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Protect, Track And Control Your Files, Wherever They Are and Wherever They Go: Vaultize


Vaultize provides a comprehensive enterprise file security platform that enables continuous data protection, digital rights management, secure file sharing and unprecedented access control for zero data loss. 

Vaultize, as a product, started in 2013 to mitigate security, data loss and compliance risks that arise from the use of consumer file sharing (like Dropbox), increasing data mobility, consumerization of IT and the growing trend toward bring-your-own-device (BYOD). The Vaultize platform is engineered for 100 percent secure freedom for your organization’s data through enterprise file sync and share (EFSS), mobile collaboration, digital rights management (DRM), mobile content management (MCM), data loss prevention (DLP) and end-to-end encryption capabilities.

Vaultize has a presence in more than 50 countries, with offices in the U.S. and India.

Why Vaultize - Unprecedented Protection, Limitless Access

100 Percent Secure Freedom together with Compliance and Data Governance

IT departments and corporate technology leaders worldwide are constantly faced with the challenge of keeping enterprise files secure while giving users the access and freedom they demand. With Vaultize, data and security are on the same plane as freedom and control. 

Vaultize helps enterprise IT meet compliance and data governance requirements by ensuring that IT has complete control and visibility on the use of corporate files - while they are being used by end-users across their devices (company-managed or not) and even after they are shared with third-parties.

Zero Data Leakage

Vaultize’s end-to-end file security ensures zero data leakage throughout the lifecycle of files while being stored, shared and accessed.

Vaultize follows information-centric security approach in which information is protected within itself such that the security travels along with the information as it moves across devices, across networks and across users (including people outside the organization). This effectively means that a file always travels within a security envelope that can only be opened only by authorized users, from an authorized device and from authorized locations based on access & usage rights defined by the corporate IT and the owner of the file. This is information-centric (aka data-centric or content-centric) approach to information security that emphasizes the security of the information itself rather than the security of networks, applications or devices.

 Vault KNOX - Efficient Encryption

Backed by the U.S. patented technology, Vaultize is the only platform on the market that provides unprecedented security down to the file level, instead of forcing you to rely on inefficient & cumbersome third-party security protocols like VPN. And, protecting your data isn’t enough. You also need to ensure that your encryption is efficient and not burdening your network. With Vault KNOX, you enjoy the cost/speed benefit of up to 90 percent in terms of bandwidth and storage. Perfect for an increasingly mobile workforce.

Unlock the Vaultize File Security Experience

  • Easy-to-use enterprise digital rights management (eDRM) - protection everywhere
  • Complete traceability and control of corporate files for compliance and governance
  • Secure file sharing and secure mobile collaboration tools
  • Continuous data protection - backup, versioning and data retention
  • VPN-free secure access & sharing of files using Vault KNOX technology
  • Centralized management and monitoring
  • Encryption key management and ownership for IT teams
  • Integration with enterprise systems such as Active Directory / LDAP, SIEM, and HSM
  • Integration with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and anti-virus
  • Flexible deployment options including public cloud, private cloud, on-premise servers and a Cloud-in-a-box purpose-built appliance

Vaultize Products: Secure Storage, Access & Sharing of Enterprise Files

Vaultize is your solution for secure file sharing and storage, mobile collaboration and anywhere access with built-in digital rights management (DRM), mobile content management (MCM), and continuous data protection.

  • Secure File Sharing and Storage: Store and share files inside and outside your organization easily and with zero data loss
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM): Track and control your files all the time, wherever they are and wherever they go
  • FTP / MFT Replacement: More secure and easier alternative to your existing file transfer solution
  • Zero Data Leakage: End-to-end security ensures files are safe for their entire lifecycle
  • Vault KNOX Security: Efficient encryption - military-grade data encryption and de-duplication at the source
  • Secure Mobile Collaboration: Enable secure mobile productivity and BYOD with Mobile Content Management (MCM)
  • Virtual Data Rooms: Secure storage, distribution, and tracking of sensitive documents
  • Secure Emails and Attachments: Safe-sending of emails and convert attachments into secure links — prevent data loss and optimize storage
  • Endpoint Data Protection: Continuous backup, efficient versioning, and protection against ransomware

Client Success Story

Client: Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited (Tata AIA)

Challenge: Tata AIA operates in a sensitive and highly regulated environment where any data loss or leakage results in financial penalties and harms reputation. However, sending files via FTP/SFTP sites is cumbersome, time-consuming and lacks reporting and tracking capabilities.

“Our IT department takes advantage of Vaultize’s end-to-end security, privacy and compliance features that are critical for the insurance industry.”

Solution: Vaultize provided Tata AIA with a secure file sharing alternative through the use of secure links that let users send, receive and collaborate on files without the need to manage the exchange through an FTP site. These links can be password-protected and set to auto-expire based on user settings and IT policies, enabling the secure enterprise file sharing and data loss prevention the company requires.

Meet the Magnificent Leader

Anand A. Kekre, Co-founder and Executive Chairman: Anand brings over 24 years of technology innovation and executive leadership experience in security, storage and data protection working for leaders like Symantec, McAfee, VERITAS, and IBM.

Anand holds a master’s degree in CSE from IIT Bombay and a bachelor’s degree in CSE from SGSITS Indore. He holds 60 U.S. patents.

“With us, achieve security and governance of files throughout their lifecycles, inside and outside your network.”