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50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2019

Protecting Reputation with Comprehensive Data – Accuity


Accuity is your trusted partner protecting your good name. In an increasingly uncertain world, financial professionals need the confidence to conduct business and pursue growth opportunities with the certainty that their valuable reputations are protected. For 180 years, Accuity has collaborated with payments and compliance professionals to deliver accurate data and innovative solutions that optimize payment pathways and defend the good names of individuals and organizations.

Unmatched expertise on a global scale

Financial institutions, corporations, fintechs, and governments the world over rely on Accuity’s accuracy and dependability, delivered daily by its global team working in 30 languages around the globe. The firm’s portfolio consists of industry-leading, data-enabled solutions from the Firosoft, Bankers Almanac, and NRS brands—solutions that streamline processes, mitigate risk, set compliance strategies, and provide critical insights on the regulatory landscape.

Dependable data and due diligence

The company’s banking payments database is one of the most authoritative and comprehensive in the world, including more than 125,000 US financial institutions and 750,000 global institutions. Virtually all of the world’s leading banks utilize Banker’s Almanac, the gold standard in the banking industry for the proactive collection of intelligence.

A long history of information gathering

Accuity is owned by Reed Business Information, part of The RELX Group, one of the world’s leading business-to-business data and content providers.

The Company’s Plan

Accuity offers a suite of innovative solutions for payments and compliance professionals.

The firm’s mission is to protect the invaluable reputations of payments and compliance professionals with a portfolio of regtech solutions—from comprehensive data and innovative software that control risk and compliance, to accurate and flexible tools that optimize payment processes.

The firm applies its unmatched expertise and experience to devise and deliver the right solution at the right time. It’s how it strengthens its clients’ businesses – whether they’re financial institutions, fintechs, corporations or governments – and prepare them more effectively for what’s to come.

The Accuity portfolio offers industry-leading solutions from the Fircosoft, Bankers Almanac, and NRS brands.

The payments portfolio – Bankers Almanac for Payments – allows its clients to process payments to and from anywhere in the world with confidence with the Bankers Almanac suite of payment solutions, powered by accurate, up-to-date financial institution data and routing information trusted throughout the industry.

The risk and compliance portfolio includes:

  • Financial crime compliance screening solutions from its Fircosoft brand (for transaction, account and trade screening) that help its clients manage risk and avoid damage to the good names of individuals and organizations
  • Financial counterparty KYC data and tools from its Bankers Almanac for Risk and Compliance that help its clients know who they are dealing with.

Dynamic Data

Accurate reference data enables your payments to go through the first time, every time and into every market.

With pressures to send Global payments at a lower cost, into more markets, and with greater certainty, organizations must have the information needed to avoid payment delays.

Bankers Almanac Risk & Compliance portfolio

It offers unrivaled intelligence on global financial institutions, enabling you to efficiently perform your Know-Your-Customer (KYC) due diligence activities on new financial counterparties and/or existing business partners.

Announcing Firco Live Services

Offering the ultimate precision of control, real-time operational insight, as well as easing and speeding up financial crime screening operations.

Helping securities professionals navigate the regulatory and compliance landscape.

Regulatory and compliance demands grow ever more complex, drawing increasing time and resources from the activities that drive the business forward. As the US leader in compliance and registration products and services for investment firms, NRS helps fuel business growth with consulting, technology, and education solutions tailored to assure the investment professional.

NRS provides the expert guidance that protects and strengthens individual and organizational reputations, and the efficient automated tools that simplify compliance processes. Turn to NRS for help in making complex compliance challenges understandable.

The face of the Firm

David Wilson | Managing Director and CEO

David Wilson is the Managing Director and CEO of Accuity. David previously held the Chief Operating Officer role at Accuity for two years. He joined Accuity in 2017 following 17 years with RBI, where, as Managing Director, he was responsible for transforming a number of its business segments.

“We protect reputations with comprehensive data and software to control risk and compliance, and flexible tools to optimize payments processes.”