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Providing a Secured Environment for Companies in Various Regions and Industry: Barracuda


Barracuda was launched to give businesses an email-security solution that didn’t cost a small fortune. With more than 1 million cloud-enabled products delivered it continue to disrupt the IT-security market with innovative solutions that every business can afford. The firm is on a mission to protect customers, data, and applications from today’s advanced threats by providing the most comprehensive and easy-to-use IT-security platform and backing it up with best-in-class customer support.

Cloud-Ready Security Solutions

Barracuda’s first spam and virus firewall product became the world's most widely-deployed solution for on-premises email security. Today, it continues to offer easy, comprehensive and affordable solutions for email protection, data protection and network and application security. More than 150,000 global customers put their trust in Barracuda to help safeguard their employees, data and applications.

The History of the Company

Dean Drako, Michael Perone, and Zach Levow were running an ISP in 2002 and couldn’t find an affordable spam-blocking product to protect their small business. So the team developed its own solution in a tiny Los Altos office overlooking a courtyard next to a Mexican restaurant that often served as the company conference room. Based on their success, the three soon realized they could provide businesses of all sizes with an email-security solution that wasn’t expensive or complex—the idea for Barracuda was born.

The Origins

Lion, tiger and alligator were among the many aggressive-sounding company names its founders debated and deliberated. They wanted something with teeth! Barracuda was the big winner and the company has lived up to its name ever since by fiercely protecting customers and making the world a safer place.

The Roadmap of Barracuda

In 2003, Barracuda launched its first email-security product, successfully disrupting a market flooded with outrageously-priced products by providing an affordable, easy alternative. Fifteen years later, it still continues to offer best-in-breed security solutions that help its customers do business efficiently and securely. The firm is still growing, still innovating and still focused on bringing you tomorrow’s IT-security technology today.

Working With the Best Companies in the World

Barracuda works with more than 5,000 channel partners worldwide. The Barracuda Reseller Program encompasses a number of rich program offerings, benefits and services to help its partners enhance their businesses with a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable product portfolio. The firm is always looking to grow with channel partners committed to providing customers with world-class products, service and support.

The On-Premises Solutions

Protect users, data, and networks on-site with simple plug-and-play physical and virtual appliances. Barracuda on-premises solutions are ideal for local networks, branch locations, and IoT-connected devices.

  • SaaS Solutions: Cloud-based protection of your employees, data, and business is considered to be one of the most used solutions by the company’s customers.
  • Amazon Web Services: Barracuda Cloud-Generation Firewalls for AWS protect applications and workloads running in AWS environments. They support cloud deployment practices, AWS-specific use cases, and a frictionless licensing model that lets you pay based on firewall usage rather than time.
  • Microsoft Azure: Protect your applications and data running in Microsoft Azure with Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls that scale with your security needs. Barracuda ensures reliable and safe access to the Microsoft cloud.
  • Google Cloud Platform: Protect your applications and your data running on GCP with Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls which are purpose-built for seamless integration and a near-native experience.

The Brains and Heart of the Company

BJ Jenkins, President, and CEO:

BJ joined Barracuda Networks in November 2012 and has presided over many landmark moments in its history. His leadership was integral to the company’s IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, as well as the strategic acquisitions of SignNow, Intronis, Sonian and PhishLine. Under the ownership of private equity investment firm Thoma Bravo, LLC, his vision continues to inspire the business in its ambition to be a trusted and continuous partner in organizations journey to defend against cyber attacks.BJ graduated from the University of Illinois in engineering and went on to earn his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Zachary Levow, Co-founder, Executive Vice President, and CTO:

As co-founder and CTO at Barracuda Networks, Zach leads the innovation and development of Barracuda Networks’ solutions. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, where he perfected his craft. He’s been instrumental in ensuring Barracuda has built on its strong heritage in email and web security appliances, evolving this portfolio to offer true end-to-end purpose-built solutions for organizations of all sizes.

“We Believe Every Business Deserves Access to World-Class Security and That is What We Offer.”