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Providing an All-Inclusive Marketing Platform since Inception: Taradel


When it comes to creating campaigns from templates or getting professional creative assistance, reaching new prospects or communicating with existing customers via direct mail, digital ads, and emails, Taradel is one of the most trusted names. Taradel’s mission is to target better: to ensure that its clients reach their customers best across all possible touchpoints. Its industry-leading technology, support team, and partnership with the USPS® provide all of the tools and creative firepower today’s marketer needs to easily execute multichannel marketing campaigns quickly and cost-effectively.


Innovation: While Idea generation is easy, executing and delivering real solutions on ideas is not. Taradel pride itself as the leading innovator in its space.

Partnership: Taradel has been making marketing easy (at scale) for agencies, established and emerging franchises, and associations both large and small for years.

Simplicity: Simplicity is the intersection of innovation and integration. If someone gets one without the other, it becomes chaotic. The company’s battle-tested platform eliminates all of the friction normally associated with complicated marketing processes and provides a solution that is both easy and effective.

How Taradel Works

Multichannel Marketing Campaign is provided by Taradel in 3 Easy Steps:

  • It uses the mapping tool to target new prospects and current customers using an array of customer data points
  • It creates a custom ad, uses an existing ad, or selects from a ton of templates. It helpsto design and write it
  • It helps to decide on timing, frequency, and other aspects of the campaign. Then, clients can launch it and their work is done

The Platform

EDDM and Personalized Mail: EDDM gives marketers a way to target customers using both geographic and demographic data, based on postal carrier routes. The mapping tool shows clients which neighbourhoods are hot vs. cold for their target audience and allows them to mail specifically to them. And the best part is that it's 100% all-inclusive.

Digital Advertising: Getting a share of prospects' and customers' screen time is critical if clients want to stay relevant. But getting repeated portions of their time connected to all the ways they communicate and live a modern life, those impressions go beyond just planting a seed, they inspire action. The best part is that Digital marketing has a great ROI.

Creative Marketing Services: Upon receiving clients’ order, a creative marketing specialist will contact them directly to guide them through the creative process. The specialist works with them to create the perfect message and design. And, they will receive digital proofs every step of the way.

  • Free Services: Clients can choose either template customization or use their own design file. If they go for template customization, they can choose a free design template and work with the company’s team to customize it. If they go for the other option, they can upload their own direct mail and digital design files
  • Paid Services: Paid services include custom design and editorial service. Clients can work with the company’s Editor in Chief and creative team to create amazing campaigns with the most affordable pricing in the industry


Every Door Direct Mail®, Facebook Ads, and More: Taradel’s do-it-yourself marketing platform makes it easy to grow clients’ business with just a few clicks. The benefits are as follows:

  • Official USPS® affiliate
  • No paperwork or Post Office drop-offs
  • Digital marketing at a click

White Label Platform Services: Taradel makes marketing easy for everyone including agencies, established and emerging franchises, associations, and national brands. It helps to:

  • Drive new leads and sales
  • Promote events and grand openings
  • Optimize corporate marketing and protect branding
  • Add value to franchisees, agents, members, and clients

Snap Admail: A fast and easy online tool to help small businesses create effective, integrated direct mail and digital campaigns on any budget. It involves four easy steps:

  • Target: Clients can find the best neighbourhoods to target by using the company’s powerful mapping tool or upload their own customer list to drive loyalty and repeat business
  • Design: Clients can choose a postcard or flyer size, and then browse over a thousand free design templates. They can also upload their own artwork or get professional design help
  • Bundle: Clients can take their campaign online. This option combines online display ads with their direct mail campaign for even better results
  • Launch: Clients can place their order online, and then relax as everything else is done by the company including printing, online ad design, and delivery

Meet the Leader

Jim Fitzgerald, CEO and Founder: Serial entrepreneur Jim Fitzgerald founded Taradel in 2003 after successfully exiting two previous businesses. He wanted to provide a powerful but simple turn-key marketing solution for busy business owners like himself.

“The simplicity and power of the platform, combined with the creative and marketing punch of the Taradel team, is all you need to supercharge your marketing efforts.”