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Providing companies of all sizes with custom-made solutions for digital marketing : Screwtop Media, LLC

thesiliconreview-todd-brown-ceo-screwtop-media-llc-2017In today’s era, digital marketing is considered one of the fastest and most suitable tools for building businesses and reaching customers. However, finding success through digital marketing can prove to be a real challenge, thanks to the shifting landscape and changes in the way consumers interact online. It is almost mandatory for organizations to move their business to IoT as it allows them to store and manage information in one place for conducting business easily. However, they are always affected by the heap of money that needs to be invested. Though digital marketers are emerging quickly with new technologies that can help customers market their business from a single platform and to a larger audience, they face numerous obstacles like developing websites, generating and managing traffic, identifying the right tools for managing their customers’ needs, optimizing marketing budget and ROI. The need for establishing a company that can help mitigate all-round digital marketing difficulties was felt, and in the year 2009 Screwtop Media was established to meet the growing need for quality web development and email marketing services at an affordable price.

Screwtop Media is a full service digital marketing and media production company that specializes in Marketing Technology Integration which includes traditional web development, mobile application development, augmented reality technology and data-driven email marketing solutions. The company’s goal is to assist its clients with brand development, market share expansion and increased marketing ROI. It also offers unique and sound cutting-edge technology solutions that stem from its unwavering commitment to integrity and its clients.

Dawning of the company

Screwtop Media was founded with the prime focus on interactive technology development and with an emphasis in mobile application development that uses augmented reality, data-driven email marketing, and interactive content production. The company’s initial service offerings were focused on traditional website development and email marketing alone.

As the traditional website development industry became over-saturated, the company realized that it needed a more specific niche to provide service to the marketing technology industry. It was as that point the company looked into the growing demand for interactive marketing that utilizes augmented reality technology to promote various business industries including travel/tourism, mobile telecommunications, and the retail sector.

“We provide the service; knowledge and right tools that will help grow your business.”

Screwtop Media has specialized in digital, web-based marketing solutions primarily designed to help its customers in achieving greater height in business. Striving to develop and integrate marketing automation programs, it has helped customers in coordinating digital content platforms like websites, mobile applications and email marketing. The company has a wide range of services under its wings; one of which is their Mobile Eyes® platform, which is an extensible and scalable software framework that works for all the digital needs. It is crafted in such a way that it can provide easy integration between the website, mobile site, and the mobile app using a single code base for managing the content for all three simultaneously. This type of integration provides tremendous efficiencies and cost savings for customers. A content change only has to be made once and the change is rendered with all three mediums. Furthermore, the platform is easily compatible with standard content management systems and functionality such as geo-targeting, e-commerce and social media as well as augmented reality technology.

Augmented reality has the taken the virtual world to the next level and Screwtop Media understands its importance and the opportunities it provides their customers’ business growth. The company provides a customized Augmented Reality mobile app service that helps in promoting their customers’ products and services and adds value and meaning to their businesses. “By taking full advantage of smartphone and tablet functionality, our customizable solutions will increase application adoption rates through customizable, engagement opportunities in viral, social and engaging environments,” said Todd Brown, CEO of Screwtop Media. The company has also been providing content for websites as it understands that customers need a cost-cutting and time-saving process to manage information.

Down the road

Screwtop Media has been successful in bestowing its customers with the best strategies by using proven techniques along with cutting-edge innovations to achieve their business goals. The company wants to contribute its services to a wider audience by aiming at expanding its customer base. It also aspires to expand its business growth by being one of the premiere marketing technology companies that offers its clients with a unique marketing solution that meets the needs and demands of their respective clients. 

Roll out the Red carpet for the CEO

Todd Brown, CEO of Screwtop Media is a third-generation veteran of the U.S. Army and a graduate of Texas Tech University. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Mr. Brown and his wife moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to pursue his professional career. In 1996 Todd entered the business world of technology working for a local Dallas interactive marketing company. As it turns out, this was the beginning of a career in technology development. After working in technology for multiple interactive marketing and advertising companies, Mr. Brown, and two colleagues, made the decision to start their own marketing technology firm. In 2009 Mr. Brown, along with Brady Tinker and Matt Ferrell, established Screwtop Media, LLC.

"Our process integrates your company’s vision and mission with a unique comprehensive marketing plan, complete with the ability to track results and support ongoing initiatives."