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Propelling transformation for rapid growth: Laserfiche


Laserfiche is the world’s leading software for content management, business process automation, and productivity-boosting data analytics. With users spanning more than 80 countries across the globe, in nearly every industry—including government, education, financial services and healthcare—Laserfiche solutions make organizations smarter, more collaborative, more efficient and more effective.

Laserfiche provides the following functionalities

Content Services

Laserfiche enables organizations to manage documents, videos, photos and other content. Investing in a content services platform will help your company eliminate paper, optimize costs and power innovation.

Document Management

Organize all your organization’s information so you make faster, better business decisions.


Control all your paper, digital and mobile content with state-of-the-art Laserfiche tools.

Process Automation

You handle the business. Laserfiche will handle the process. The company’s solutions will help you manage your mission-critical processes and eliminate busywork.

Task Management

Manage your mission-critical processes to eliminate spreadsheets, emails and busywork.


Eliminate paper forms and manual approvals for a better user experience.

Reporting & Analytics

Optimize operations by identifying inefficiencies and taking advantage of hidden opportunities.

Platform Services

Laserfiche offers key digital transformation-enabling components that meet compliance requirements, integrate with third-party applications and more.

Records Management

Establish guidelines for organizing your documents to ensure compliance and business continuity for your company.


Protect sensitive content, enable compliance, and achieve records integrity through secure document management.


Capture, organize and automate information in Laserfiche Cloud with industry leading security.

ECM Integration

Centralize operations by integrating digital content with other applications.

Laserfiche serves the following industries

Federal Government

Meet Your Agency's Mission

  • Use business process automation to collaborate on content, route it for review and approval, and publish it to secure web portals
  • Save time by sharing, searching and retrieving information across multiple agency locations and repositories
  • Provide and process information in a safer, faster and more cost-effective manner than ever before

Work Anywhere, Anytime

  • Securely capture, view and act upon mission-critical content – from anywhere in the world
  • Manage tasks by individual or team and use e-forms to complete work orders, sign documents, and approve services in the field
  • See documents mapped out in the real world and capture images and documents with geolocation
  • Ensure that mobile content resides within your agency’s IT governance structure, while giving employees more choice over the devices they use

Reduce Risk with Industry-Leading Security

  • Manage records in compliance with DoD 5015.2-STD specifications and NARA standards
  • Meet strict standards for security, compatibility, supportability and sustainability with CoN accreditation
  • Protect privacy and confidentiality with SSL/TSL encryption and strict access controls for unstructured data
  • Provide agency staff with secure, controlled access to centralized repositories from anywhere in the world with secure Single Sign-On, SHA-256 encryption, and multi-factor authentication


Shorten collection and claims cycles

  • Provide online access to information with secure, web-based interfaces
  • Automatically route requisitions for approval and review
  • Extract data from EOBs and link it to patient records, facilitating faster cash posting
  • Eliminate the need to physically copy, batch and transport provider documents
  • Route charge forms to appropriate personnel for verification, coding and billing input

Law Enforcement

Securely share records between agencies

Expedite document review between court staff, attorneys and law enforcement.

  • Automatically notify attorneys of assigned cases and notify police when charges are filed.
  • Enable police officers to submit police reports, pre-trial motions and other documents electronically.
  • Maintain different levels of security for each type of document within a case file.

Enable mobile court case management

Enable instant information sharing between judges, clerks, attorneys and records managers.

  • Speed case review and processing with automated workflow steps that can be accessed on any device.
  • Enable judges to review and take action on case files through the Laserfiche Mobile app.
  • Automate case filing and records requests to free up staff time.

Improve legislative transparency

Deliver high-quality records to staff and the public with ease.

  • Enable citizens to view court opinions, agenda items on demand.
  • Publish an online public record complete with audio, video and supporting documents
  • Provide judges with real-time documentation in their chambers to perform remote video arraignments.

Human Resource

Automate all stages of recruitment and onboarding

Create one view for all new hire documents and tasks.

  • Use web forms to capture and route job applications
  • Instantly send notifications to hiring managers when an application requires review
  • Route hiring decisions to HR to expedite the onboarding process
  • Automatically schedule IT provisioning, benefits enrollment and other onboarding tasks when a new employee is hired

Meet the driving force behind Laserfiche, Chris Wacker

As CEO, Wacker sets Laserfiche’s strategic vision and drives business growth. With 30 years of industry experience, he has a unique perspective on connecting inspiration and information, technology’s capabilities and the human touch. He is committed to leading a customer-centric organization, inspired by the Laserfiche community and its passion for efficiency.

“Laserfiche content management, business process automation and data analytics deliver rapid ROI for your organization.”