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Providing an all-in-one Digital Document Transformation Suite: Conga


Nobody likes to do paperwork. But, that’s a critical part of any business. That’s why Conga built an all-in-one Digital Document Transformation Suite to simplify creating documents, managing contracts, and capturing eSignatures. With connected technology, companies can unleash the potential of everyday documents and accelerate the agreements that drive their business and generate revenue. With the time it saves, their workforce can focus more on collaborating, finding new revenue, innovating, and lots of other cool business things that matter.

Why Conga

Conga simplifies and automates documents, contracts, and eSignature. The company is all about its customers. It takes customer success personally and the Conga difference lies in the values that shape its culture. 

5-Star value: Conga strives to deliver 5-Star value in every interaction. It defines success as mutually beneficial outcomes that delight its community of customers, partners, and employees.

Adapt to win: Faced with inevitable change, Conga succeeds by humbly challenging the status quo. It embraces its roles as change agents and its responsibility to continually raise the bar on its products and services.

The desire for knowledge: Conga inherently creates knowledge sharing in every conversation. Through an environment focused on problem-solving, it empowers individuals to take initiative and make decisions.

Passion with a purpose: The company thrives in an environment where collaboration knows no boundaries. It persistently works to discover the next innovation to drive meaningful impact on the lives of its customers, partners, and employees.

Trademark Products and Services

Digital documents: Every document has big potential to help push clients’ business forward. Clients can unleash that potential with Conga’s engaging documents capabilities and see how easy it can be to build, manage, and work on documents anywhere business takes them.

Contracts: Contracts are a crucial component of every business. That’s something everyone can agree on. But they can also slow companies down because they’re often complicated, time-consuming, hard to finalize, and even harder to track. With Conga’s intelligent contracts solution, it’s easier than ever to draft, negotiate, approve, store, and analyze every agreement.

E-Signatures: In every workflow, the last hurdle to be cleared before reaching the finish line is filling in a simple dotted line. Conga helps companies put an end to those delays and issues. With effortless eSignature, clients can capture the electronic signatures they need, quickly, and securely so they can keep business moving.

Insights: Conga’s AI-powered insights let clients view, analyze, and organize actionable data from documents and contracts, helping them streamline workflows and make informed decisions.They can effortlessly discover and create custom workflows, complete with reports that deliver insight into performance and identify any potential bottlenecks. It requires no custom coding, which is a definite pluspoint.


Financial Services: In the finance industry it’s all about the customer. But it’s hard to cultivate and nurture client relationships when companies are buried in paperwork or slowed by inefficient processes. Now, they can discover new efficiency via Digital Document Transformation that lets them devote more time to nurturing relationships and growing business. Asclients invest in expertise and capabilities, they must be given the ROI they expect by delivering a high-touch experience made possible with greater efficiency.

High Tech: Conga offers automation solutions to help clients stay a step ahead of the process, so the most powerful ideas are always unchained.They can put contracts and proposals on the fast track with pre-approved templates and language libraries that ensure accuracy. They can easily share documents with workflow routing approvals and track every action taken, from creation and edits to approval and distribution.

Education: From admissions to enrollment, financial aid, student communications, and much more, today’s schools and institutions are faced with a mountain of administrative tasks—many of which are still paper-based. Hence, Conga built digital solutions that deliver the efficiency they need.

Meet the Leader

Matthew J. Schiltz, Chief Executive Officer: Matthew is an experienced senior executive with a proven track record of building successful, high-growth technology and cloud companies ranging from the private start-up stage to public companies. He is responsible for setting Conga’s growth strategy, which includes financing, driving global sales, and expanding product offerings.

His extensive executive management and leadership experience in driving strong company growth have resulted in several Inc. 500, Fast 50, and Top 100 Places to Work awards. Past CEO successes include Insightful Corporation, CourtLink, DocuSign, Tier 3, and Blue Box Group. Matthew has received several industry accolades in recognition of his past successes and is considered an expert on software, technology, and cloud business practices.

Matthew has an MBA from Seattle University and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Washington.

“Our Digital Document Transformation solutions help you simplify every part of business, so work and revenue flow more freely.”