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Predicting and Influencing Business Outcomes: PredictifyMe

“PredictifyMe endeavors to work on problems that are holding us back and whose solutions are strategically vital for the growth of corporations, sectors and societies.”

PredictifyMe was born from the idea that the problems that we face as a society, however complex, are solvable. “We discuss the issues, hypothesize about them, and many times feel helpless.

PredicitfyMe aims to take a leadership role in the fight to cure these ills. Whether we are coming up with our own solutions or adding value to those that are working towards the same goals we are dedicated to developing solutions to tackle the issues,” says Michael Buchheim, CEO.

PredictifyMe offers cutting edge predictive analytics solutions. The company uses a combination of client internal data, external Big Data, and its own proprietary technology (mathematical algorithms) to provide clients with a breadth of analytics solutions far beyond those available from traditional resources or existing technology. PredictifyMe provides access to a growing team of Data Scientists with a singular focus on creating advanced analytics solutions to improve decision making. This team includes several Fulbright scholars.

The Hour Glass Analytics Platform
The flagship product of PredictifyMe, HourGlass, is a data analytical tool that allows human beings to generate their own artificial Big Data, thereby removing the need to clean and acquire data all together. Once the knowledge set for an objective or business is acquired, the procedure for articulating right questions is shown through the use of proprietary query engine- Geo-Political Search (GP-Search). It mashes massive amounts of data into a completely interactive simulation environment which allows you to confidently test drive the future. It reveals answers to questions about future which can be reshaped and formatted for automatic consumption by your ETL and Business intelligence (BI) tools, data analysts, data scientists, visualizers, operation managers and statisticians. Once the answers are received, guidance is given for presenting, updating and disseminating the information for multiple functions.

The Hourglass Analytics platform is a real time data simulation engine. It aggregates and filters vast amounts of internal and external data and then applies a suite of advanced analytics to solve problems and project future values.

Sort HGx: the data aggregation engine seeks out and searches open databases from around the world. It also ingests internal data regardless of source and allows clients to change data sources on the fly without having to alter their schema.

Sift HGx: the filtering system normalizes billions of interactions, posts, news sources, and metadata with precision. It also removes unnecessary data that either is not useful or can be inferred from other values.

Solve HGx: the query engine extracts answers that can be formatted, reshaped, and customized for automatic consumption by clients’ business intelligence (BI) and ETL tools, data scientists, statisticians, visualizers, data analysts and operation managers.

Simulate HGx: the forecasting engine extrapolates data values into future. This helps the company to understand the data, the questions, and what the original problem would look like in the future.

The platform translates billions of data points into historical, real-time and future data feeds. These are accessible through a variety of APIs that allow customers to gain a more complete picture than their internal data will allow.

Open HGx: PredictifyMe has collected and continually updates more than 50 billion data points from public databases all over the world. This data is compressed, filtered and hosted to maximize accessibility.

Social HGx: the social media data fee ingests the massive amount of content being created and shared on the world’s top networks. It is then segmented and delivered in a way that allows clients to convert information to insight.

Target Customers
The company’s target industries & application areas include Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Sales & Marketing, Security, and Human Factors (aka HR).

Knowing the Key Executives 
Michael Buchheim, CEO Michael has spent his career driving growth and innovation for leading technology and data companies. He served as Group Vice President at Gartner and held senior positions at Bennett Group International. Prior to joining PredicitfyMe, he served in various executive roles at Rovi Corporation, a data driven entertainment Technology Company with a worldwide team of over 1,100 employees and over 5,000 patents issued. Michael was the Senior Vice President at Meta Group. In 2005, Gartner acquired Meta Group for $168 Million. At the time of the acquisition, Meta Group was one of the ten largest market research companies in the world.

Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist – Dr. Usmani is a Fulbright Scholar and Eisenhower Fellow. He holds a PhD and MS in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology. His PhD work focuses on simulation and modeling of explosions. His work has been mentioned in Wall Street Journal, CNN, AOL News, Wired Magazine, NPR, MIT’s Technology Review, Florida Today, and The Economist. Dr. Usmani has authored dozens of research papers, articles, and several books. His research strengths include real-world simulation, programming human emergent behaviors, and modeling of catastrophic events. He has worked in Citi Bank, Discover Financial, Fulbright Academy of Science and Technology, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, Go-Fig Solutions and Interactive Group.

“We help you see the future, then change it for the better.”