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20 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2015

Providing an eight-zone security system to safeguard your business and valuable data


In today’s world  where Technology is a great boon to mankind and is evolving at a fast pace, all the leading IT houses and corporate offices are succumbing to Cloud computing because of the dearth of facilities and advantages it has, over any other technology solution. It has become ‘The Big Thing’ for businesses worldwide and is an inseparable part of any business now-a-days. Now as we all know the internet has brought about a lot of changes in our lives for good, but it too has a bad side to it, and that is cyber crime and other related illegal activities along with it. So as the cloud runs on a proper internet connection, it too is exposed to threats of cyber theft and data stored there is prone to foreign invention. Another problem that generally occurs is about data security when migrating from the private cloud to public cloud; private cloud are more secure than public ones but you have to put in a lot of investments to get one!

To cater to these problems of organizations, CtrlS-Asia’s largest tier 4 datacenters, offers a solution with on-demand Private cloud framework with the help of which organizations can get the benefits of a Private Cloud and also scale up and down as per the situation demands, in a Public Cloud solution.

Its solutions are not only pocket-friendly but are also advanced and a sure success. A favorite among all – small, medium and large-scale enterprises, the company specializes in providing services which includes data center infrastructure, storage, backup, hardware, OS layers, and network and security layers. It also offers a host of outsourced business solutions and services such as Disaster Recovery on demand, Managed services, Private cloud-on-demand which will allow the client to make the much needed paradigm shift from the captive datacenter model to the outsourced one.

What is it with CtrlS?

“At CtrlS, we have no priority greater than keeping your applications online and we take that very seriously. Our commitment to take total ownership of the project has resulted in a client portfolio featuring some of the most renowned names in industry as well as the young entrepreneur who ’s cloud software needs secure, continual hosting”, says the Founder/ CEO Mr Sridhar Pinnapureddy. 

Today, Companies are looking out for datacenters which can guarantee the highest availability and least energy consumption. CtrlS does just the same and nothing is of greater importance to them than keeping the client’s applications online and their data secure.

The facility sets the benchmark in the datacenter space with a eight-zone security system to keep the client’s data away from unwanted visitors making it the most secure datacentre in India. It has ISO-20000-1, ISO-27001, ISO-22301, SOC-1, SOC- 2, CSA and BS 25999 certifications.

Clients Speak

“The CtrlS solution for our needs was very effective and helped us mitigate our risks”.

“The USP of the CtrlS is the out-of-box solutions being offered and we chose CtrlS because they own and understand this space”.

CtrlS’s clientele includes the telecom industry, IT/ITeS, Government, Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare and Media verticals.

Partnering mainly with solution providers, web hosting companies, alliances and resellers which include Redington, Allied Digital, Modi Infosol and Accel Frontline to help reach customers across all segments and geographies.

The value-added Service Portfolio

Colocation Services

  • IAAS
  1. Disaster Recovery
  2. Private Cloud
  3. SAP HANA Cloud

Managed Services

  • CDN
  1. SOC
  2. RIM

Cloud Managed Services

  1. Azure
  2. Amazon
  3. Ctrl4 C

The multi-tasking IT infrastructure

  • CtrlS’s IT infrastructure enables you to scale with the nneeds of your business, help you deliver infrastructure services to your clients and enjoy the benefits of the economies of scale.
  • At times of disaster, it lets your data be secured without you having to set up your own in-house disaster recovery plan
  • It also provides with a truly dependable hosting solution; its high availability solution is the best Zero down Time hosting solution
  • It has a Zero Data Loss program which is the next level protection, and with this CtrlS can guarantee that your business will never lose any data
  • Business Continuity Planning from CtrlS helps you to minimize the impact of natural conditions like storms and inclement weather to man-made situations like strikes, curfews or other forms of unrest, businesses are vulnerable to a number of threats to the seamless continuity of their operations
  • Technology in the world is useless unless it helps deliver real world value to users and that is just what CtrlS’s Content Delivery Network will help you do
  • It also has ‘Online Data Backup Solution’ which helps you protect your business against files corruption, accidental deletion, hardware failure and lost or misplaced devices with just one click
  • CtrlS provides remote IT infrastructure management by providing round the clock monitoring of servers for availability and utilization, incident & problem management, OS reinstallation and upgrades, user management services and much more
  • Installing an in-house e-mail server requires huge cost and constant upgrades and maintenance, but with CtrlS’s enterprise e-mail solutions you can get the best of it yet in a cost-effective manner

Providing hosting and scalability in the Public Cloud as and when required

Cloud VPS – The Cloud VPS serves as a single server, robust and, load balanced solution, etc. That offers the kind of scalability, power, robustness and control that is only possible with the cloud.

