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Providers of Science-Based Solutions That Keep You on the Cutting Edge - Entegris


As a global leader in advanced materials science, the firm has the expertise and determination to help solve your most advanced technology challenges.

Every day, and for more than 50 years, the singular mission has been to help customers utilize its advanced, science-based solutions to support a safer workplace; to innovate faster and more efficiently; and ultimately to transform the world. 

The Internet of Things: A Sustainable Driver for Integrated Circuit Growth

From smart speakers to smart homes, smart cities, smart transportation, smart pharmaceuticals, and smart grids, it is not hard to imagine a world where there are chips in just about everything. This paper describes how this proliferation of IoT applications and devices is poised to drive unprecedented levels of demand for memory, processing speed, and bandwidth.

Enabling the Technologies that Transform the World

As a global company working with leading manufacturers to enable ongoing advancement in technology, Entegris have a global infrastructure that includes strategically placed manufacturing sites, R&D facilities, and customer support centers. The Company makes infrastructure investments that put it closer to its customers in all global regions. Entegris has highly skilled team members, facilities and resources are right where you need them to help you solve your most advanced technology challenges.


  • Filtration products that purify gases, fluids, and the ambient fab environment
  • Liquid systems and components that dispense, control, analyze, or transport process fluids
  • Gas delivery systems that safely store and deliver toxic gases
  • Specialty chemistries for deposition and cleaning at advanced nodes
  • Wafer carriers and shippers that protect semiconductor wafers from contamination and breakage
  • Specialty coatings that provide high-purity surfaces for wear-resistance, corrosion protection, and smoothness
  • Premium graphite and silicon carbide for high-performance applications
  • Shippers and trays for protecting and transporting disk drive components

The Science of Innovation

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Artificial intelligence augmented reality, Internet of Things – these are not just trends, they are drivers changing the way people live across the globe. With these new drivers and the increasing speed of innovation, there comes an expectation for higher-quality, higher-performing technologies at a faster pace. Through the power of its award-winning solutions and its technical expertise, Entegris is providing customers with innovative, science-based solutions to their toughest technology challenges. “We are the Science of Innovation,” says Entegris.

Materials Science and Analytics

  • Separation science
  • Membrane science and engineering
  • Polymer characterization and development
  • Interfacial science
  • Source of contamination analysis

Advanced Materials

  • Materials synthesis and tailored formulation
  • Precision gas mixtures
  • Specialty coatings
  • Graphite, SiC, and engineered carbon
  • Surface preparation and cleaning
  • Liquid and gas storage and transport

Micro contamination Control

  • Leading-edge liquid filtration and purification
  • Gas purification at parts per trillion (ppt) levels
  • Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) solutions for advanced fabs
  • Wafer and reticle handling
  • Fluid management, sensing, and control

Manufacturing Excellence

  • Ultraclean component and materials manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping and customization
  • Leading-edge quality control with integrated SPC
  • Broad global manufacturing footprint

The Leading Man

Bertrand Loy | President and Chief Executive Officer

Bertrand Loy is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Entegris and a member of its board of directors. Mr. Loy joined the company in 2005 as part of the merger with Mykrolis, where he had served as the Chief Financial Officer since 2001. Since the merger with Mykrolis, Mr. Loy has held a series of leadership roles including Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain, and Manufacturing, and more recently as Chief Operating Officer from 2008 to 2012. 

From 1995 to 2000, Mr. Loy was the Controller and head of manufacturing for Millipore’s Laboratory Water division before becoming Millipore’s Chief Information Officer. He began his career with Sandoz Pharmaceuticals (now Novartis) where he held numerous roles in strategic planning, finance, and internal auditing while based in Europe, Japan, and Latin America. 

Mr. Loy serves on the board of Harvard Bioscience, a global manufacturer of a broad range of life science solutions. He is the Vice-Chairman of SEMI, a global association providing industry stewardship and promoting the interests of the global electronics supply chain.

Mr. Loy holds an MBA from ESSEC Business School in France.

“We deliver innovative, science-based solutions to help customers in the most advanced industries improve their performance and transform the world.”