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Proffering the Best Prospects for You: ClickTrue


Delivering true Value

Leads are the most important factor for any business and obtaining traffic is something that is essential for every single company. ClickTrue offers you both with its expertise skills and highly innovative team. The firm helps you in putting your most persuasive sales pitch online. It crafts a 60 seconds sales pitch designed to leave an impression. So your customers will come back and contact you even after they've visited your competitors' website.

It is the best partner because it helps in consulting to reduce risk. Do you want your marketing to be led by marketers or entrepreneurs? It takes a business-first approach to marketing. It doesn’t just market for marketing's sake. Instead, the firm works on marketing campaigns that drive business outcomes; this lowers your risk and gets you better ROI.

The company lets you achieve your goals in one month what takes you a year to do Instead of taking months to master and keep up with the constant changes to the online marketing landscape, “let us sweat the details while you focus on closing the sales leads we pass to you,”says ClickTrue.

You can hire industry experts at a fraction of the cost. Get an entire team of digital marketing talents at less than the cost of one headcount. From business consultants, copywriters, designers, to data analysts, you'll get them all — minus an HR headache.

The Company’s History

When the firm sold its first startup, Hardware Zone, it leveraged on its expertise in building online traffic to land big-time advertisers such as Nikon, Toshiba,and Nestle as its key accounts. Fortune 100 companies engaged it for SEM, SEO, Social Media,and Analytics Consulting. The company was growing almost 300% year on year for the first few years. “Yeah, it was good money”, it says. Along the way, it realized that such accounts merely engaged it to chase after metrics and traffic.

The turning point came when a long-time friend of the company who runs an SME sought its help. He brought to light a common problem faced by many SMEs. Many companies tried helping the friend of the company but couldn’t give him what he expected. It was then that the company realized that the agencies were selling him clicks and keyword rankings that couldn’t help in getting him the leads he deserved.

Then the firm decided to take the plunge to move away from its cushy big accounts to focus on helping SMEs. But, which Digital Marketing Agency should you be working with? This was the question that popped up.

Soon it knew what to do in its region and started expanding to various others. The rest is history.

The Leader Who Shows the Strategic Direction

Jackie Lee, CEO: He manages clickTRUE’s fund-raising activities and driving clickTRUE’s expansion plans into the Asia Pacific region forward. He is also the project manager of joint ventures and strategic partnerships. On top of that, Jackie champions innovations and R&D projects within clickTRUE.

Prior to clickTRUE, he founded Hardware Zone, which is the No.1 Technology Portal in Singapore, and HWM, the No. 1 Technology Magazine in the Southeast Asia region. HWM is published and distributed in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia,and the Philippines. HWZ also publishes the following titles:, GameAxis China and GameAxis Unwired Magazine, as well as PVi (Photo/Video magazine). HWZ was later acquired by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

With more than 12 years of experience managing the digital and publishing businesses across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and China, Jackie later started clickTRUE, having developed a deep interest in performance marketing.

He attained the Google AdWords Professional level upon starting clickTRUE and enabled the company to receive the accreditations: ‘Google AdWords Qualified Company’,  ‘MicrosoftadExcellence Member’ and ‘Microsoft adExcellence Company’.

clickTRUE was also a Finalist for the Marketing Magazine Top Agency of the Year for Search Marketing in 2009 and 2010.

Jackie sits on the Main Advisory Board of NUS Business Incubation of Global Organisations and was nominated as a Member of Partner Connection Fund Evaluation Panel at Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Singapore.

His other Honours include the following: Winner of Genesis Award (Technology) for the 2nd Entrepreneurship Awards by NUS Business Incubation of Global Organisations in 2007; Nominee for Singapore Youth Awards (SYA) – The Highest Youth Accolade in Singapore in 2003; and nomination by the Association for Small and Medium Enterprise (ASME) as Entrepreneur Finalist in 2001.

“Get Sales Leads from Online Advertising, Which Doesn’t Need Digital Marketing Expertise for Less than the Cost of One Headcount Because We Don’t Just Care About Traffic, We Care About Your Leads.”