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20 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2015

Protect your data with Aerobyte’s latest data security solutions


“We are entering a world in which data may be more important than software”– Tim O’ Reilly

you are asked what is the greatest boom that has ever happened to mankind what would your answer be? Instantly, the word ‘technology’ will pop up in your mind; Right? But technology is not just one single boom; it has many roots to it and has brought about several other inventions along with it- internet being the supreme one.

A day without internet and every single activity will come to a pause! Having given rise to e-marketing, e-commerce, online shopping, information search, digital media and various social networking platforms, it has made most of us-individual and companies addicted and dependent upon it, for various activities in our day to day lives.

For example, it has also brought about inventions like Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis that big corporate houses, IT service providers and several startups are hugely dependent upon to store huge amount of databases and work related information. But alas, internet also has a bad side to it and that is Cyber Crimes which often lead to data security breaches and theft. So companies are always looking out for how to secure their data and protect it against any kind of mal handling and vulnerability due to the alarming rise of security problems and many organizations are coming up with their customized solutions on how to protect data. Aerobyte is one such name who is just a call away to be at your service.

Founded by Howard Hellman in 2010 with its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, United States, the company is committed to protecting digital flow of information electronically and solving critical security problems of large, medium and small scale enterprises.

Aerobyte’s Offerings
Though many solutions are being incorporated by companies to solve their security problems, yet due to complex architecture it has given rise to more loopholes than ever before. Aerobyte has successfully overcome this problem to address some of the world’s greatest complexity with issues related to data security. And how does Aerobyte do that? Simply by realigning its thought process and addressing security from a new vantage point to completely protect data throughout the enterprise.

Aerobyte’s mission is to think out of the box and go beyond the call of duty to help customers and clients to shoo away their intrinsic pain points while managing their IT infrastructure. Based on the current market scenario and infrastructural models of organizations, Aerobyte has come up with Security Architecture Framework (SAFe) by providing a suite of software and hardware products that ensure protection of five key points of Data vulnerability in any cloud based IT systems and can be incorporated in any existing security system.

Enterprise Encryption Gateway
Aerobyte new flagship product – Enterprise Encryption Gateway, a stand-alone box that manages encryption streams for protecting data for enterprise accounts.

EEG helps companies to save money on network security hardware appliances through which security can be controlled via Active Director or LDAP by setting security layers, zones through roles, users and groups defined by corporate policy and governance. Built on scalable IBM Linux on power P8 technology, it delivers fast, scalable Public Private Key Encryption transactions for every connection.

The EEG cryptographic engine and PKI processing is hardened with Aerobyte’s App EDGE to block traffic unless tunnel access is granted for Public facing IPs.

The headers for identification information, IP source and destination are encrypted and masked, so that even if your network is compromised, under no circumstance will anyone be able to take out any information.

The EEG supports multiple devices. A user must present oneself for a verified PKI Signature to activate the tunnel both at the time of entering and leaving the tunnel’s EDGE in order to identify him/her self to the system.

EEG stocks all communication, date and time stamps, from when and where, and certificates used in the process. Its operations console is built with several compliance reports to address, SOX, GLB, PCI DSS, HIPPA and FISMA.

SAFe EDGE is a cost-effective software based solution that provides full protection of critical information from open networks and control that individual environment demands. The solution is built on open standards that restricts unrecognized access both internally and externally on any EDGE client deployed within your enterprise.

Now how do you connect to an EDGE point? Aerobyte offers encrypted tunnels through its Encryption Gateway. The accessibility to this particular program is controlled through strong PKI and the devices deployed should have valid certification to gain access. By securing EDGE points both internally and externally you not only prevent hackers or outside foreign agents but also casual invention. Edge points are established via IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name Server.


  • Application EDGE – Technical businesses involve applications like ERP, SCM and CRM which are essential for carrying on different operations. But a sudden disruption may lead to huge expense. Aerobyte APP EDGE ensures that the operations are ongoing by completely locking down the system from any unauthorized third party interventions. It also offers protection against other exotic intrusion which may include FTP, Telnet, SQL Commands, SNA, SSH, Instant messaging and any non-standard P2P transfer.

Application EDGE can also be deployed to secure major cloud providers like

  • Aerobyte Power Cloud
  • IBM Softlayer
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Rackspace
  • Device EDGE – A platform for protecting certified devices that can only be connected to specific applications, files and data. Each device must be assigned a PKI signature and properly protected to maintain the integration of the system.
  • Services EDGE – This particular solution is focused mainly on defending private IP address of application which connects to other servers.


Enterprise Cloud backup –
Aerobyte’s power vault built on IBM Power fits with any kind of archive strategy and gives access to any amount historical data, thus reducing cost, time and hassle to retrieve critical information at the time of need. Aerobyte’s is a state-of-the-art service protecting your data against the most stringent requirement of today.

Aerobyte Power Cloud –
Its power cloud provides fully monitored replication services for IBM Power, pSeries /RS6000, iSeries/AS400, Linux as well as Microsoft Servers and VMware. And also has the capability to archive and back up data for any kind of disaster.

Private Cloud Design Services –

It helps to accelerate, streamline, manage and secure any kind of public/private cloud service and data. With Aerobyte’s customized efficient cloud infrastructure you can reduce capital costs and at the same time improve utilization and performance of your cloud services.

SAFe Connectors

SAFe SaaS Connecter It allows the connection layer to be encrypted inside the user’s encrypted tunnel which connects to the application through the EDGE. It doesn’t limit you to a single encryption stream.
SAFe NAS Connecter It ties Users PKI signature to specific files stored on a NAS box on premise or the cloud. It also detects which data can be accessible and transmitted and which cannot be.
SAFe Database Connector SAFe database connector ties Users PKI signature to specific to Data within the Database. It also determines which users have been approved to access data.