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Fastest 30 Asia Companies 2018

Provides Industries With A Suite Of Ai-Driven Technology Solutions To Enable Businesses To Drive Efficiency And Scale: AnyMind Group

thesiliconreview-kosuke-sogo-ceo-cofounder-anymind-group-2018Founded by Kosuke Sogo and Otohiko Kozutsumi, AnyMind Group started out as AdAsia™ Holdings in the advertising and marketing technology industry in April 2016. Both founders have a single vision - to empower growth for professionals, businesses,and industries through AI.

The company runs on a simple philosophy - Growth for Everyone. This extends to every stakeholder of AnyMind Group, and also extends to the innovations front. AnyMind Group is committed to constant and consistent innovation, staying at the front of new technologies. Coupled with strong business models and AI-driven solutions, this dedication to growth and innovation ensures that all players in the ecosystem benefit and thrive.

AnyMind Group stands firm on three pillars: people, innovation and localization. Its people are the foundation that the company was built upon, with innovation key to staying at the top. At the same time, localized solutions allow its products across every vertical to be catered to the nuances of each market.

To date, AnyMind Group has acquired two companies - FourM in Japan and Acqua Media in Hong Kong. The two publisher trading desks were strategic acquisitions that gave AnyMind Group substantial market share in East Asia.

From The CEO's Desk

“In recent years, we have seen changes in the way people work, businesses operate and industries evolve - all powered by a multitude of technological innovations. To maintain a competitive edge, professionals, businesses,and industries are always looking for newer and better ways to grow.

AnyMind Group is poised to empower further growth by providing solutions for each unique need. We believe in the ability of technology to power business discovery, providing insights and solutions across business challenges. We strive to be a leader in the technology industry, providing growth for everyone. 

This empowerment starts internally. We have made a commitment to ensure our staff achieves personal and professional growth, consistently. From our engineering and support functions to sales and corporate staff, personal development is a priority.

We want our team to not just be proponents of growth, but to live and breathe it. From the way our people care about your business, to the way our solutions are designed and engineered - all are focused around a single theme: growth for you. 

We are committed to the fast growth of our company, our people, and the professionals, businesses,and industries that we work with, ultimately providing greater value to the entire ecosystem.”

Companies Of AnyMind Group

AdAsia Holdings

AdAsia™ Holdings is the fastest-growing advertising technology company in Asia, enabling marketer, advertisers,and publishers in Asia to easily use innovative and intelligent tools to increase returns. The very best of modern marketing is brought to you on an intelligent, easy-to-use platform and dashboard


CastingAsia™ is the next-generation influencer marketing platform, powered by artificial intelligence. CastingAsia™ was created to deliver data-driven insights to influencer marketing, providing brands with a competitive advantage through innovation


TalentMind™ is an AI-driven recruitment optimization platform that streamlines and enhances the recruitment and hiring process. Human resource professionals can tap on AI to screen, analyze and match prospects to businesses.

Growth for Everyone

Over the years, AnyMind Group has grown exponentially. 

AdAsia Holdings was known as the fastest-growing ad tech company in Asia, expanding into 9 markets, 10 offices,and a product development center, in just less than 2 years. The company recorded revenues of US$12.9m in 2016, US$26m in 2017, and closed a Series A funding round - the biggest first funding round in advertising technology in Asia. 

In January 2018, AnyMind Group was formed - enabling the growth of not just AdAsia Holdings, but also CastingAsia and TalentMind, an HR-focused business. This marked AnyMind Group's expansion out of the advertising technology industry, enabling further growth for the company and its people.

The philosophy: "Growth for Everyone", extends to all stakeholders - from partners, the ecosystem and industry bodies, to clients, staff and investors, AnyMind Group looks to empower every single stakeholder to achieve greater growth. 

AnyMind Group is truly able to drive this position today - having the ability to empower growth for professionals, businesses,and industries.

The Key Pillars

When you step into one of AnyMind’soffices, you can feel the energy in the air. AnyMind move fast, work hard, and play hard. Its staff hail from different countries, each bringing their unique local expertise and experience to the team.

People: Since its inception, AnyMind Group's growth has been driven by its people. The management team at AnyMind Group is committed to providing conducive environments for further and continuous growth for all staff.

Innovation: AnyMind Group looks to empower professionals, businesses,and industries through innovative technological solutions, including TalentMind and CastingAsia. Innovation has always been at the core, as its people look for solutions that enable greater efficiency and productivity.

Localization: AnyMind Group believes that the best solutions require expert knowledge not just of technologies, but also of specific contexts. To this end, localized solutions that address unique needs will always be a core offering of the company.

The Man Behind The Operation

Kosuke Sogo, CEO,and Co-founder: Kosuke oversees the expansion and growth of the company and its business units in various markets across the globe.

Under Sogo’s leadership, AnyMind Group began as AdAsia™ Holdings, providing technology-driven marketing solutions. The company has expanded into the major Asian markets and will expand globally in the future.

He was previously awarded “Asia’s Most Influential Digital Marketing Professional” at World Brand Congress in 2015, and features on the list of “Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders 2016” by World Marketing Congress. In addition, Sogo was recognized as the “Under-30 Achiever of the Year” in the 2017 edition of the Mumbrella Asia Awards.