30 Most Reputable Companies Of The Year 2018

Providing a Close-Knit Experience with Cutting-Edge Management and Digital Transformation Consulting: RedCloud Consulting


“Through a dedication to integrity and transparency, we are creating what we believe is the foundation of a thriving company.”–Brett Alston

Digital Transformation has impacted management consulting more than any other development ever has before. Every management-consulting project across various fields necessitates knowledge and use of this skill. Digital Transformation is relevant from scenario analysis in strategic planning and customer data-mining in marketing, to assembly line load-balancing in operations.

In a dynamic and results-driven tech marketplace, consultants have become essential in providing a range of services with their extensive knowledge. Digital Transformation consulting is empowering businesses to realize their potential and reach peak-performance.

A Focus on What’s Needed

RedCloud Consulting was relaunched in 2015 by Brett Alston and Brett Clifton. These two experienced and savvy professionals shared a distinct vision to build a new firm around a concrete set of values. The duo set out to develop their company based on the ethics of integrity and transparency.

Alston and Clifton possess extensive practice in both client and consultant sides of the business. They have first hand experience with how important open communication is in completing projects quickly and efficiently. They strive to foster open-door policies while providing feedback and direction without micromanagement. RedCloud has continued to grow an excel under their leadership and guidance.

A Major Key Player in the Success: Company Culture

With a leadership team leveraging a combined 40 plus years of experience, RedCloud has gained tremendous respect and acclaim within the consulting industry. The core values RedCloud upholds ensure clients and consultants are always prioritized. RedCloud continues to provide services that assist customers in solving their strategic business challenges by providing high-value work while fostering meaningful professional experiences. RedCloud’s team is made up entirely of people who hold the same core company values and are motivated to help clients in a professional, thoughtful, and effective manner.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to build the RedCloud team comprised of a diverse, seasoned and multi-disciplinary set of professionals who each bring unique skills, global perspectives, and experience to bear on our client projects.”–Brett Clifton

Additionally, RedCloud is committed to the community and the culture of giving back, particularly within youth programs.It is the company’s mission to provide prolonged support at local organizations whose focus is on the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of young people. Led by the company dedication to community service, the firm’s employees contribute their time, areas of expertise, and volunteer hours to support local organizations. Some of RedCloud’s partners include Big Brother Big Sister of Puget Sound, the University of Washington Foster School of Business’s Consulting and Business Development Center, and Junior Achievement of Washington. 

“Giving back and actively participating in the community is at the core of RedCloud’s foundation and will always stay an important focus in the years to come.”

–Brett Alston

Bright Future En Route

RedCloud believes in making business decisions that drive a better future. The company kicked-off 2018 by expanding their office headquarters to accommodate a growing set of management, sales, internal staff, and visiting consultants. In relation to community involvement, five RedCloud employees participated as judges in the UW Foster School of Business’ largest business plan competition of the year.

RedCloud is cautious to take big risks if it compromises customer satisfaction. This mindset enables consultants to provide best-in-class services for each of their client’s needs. RedCloud always prioritizes a result-driven business model to ensure clients receive their expected deliverables.

RedCloud is recognized as Washington State’s fastest growing company, one of the nation’s fastest growing consulting firms two years in a row, and one of the top 100 best companies to work for 3 years straight. The company has kept momentum and is soaring towards a bright future.

Leading by Example


Brett Clifton, Managing Partner: Clifton has an extensive background in the consulting industry, specializing in program and project management across financial services, sales, marketing and human resources. Leveraging a “Big 4” experience, he then went on to work at several boutique consulting firms in the Pacific Northwest market. He acted as Director of Operations and led business infrastructure development to support rapid company growth.

Clifton emphasizes a focus on service, integrity, and creating lasting relationships. He is currently serving as an Advisory Board member to the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business’ Consulting and Business Development Centerand as an involved member of Entrepreneurs Organization.

Brett Alston, Managing Partner: Alston’s career path has been defined by a consistent desire to grow potential ideas into successful companies that provide value to clients, employees, and the community. Through experience in global Digital Transformation, sales, and marketing, Alston is an evolved serial entrepreneur whose successful equity sales and thoughtfully strategic mindset has led him to become a founder of RedCloud.

Alston’s philanthropic life includes support for local youth programs. He serves on the board of Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Puget Sound while also being involved in their mentorship program. He actively volunteers and fund raises for Toys for Kids Seattle to benefit children in need.

“You’re only as good as your reputation. We will not waiver on our values of integrity and transparency…they are at the heart of what we do.”– Brett Clifton