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SR 10 Fastest growing Security Companies 2015

Pristine InfoSolutions: Leading provider of Ethical Hacking and Information Security Training and IT Services


“Pristine Infosolutions is established to provide highest caliber of Information Security training and IT Services through innovation, expertise and excellence”.

With increasing use of the internet and concerns about its security, especially when it comes to things like consumer information or private details, there is considerable need for computer experts to work in ethical hacking field. Organizations today recognize the strong need for information security; hence an ethical hacker or security expert is usually employed by companies to penetrate into networks and/or computer systems, using the same methods as a hacker, for the purpose of finding and fixing network and computer security vulnerabilities.

On the same right track, Pristine InfoSolutions, Headquartered in Mumbai, India, is embracing strong competencies in IT Outsourcing Services, Systems Integration, IT Infrastructure Management, IT Security and Audit Services, Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law and the entire spectrum of IT Security training businesses. The organization is focused on delivering smart, next-generation business solutions that help enterprises across the world to overcome their business challenges. Apart from the headquarters Pristine Infosolutions has branches at Bhandup, BKC, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai.

The company’s exceptional experience allows them to deploy a wide range of IT trainings and services for professionals and Corporates making them ready for the heightened challenges of IT Security Industry. Through service and training excellence combined with outstanding value they have established themselves as a primary Information Security Training provider throughout the nation. Pristine’s capability as an end-to-end technology services and training provider sets it apart as a unique, one-stop alternative to IT self-management. They also conduct Ethical Hacking Workshops, Bootcamps, Cyber Awareness Camps and Seminars to educate the global community on the issues of Information Security, and encourage further development.

Services provided by Pristine Infosolutions
Their services ensure that client is well prepared to deal with the ever-increasing range of cyber threats to the corporate networks.

Information Security
The advancement of technology, the Internet and information sharing has had both positive and negative impacts. One of the negative impacts was the large increase in new “information” threats. The number of threats and reported computer related incidents are increasing at a tremendous rate. The ability to carry out threats against information systems has been made easier due to the sharp increase in system vulnerabilities. Unauthorized access to confidential information is also the result of weak or non-existent information security practices. Not identifying and mitigating risks is a leading cause of unauthorized access and the exploitation of vulnerabilities. At Pristine they ensure that the gaps and weaknesses in the ongoing processes, technical configurations and operations are well identified and acted upon in a timely manner.

Cyber Law Consulting
Pristine InfoSolutions aims to contribute to the ever evolving cyber legal jurisprudence and emerging legal issues pertaining to Cyberspace, Internet and the World Wide Web. They provide legal services to appropriate individuals, small start-ups, non-profit groups and government entities regarding cutting-edge issues of the Internet, new technology and intellectual property.

They help their clients to identify and protect their trademark infringement via cyber squatting, bad faith registration and use etc. The only authoritative way to research UDRP opinions is to read the cases themselves, all of which are published online. See ICANN’s List of Proceedings at http://www.icann.org/udrp/proceedings-list.htm. However, they make it simple by their expertise in Jurisprudence of Cyber Law. Thus, they excel in cyber law consulting, cyber forensics, IT/Network Security Audit and Compliance, software license piracy cases, trade mark, copyright, patent credit card and online frauds, telecom etc

IT Outsourcing
At Pristine, they offer maintenance and management programs that are professional, inexpensive and take care of client’s entire IT infrastructure environment to ensure that client’s business provide a real and measurable return on investment. IT outsourcing services allow business executives to retain control over IT strategies while benefiting from reduced operating costs and risks without compromising service delivery to end users and their clients.

They ensure customer’s IT infrastructure consistently runs at peak performance. Their smart Help Desk is staffed with highly-trained technicians with years of experience supporting end-users on desktops, laptops, servers, and networks. They can be onsite with their team or work from a remote location where they combine their people, process, and remote tools to ensure client’s business operations function as expected. Their team helps you manage both strategic and tactical technology-based initiatives.

“To build strategic partnerships with our clients that amplifies our potency by constant innovation which results in persistent customer satisfaction”.

Meet the Master

Rizwan Shaikh, Founder and CTO: Rizwan is an Information Security Researcher and Cyber Crime Consultant with more than 7 years of experience in the meadow of Ethical Hacking, Information Security and Cyber Law. He has been conducting Ethical Hacking training and providing Information Security services across the globe. He have been invited by many corporate and leading institutions of India for conducting workshops, seminars, boot-camps and trainings on Ethical Hacking and Information Security.

Rizwan’s area of expertise includes Vulnerability Assessment, Information Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Source Code Reviews, Computer Forensics, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Law. He has revealed numerous critical vulnerabilities, bugs, loop holes, etc on websites and networks of major Corporates and institutions. He has also resolved many Cyber Crime cases and is also a security advisor for various reputed organizations.