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Protect your data with Aerobyte’s latest data security solutions

We are entering a world in which data may be more important than software – Tim O’ Reilly

“Our research and development goes side by side with our business operations and support team to If you are asked what is the greatest boon that has ever happened to mankind? Instantly, the word technology will pop up in your mind; Right? But technology is not one single thing; it has many roots to it and has brought about several other inventions along with it; internet being the supreme one. A day without internet and every single activity will come to a pause! Now internet has given rise to e-marketing, e-commerce, online shopping, information search, digital media and various social networking platforms. Basically these are the things that any normal individual will require in his/her day-to-day life.

But not to forget, internet has also brought about inventions like Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis. These are of course not something we use in our daily lives, but it is something that big corporate houses, IT service providers and several startups are hugely dependent upon to store huge amount of databases and work related information. Now internet also has a bad side to it and that is Cyber crimes which often lead to data security breaches and theft. And companies are always looking out for how to secure their data and protect it against any kind of mal handling and vulnerability. Due to the alarming rise of security problems, many organizations are coming up with their customized solutions on how to protect your data and Aerobyte is one such name who is just a call away to be at your service. Founded by Howard Hellman in 2010 with its headquarters in Lauderdale, United States, Aerobyte, is committed to protecting digital flow of information electronically and solving critical security problems of large, medium and small scale enterprises.

What Aerobyte has to offer?
Though many solutions are being incorporated by companies to solve their security problems, yet due to complex architecture it has given rise to more loopholes than ever before. Aerobyte has successfully overcome this problem to address some of the world’s greatest complexity with issues related to data security. And how does Aerobyte do that? Simply by realigning its thought process and addressing security from a new vantage point to completely protect data throughout the enterprise.
Aerobytes mission is to think out of the box and go beyond the call of duty to help customers and clients to shoo away their intrinsic pain points while managing their IT infrastructure. Based on the current market scenario and infrastructural models of organizations, Aerobyte has come up with Security Architecture Framework (SAF) by providing a suite of software and hardware products that ensure protection of five key points of logical vulnerability in any cloud based IT systems and can be incorporated in any existing security system.

Aerobyte provides a five-step data protection with its special product offerings:
• Private Cloud firewall – The first thing you should do is protect the application server against any other maligned and illegal traffic.
• Aerobyte Edge – Protect Data in Motion over any open hostile network.
• PKR Device – other than User Name and Password, create a different methodology which cannot be engineered in any form and store Private Key in a secure place.
• Digital Rights – Your cloud is the place where you store your highly official encrypted data and you need to protect it from unauthenticated use. Once a file leaves the vault, it is exposed and to address this issue, Aerobyte is undergoing operations to come up with certain solutions.
• Enigma Encryption – Break the boundaries of standard encryption speed, our Engine is protected by each point.


Enterprise Cloud backup  Aerobyte Power Cloud Private Cloud Design Services
Aerobyte’s power vault built on IBM Power fits with any kind of archive strategy and gives access to any amount historical data, thus reducing cost, time and hassle to retrieve critical information at the time of need. Aerobyte’s is a state-of-the-art service protecting your data against the most stringent required of today. Its power cloud provides fully monitored replication services for IBM Power, pSeries /RS6000, iSeries/AS400, Linux as well as Microsoft Servers and VMware. And also has the capability to archive and back up data for any kind of disaster It helps to accelerate, streamline, manage and secure any kind of public/private cloud service and data. With Aerobyte’s customized efficient cloud infrastructure you can reduce capital costs and at the same time improve utilization and performance of your cloud services.