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Proven leaders in security, data analytics and networking: Seceon


Founded in 2015, Westford, MA, based Seceon provides comprehensive solutions for automating the detection, prevention and remediation of all cyber-security threats in real-time.

Data breaches in organizations are not unknown today. And for several years, Chandra Pandey, an expert in data center architecture and highly scalable network solutions, was noticing the frightening impact and imminent danger of significant potential data loss, business disruption and financial impact that such breaches could have for today’s CIO’s. The business leader soon realized the need to change how companies were coping with this menace and, using his years of experience in developing and marketing innovative technology solutions, set out on a mission to find a new approach to speed up the detection and elimination of threats significantly. Thus, in 2015 he formed team Seceon with several experienced executives and works closely with customers to define and address the problems, implications, consequences and solutions of defending corporate assets in today’s highly-connected enterprise.

This demand spurred innovations that soon led to the successful development of Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform for advanced threat detection and management. A one-of-its-kind platform presented through a powerful, intuitive user interface, OTM today leverages an unprecedented combination of advanced data collection and analysis, machine learning and behavioral analytics to visualize, detect and remediate all cyber threats in real-time.

Saving the global economy from the epidemic threat of cyber crimes
Immediately upon deployment, Seceon enables today’s security teams to see the threats clearly and quickly, and enables them to take action within the OTM application to stop threats from inflicting extensive damage through surgical containment and remediation.

Seceon enables security teams to protect the enterprise from malicious attacks designed to infiltrate the enterprise, steal sensitive corporate data and disrupt business operations when they happen. And by dramatically speeding their ability to identify, assess and remediate the most relevant threats and performance issues, it empowers security teams to make critical decisions in real-time. It helps today’s enterprise stop never-seen-before threats when they happen, instead of days, weeks or months later.

CIO’s value the OTM as an active defense to stop and mitigate security issues before they cause loss of data. They also value it for the visibility it brings them that is typically not available from one source, giving them knowledge about business operations that today typically has to be gleaned by reading many separate reports. Better information leads to better decision-making. The OTM also allows IT to manage and enforce policies, giving them one platform with multiple functions, which is highly valued for IT staffs in the Fortune 1000+ that wear many hats, including security.

Deployed easily in just an hour, Seceon’s intuitive solution starts detecting threats out of the box, eliminating lengthy and expensive ramp up. Effective in any size organization, the platform can serve as a singular solution or integrate with incumbent security tools for a holistic view of all enterprise activity. Completely automated, the platform accelerates the detection and identification of the most relevant threats, as well as connectivity policy issues, enabling IT/security staff to correct them immediately. Leveraging applied intelligence through machine learning and threat detection modeling, Seceon’s OTM requires no complex filters like traditional solutions. By significantly improving the speed with which threats are detected and stopped, security teams can be more effective at reducing organizational vulnerabilities, improving network performance, protecting vital corporate assets and maintaining smooth business operations.

The platform includes five key functional areas—

  • Continuous monitoring with holistic visibility, automatically examining every movement within, in and out of the enterprise network;
  • Analysis of all enterprise connectivity to identify suspicious activity in real-time;
  • Visualization of relevant threats through a highly intuitive easy to use application, including alerts and “push-button” access to remediation;
  • Immediate elimination and remediation of any threats or performance issues;
  • Visual-enabled policy violation detection, combined with a policy creation and management tool-set.

A Platform that provides unmatched visibility
A self-funded startup, Seceon’s founders are committed to building products that will make a difference. Focused on development for the last 15 months, Seceon has remained less visible in the market up until now. Available now and deployed in more than a dozen customer engagements, Seceon’s OTM platform has yet to be matched by any would-be competitor in functionality, capability and overall value.

“Customers recognize that the OTM platform’s powerful and intuitive interface will give them a fast and easy view into every data movement in the enterprise. Making it easier for the enterprise to see the threats, dramatically improves its power to stop them. They also recognize how the platform, as a standalone or integrated solution, will enable them to significantly enhance their security operations, while at the same time helping to unburden their resource-constrained security teams and reduce the need for additional staff,” said Chandra. Most importantly, clients can be confident that Seceon’s OTM platform will reduce organizational vulnerabilities, secure sensitive data and prevent negative business impact, significantly mitigating the overall risk associated with any disruption to the business. Currently focused on delivering solutions in North America, Seceon is looking to expand globally, in the days to come.

Why Seceon

  • Seceon delivers unmatched visibility into all enterprise activity. Within minutes of being deployed, it monitors all enterprise activity to get a holistic view of the network. By capturing every movement in the enterprise, security teams can be confident that nothing will go unnoticed.
  • Seceon’s OTM platform dramatically speeds time to detection, surfaces the critical threats in one screen and eliminates them as they are detected. Using an unprecedented combination of intelligent data collection and analysis, it generates threat alerts and presents them through an intuitive, powerful interface, enabling security teams to quickly and easily classify the activity and nature of the threat, while allowing them to take immediate action to remediate it.
  • Seceon streamlines enterprise security operations and reduces the workload of security staff. By significantly improving detection speeds, it allows security teams to see and stop issues in minutes, freeing them to focus on initiatives critical to the company’s core business, faster.
  • Seceon improves performance and business operations. Unlike current solutions, the platform gives users the ability to see everything going on within an organization, eliminating conventional security silos, but also providing a view into user and application performance issues.
  • Seceon reduces cost to organizations.The solution provides a significant operational advantage in reducing risk, as well as cutting capital expenditure and other costs by millions of dollars per year, by reducing the need for additional security staff and freeing up resource-constrained analysts already on the job to address higher priority

See. Stop. Secure. Seceon.