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Protecting Apps from the Inside Out: Arxan


Arxan, the global trusted leader of application protection solutions, delivers the confidence to build, deploy, and manage an organization’s most innovative and valuable applications. Currently protecting more than 1 billion application instances across industries including financial services, mobile payments, healthcare, automotive, gaming, and entertainment, the company provides the industry’s most comprehensive application protection solution. Unlike legacy security providers that rely on perimeter-based barriers to keep bad actors out, Arxan protects applications at the source and binary code level to expand the area of trust and provides a broad range of enterprise services and patented security capabilities such as code hardening, obfuscation, encryption, and white-box cryptography. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in North America with global offices in EMEA and APAC.

Why Arxan?

Protecting Your Business in a Zero-Trust World

Arxan is the trusted partner for protecting high-value apps. In today’s zero trust world, the need to protect the customer, business and IP data is greater than ever and should be at the center of every businesses’ application development and deployment strategy. Securing applications and data against misuse is a key to preventing brand damage, financial loss, intellectual property theft and governmental penalties.

Securely Deployed 1+ Billion Times: Arxan-Protected Apps

  • Innovation: Increase customer engagement and grow market share knowing your most valuable apps are secure.
  • Trust: Expand your perimeter of trust to secure apps in unknown environments and prevent attacks that lead to brand damage & financial loss.
  • Compliance: Ensure your apps are in compliance with policies and regulations to protect customer data and safeguard patients.
  • Focus: Focus on growing your business, while Arxan focuses on protecting your apps by staying on the forefront of security threats.

Application Attacks

An attack can occur whenever an organization’s mobile app is accessible “in the wild” — apps available via public app stores.

The Problem

Mobile apps are targets because they serve as entry points to access corporate intellectual property (IP), customer data including personally identifiable information (PII) and backend infrastructure and application programming interfaces (APIs).

The Risks

Attacks on the mobile app ecosystem threaten more than just loss of end-user data and privacy. Application attacks can result in brand damage, financial loss, intellectual property theft and governmental penalties.

The Damage

Bad actors exploit weak app protection by reverse engineering an app, tampering with its code and understanding the keys to sensitive in-app and back-end data, services, and networks. Using this exposed information, they can exfiltrate data or inject malicious code and then release the compromised app back into the wild.

The Solution

Comprehensive application protection secures apps from the inside out by protecting the source and binary code. This level of protection includes a broad range of capabilities such as code hardening, obfuscation, and key & data encryption. Additionally, application protection should include threat analytics to understand current attacks and future threats

Threat Analytics

Detection and response capabilities are the keys to deterring app attacks, identifying bad actors and staying in front of the evolving threat landscape.

Threat Analytics is an integrated monitoring service that provides visibility into the security posture of protected applications. Threat Analytics delivers timely intelligence to help customers quickly understand the difference between an app operating safely vs. one operating in a risky environment or that is actively being attacked.

Real-time threat analytics can help answer the following questions:

  • Who are bad actors and users?
  • What methods are being used to attack apps?
  • What are the differences in threats by the operating system?
  • How to optimize security for apps?
  • When are application threats changing so protection can be adapted?

Arxan Product Overview

The Arxan product portfolio provides comprehensive, app-level security to protect against a range of threats or to enforce enterprise app governance. Its solutions enable customers to focus on their business, while Arxan focuses on protecting their apps by staying on the forefront of security threats.

Layered, Adaptive App and Data Protection

Arxan Application Protection delivers layered, adaptive application protection to secure application binary code, data and keys, and JavaScript. Arxan protects apps through a combination of active and passive software techniques along with key and data encryption and obfuscation. Arxan transparently protects applications running on servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Integrating Arxan protection into applications requires no changes to source code and is non-disruptive to software development lifecycles (SDLC). Learn more about Application Protection.

Detection and Prevention of Application Attacks

Understanding how apps are being attacked to determine a response is key to staying ahead of bad actors. Application attacks all start with a common approach — the reverse engineering of an app to gain an understanding of the code. Once the code is understood, bad actors can access corporate intellectual property (IP), customer data including personally identifiable information (PII) and backend infrastructure and application programming interfaces (APIs). Knowing how these attacks are executed in real-time is critically important to ensure app protection adapts to address threats before they become large-scale attacks. Learn more about threat analytics.

Enterprise App Distribution and Policy Management (Apperian)

Organizations are recognizing opportunities to use enterprise mobile apps to foster collaboration and increase productivity. However, many IT administrators, developers, and organizational leaders are struggling to find effective ways to securely deploy and distribute mobile apps without requiring device management or device enrollment while maximizing user adoption and maintaining privacy. Learn more about Apperian App Management.

Meet the Leader

Joe Sander, CEO: Joe Sander joined Arxan as CEO in August 2015 with a track record of scaling growth-oriented companies. Sander’s experience includes a legacy of generating growth for technology and security businesses through direct sales and by building strategic alliances and distribution partnerships. His background includes senior positions leading all aspects of operations, with specific expertise in SaaS delivery models.

Mr. Sander has a track record of success in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University.

“We help our customers securely deploy any application, whether B2C, B2B, or B2E, with a broad range of app-centric protection and deployment solutions.”