Real Cloud – The Real Cloud solution has a multilayered management model, a huge choice of OS images to choose from, unmatched connectivity and near instant scalability. Users can deploy more servers, put up applications, and perform maintenance and upgrades, all remotely and with utmost ease.

4C Public Cloud – It allows the users to deploy instantly, balances the load, enhances various features for security, and provides real time monitoring, storage option, pre-installed templates, connectivity, compliance and much more.

Enterprise Cloud – Provides virtually limitless Cloud hosting capacity, thousands of CPUs worth of raw compute power and the strongest connectivity.

Specialized Hosting – By using it the users get unmatched flexibility in scaling their needs. Also they get huge capacity on demand instantly.

Security Operation Centre

Services – The intrusion detection system detects and isolates infected systems and protects the rest of the infrastructure from worms, Trojans, viruses, root kits and spyware.

CtrlS has a Data Center Ready Model through which clients who are looking for a small scale data center to deploy one in their premises can be benefited. The company also offers the option of placing the infrastructure on their racks and gives clients the power to scale up with minimum delay, in case of larger deployments and this automatically solves the scalability and consolidation issues faced by the CtrlS team and their clients as well.

Server Colocation – It offers data centers that redundancy to keep the data online, guaranteed stability with 100% uptime, different carrier’s options to connect to the customer’s secured data centers.

Rack Space Colocation – It comes with Strict adherence to Tier 4 standards of security, environmentally controlled facilities, redundant power systems and immense connectivity solutions. It provides OS and device control sans the expense, risks, and inconveniences associated with the maintenance of physical devices, networks and storage space.

Custom Built Infra and Cage – The users get physical security that is unmatched, bandwidth that is unrivalled, and connectivity that is indispensible for large websites and users, and consistent power to keep it all running.

Awards and Accolades

NASSCOM Emerge 50 Top – 50 Emerging Companies (2010 & 2011)

CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management Innovative Project (2012)

Aegis Graham Bell Award – Innovation in Cloud Service (2013)

SME Channels Award – Best Datacenter (2013)

Business Continuity& Resilience Award – Specialist Business Continuity / Recovery Company (2010)

C10 Choice Award 2013, 2014 and 2015

Path Forward

CtrlS is on an operation track to creating the best robust cloud; they already have a 5 ‘9’s’ capable cloud. It also has plans to add more features and make it available and accessible across the globe over the next three years. Presently customers can monitor over 200 critical parameters on the 4C portal. Their aim is to make this portal more user-friendly besides adding more ‘control’ capabilities. The company is recognized as the biggest and the best Tier 4 DC player in Asia. What it aims for is becoming the same in the whole world.

Yet one more good news is – CtrlS will soon have its offices coming up in Chennai and Bangalore as well.

 The Guiding light

CtrlS is promoted by the 18 year old Pioneer Group, which has been building the largest available infrastructure in the Datacenter world and is already into FMS and SI functions. This is but a natural process of amalgamation of Group leadership values. Mr. Sridhar Pinnapureddy is the Founder & CEO who has successfully elevated CtrlS as a thought leader and under his guidance the company has out up new benchmarks in the industry. Mr Sridhar is bestowed with coveted recognitions such as “Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year – 2010” for Asia Pacific region by APEA, “Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani” by Global Economic Council and “Karamveer Puraskar 2007” awarded by ICONGO for his incredible accomplishments and magnanimous contribution to the society, Mr Sridhar is a distinguished and sought after industry speaker by NASSCOM, CII and various other industry bodies.