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Providing a Platform to Evolve and Embed Optical Recognition Technology into Everyday Products: Blinkware Technology

thesiliconreview-alvin-koh-ceo-blinkware-technology-18With a plethora of worldwide clients, multiple international accolades under our belts and high profile international investors, Blinkware is placed amongst the top of its breed and recognized for our outstanding talent, culture, and passion that defines what we are today and shapes us towards the future.

Blinkware Technology founded in 2013 is a revolutionary pioneer and pre-eminent provider of disruptive technology with key strengths in digital media, creative interactive systems, optical quality control and facial biometrics platforms. Pioneering as an innovative new media technology provider, Blinkware’s capability has compounded over the years with advanced skillsets in machine learning and artificial intelligence enabling the organization to venture into new technologies including optical quality control, facial biometrics, and surveillance integrated with mainstream 2D cameras.

The management of Blinkware Technology is under the perusal of key strategic positions which enables the company to operate dynamically and focused while ensuring scalability in future developments, product management, user experience and breakthrough innovation.

Blinkware Technology’s success can be attributed to a plethora of cross-industry clients including Fortune 500 companies and a growing demand for our disruptive interactive technology from local and international industry leaders. Blinkware is proud to be the inventors of a revolutionary patented software that is redefining industries through optical recognition technology utilizing mainstream 2D cameras.

Blinkware’s Mission

To spearhead a new era of disruptive technology through a unique integration of in-house developed solutions that integrate with our very own patented optical recognition software the first of its kind in the region offering clients the opportunity to innovatively and creatively deploy effective solutions without the need for expensive hardware or proprietary devices delivering sustainable and scalable growth.

Optical Technology

Blinkware is a recognized leader in Optical Recognition technology with key strengths in object detection, facial biometrics and gesture control platforms utilizing mainstream 2D cameras. While the industry requires high-end hardware and infrastructure, Blinkware’s revolutionary “AIRRE” software utilizes intelligent algorithms to enable high accuracy and fast detection on regular 2D camera hardware. Cleverly designed, through artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques enable “AIRRE” to self-learn improving detection and accuracy levels with greater utilization of the software.

Facial Biometric

Airre Scan: AIRRE Scan is a revolutionary face recognition technology that delivers superior authentication for biometrics security, access point, and audience targeting. Its unique architecture is unparalleled enabling multiple faces to be identified through a patented point detection technology utilizing mainstream 2D cameras delivering fast and accurate authentication. It utilizes a powerful self-equipped device that is cleverly designed to integrate across multiple environments transforming the way industries operate.

AIRRE Scan is a fully integrated solution that delivers superior facial recognition capabilities with a simple platform enabling integration with CRM and HR systems.

  • Identification: Accurately Identifies And Authenticates A Predefined Set Of Faces To Provide Or Deny immediate access. Advanced algorithms enable detection even when faces are overlapping or wearing glasses.
  • Spoof Alert: an Intelligent system that detects when facial authentication is being tricked by photos or videos making Airre Scan “Spoof Proof”. Instances of such breaches are alerted and compiled in reports.
  • Date Stamp: A powerful tool to manage employees’ attendance and activities with real-time access to reporting facilities with accurate date stamps ensure high accountability at your workplace.
  • Reporting: Real-time reporting enables management to measure and monitor individual attendance and activities with future integration to payroll systems for proactive action on employee breaches.

Advanced Quality Control

Airre Inspect: AIRRE Inspect is a proprietary turnkey solution designed to revolutionize and eases the challenges of Quality Control Management experience across industries. Uniquely designed AIRRE Inspect integrates with mainstream 2D optical cameras drastically eliminating the requirement for expensive hardware traditionally experienced for such solutions.

Airre Inspect software improves the automated technical identification, inspection, measurement, and reporting capabilities that highly sort after by industries worldwide. AIRRE Inspect is a proactive optical automated QC solution that delivers high accuracy, fast defect detection utilizing a mainstream hardware platform.

  • Object Identification: AIRRE Inspect is able to intelligently detect objects irrespective of its placement, deformations or angle. The intricate algorithm enables millisecond optical identification of specific objects accurately.
  • Dimension Profiling: Object dimensions are easily obtained through AIRRE’s 2D edge detection function that provides accurate dimensional contours and objects profiling measurements including length, width and height matrices.
  • Defect Detection: Sub-surface areas are easily detected to identify defects in objects. AIRRE Inspect highlights cracks, voids, gaps, deformation, porosity in ceramic, plastics and metals proactively alerting when defects have been recognized.
  • Advanced Reporting: Automated Real-Time reporting pinpoints accurately problematic areas to strengthen accountability across the supply chain. Specific defective areas will be presented in clear concise reports.

Greet the Thought Leaders

Alvin Koh, Chief Executive Officer: Has over 15 years of local and international experience in corporate business modeling, brand and product marketing, business start-up and sales distribution strategy spanning across APAC. Koh has held Senior Management positions across MNC’s including a broad range of senior roles in Citi Group and United Overseas Bank Bhd.

Thoo Chow Fah, Chairman: Executive Chairman of Notion VTec Berhad. Thoo provides strategic thinking and formulates plans for the current and the future directions of the Group to position Notion as a sustainable and profitable company. In his prior years, Thoo worked in plantation engineering both in operations as well as project management in Malaysia and Indonesia.


“Our technology breathes new depth into the users’ experience by utilizing “natural movements and expressions” to control daily peripherals and systems, empowering simplicity in our workplace, residence, and society with a passion to improve the overall quality of life between humans and our environment.”