education: Every year your Banner/Luminis system is put to the test during student registration. Do you know if it can handle the peak load? Are you forced to split registration into slots?

WebLOAD offers a robust solution for testing campus management platforms and offers a cost-effective hybrid license with a small number of virtual users for on-going testing, combined with a short-term, larger volume license so you can run stress testing with peak loads.

Success story of a happy client: eBay
An American multinational corporation and e-commerce company, eBay provides consumer-to-consumer sales services via the Internet. With nearly 100 million active users, eBay’s core marketplace site hosts millions of retail and wholesale transactions in some 30 countries every day.

Performance testing SAP Business Objects: Due to complaints regarding system performance from multiple locations, eBay’s Global Enterprise Technology team wanted to run performance benchmark testing on the SAP Business Objects tool. Testing also had to address a new distributed architecture with load balancing that had to be validated. Having tried a standard load testing solution and finding that it couldn’t record/replay SAP effectively, the team searched for a solution that supported all relevant SAP modules out of the box.

Achieving a 52% performance gain: The testing team used RadView’s WebLOAD to perform the load and stress testing. Using load generators and monitors from several locations in North America and Europe, the team was able to check the performance and response time for different eBay user groups. Following the test results and errors detected, enhancements were made to the overall system and architecture, which were stabilized and optimized to carry the expected user load. With the help of additional hardware put in place, WebLOAD showed a performance gain of 52% on average. Benchmarks were created, and regression tests are now being performed periodically.

“We help you achieve faster and more efficient software deployment and DevOps processes.”

Meet the Executive Duo

Eyal Shalom, CEO: Eyal served as Director of Sales and as Director of R&D prior to taking on the leadership role at RadView. Previously he worked in R&D and project management roles at SkyBox Security and at Ness Technologies. Eyal holds a B.Sc. in Computer Sciences and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is pursuing an Executive MBA at Tel Aviv University.

Omer Levy, CFO and COO: A Certified Public Accountant and an Attorney, Omer joined RadView as CFO in 2013 from Ernst & Young Global, where he managed the accounts of private and publicly traded companies around the world. Omer holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University (Recanati business school) and a B.A. (magna cum laude) in Business Administration & Accounting and an LL.B. (magna cum laude) from The College of Management.