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50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2018

Providing a Tailored Business Support That the Customers Always Value: Smartspot


Based in Cluj-Napoca, Smartspot is a privately owned IT Services Company offering high quality and cost-effective solutions to its customers since 2011. Smartspot started the journey, at the initiative of 2 passionate engineers and a single customer, who trusted them to operate its entire IT infrastructure.

This is not a typical success story between a customer and a service provider! It’s a journey of commitment, trust, hard work and going way beyond the extra mile. Its main goal as a company is to become a key component in the business engine of major organizations. Smartspot provides 4 major service offers: Application management, DevOps, Testing, and Application development. 

Trying to exceed expectations and give something extra every time, Smartspot makes all its support business decisions through experience and good judgment by keeping the customer in focus. And by working in partnership, the company aims to add value for its customers as well as for Smartspot.  

Striving for excellence, Smartspot is never satisfied with how its services business were done and what it achieved in the past, so it keep pushing its boundaries to develop better services to constantly improve customer satisfaction and upgrade operational efficiency and the productivity.

The Smart Services by Smartspot

Application Management

For Smartspot, application management services are the main component in the business engine of its customers. Its actions are helping them focus only on driving their business forward. Smartspot provides its clients a large spectrum of services, which are always tailored to the customer’s IT infrastructure or application landscape.

Mainly built under the premises of risk and cost reduction, the application management offers:

  • 24/7 Service Desk
  • Desktop Services
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Application Support
  • Professional Services


Smartspot offers DevOps specific services, through a team that consists of several senior engineers, with more than 10 years of experience. They own a combination of technical, operational background and soft skills set gathered in various high profile enterprise environments. This blend of expertise and skill set makes them qualified to face the highest challenges. Smartspot’s DevOps engineers are always prepared and motivated to find the best solution for its customer’s current or future challenges, even if it takes to jump on the next flight to deliver on-site support.

Smartspot DevOps practices:

  • Active Stakeholder Participation
  • Automated Testing
  • Production Support
  • Application Monitoring
  • Automated Dashboards


For Smartspot, testing services were always an important component of the company’s past and present projects. Smartspot doesn’t see it different in the future, that’s why its customers rely on the company’s testing expertise to achieve best results.

Smartspot’s testing approach is across infrastructure, applications, including desktop, web, mobile and the Internet of Things.

The most important part is that the current customers appreciate the testing services which are the added value input they bring in terms of developing the user experience for their end users. In order to be more specific, Smartspot compiled a list of testing methods used by the company’s team that can be easily aligned with the testing services approach.

  • Manual testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Application testing
  • Mobile Testing

Application Development

Smartspot development team is experienced in multimedia streaming platforms, ranging from core components to administrative interfaces. Some of its team members have more than 10 years’ experience in delivering highly optimized code.

Based on Smartspot’s customer’s project needs, the company showed flexibility operating with different design models, from waterfall to agile methods. The team has the ability, based on their previous experiences as individuals, to be involved in the development of applications from grounds-up, existing software products, be that desktop, web or mobile.


“We have outsourced our 24/7 technical support to Smartspot since 2012. Our co-operation has been a true success story! We have been able to improve incident resolution times and responsiveness to support inquiries which have contributed positively to customer satisfaction. This has been achieved while keeping the operational cost under control.”

-Jussi Komonen, COO, NoriginMedia

“Smartspot makes your company and you look good – very good”

-Harry Little, General Counsel & VP Vidiator a Hutchison Whampoa company, Hong-Kong

The Smartspot Community

As the company believes in a healthy and happy lifestyle, it has decided to invest more in the quality of its employee’s activities and sustain their initiative in attending a variety of sports including but not limited to cycling, running, paragliding and skiing/snowboarding.

Smartspot will continue to help its people doing everything better, and that means supporting and sponsoring the things they are passionate about.

Good moments, bad moments, big moments, or challenging moments – Smartspot’s there for them all.

Greet the Chief

Rares Muresan is the CEO & Co-Founder of Smartspot.

“We won’t leave you hanging! Application landscapes are growing rapidly in the present marketplace and supporting them becomes a tough challenge in most cases. Our application support services, take over the responsibility of running them in order to meet your individual business requirements”