50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2018

Provider of Space-Tested Thermal Management Solutions: KULR


Keeping electronics and other mechanical components cooler, lighter, and safer via carbon fiber-based thermal management technology.

KULR Technology has already filled more than 500 contracts for high-demand clients such as NASA, JPL and Boeing. Their products have been used aboard the International Space Station and for missions to explore Mars and Venus – keeping valuable and highly sensitive components from over heating or getting too cold.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, KULR Technology’s space-tested proprietary carbon fiber thermal management solutions are more effective at storing, conducting, and dissipating heat generated by system components when compared to traditional materials such as gels, pads, copper, and aluminum.

They’re on a sharp growth trajectory because KULR has found a way to use that space-tested and space used technology in nearly limitless commercial applications.

Because all electronic components or devices such as resistors, capacitors, lasers, batteries, inductors, and optical data lines are susceptible to failure from overheating, KULR’s proprietary technology can be applied to a wide array of electronic system applications such as mobile devices, cloud computing hardware, virtual reality platforms, satellites, drones, and connected cars.

In fact, a temperature jump of just 10 degrees Celsius generally cuts the life of a device by 50%. Likewise, reducing the temperature by 10 degrees can increase the expected life by 100%. In one test, KULR’s cooling fiber stretched the maximum use time of a laser projector from seven minutes to 70 minutes, increasing the use by a factor of 10x.

That kind of performance boost will no doubt make KULR a key player in bourgeoning market such as electric vehicles (EV), which is expected to be a $1 Trillion market in less than a decade according to published reports. As with other applications, battery-powered vehicles require high heat management and stringent safety performance while also being weight conscious, which means lighter solutions like KULR’s fiber could be a game-changer for EVs.

NASA Research Paved the Path for KULR’s Inception

Founded in 2013 by Michael Mo and Dr. Timothy Knowles, KULR is the result of decades of NASA research and testing on a breakthrough way to engineer and deploy carbon fiber for thermal management in high-demand, high-specification applications.

NASA is the company’s developmental partner and aided KULRwith some of the foremost experts in aerospace thermal management. KULR’s advisory board features many veterans in semiconductor and industrial manufacturing. The Company’s investors and advisors include industry leaders from the US, Japan, and China in the market of electric vehicles, energy storage, communications, and semi conductors.

KULR’s Pièce de Résistance

KULR’s Carbon Fiber Cooling technology is a space-developed application of highly conductive material to meet the incredible demands of new components and configurations. It’s faster, more efficient, lighter, flexible, and heavily tested in some of the most demanding conditions possible – for space flight.

KULR’s core technology consists of carbon strands of many different sizes. The strands are vertically aligned to create carbon material that looks and feels like “velvet” but is light, strong, highly thermally conductive, and flexible. This last characteristic is one of its greatest assets. Because the material is soft and pliable, it can be used in ways that metals can’t.

The Sky Is the Limit for KULR

One reason KULR Technology is at the forefront of these next-generation thermal management systems is because KULR’s carbon fiber can be customized to meet any customer’s challenging and unique demands. Each application of KULR’s technology is different. KULR’s thermal solution for an electric car, for example, can’t be used in an industrial robot or high-demand lighting, giving the company long reach and high flexibility.

KULR Technology is never surprised by the diversity and number of companies that have thermal management challenges. New, more powerful devices and components will inevitably spur new thermal issues that KULR is uniquely positioned to solve.

The Ingenious Leader

Dr. Timothy Knowles, Co-Founder & CTO: Holds a PhD in Physics and has more than 30 years of thermal management R&D and product development for the most challenging space and industrial applications with NASA, Boeing, Raytheon, Jet Propulsion Lab, and others.


Michael Mo, Co-Founder & CEO: Holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering and is a frequent investor and entrepreneur in high-performance technologies such as semiconductors, components, aerospace and thermal management.

“KULR will be the indispensable thermal management provider for every company that makes high-performance, high-demand electronics, or moves, stores or relies on power.” - Michael Mo, Co-Founder, and CEO