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Providing digital services for rapid growth: Pulsion


A wise man once said, “If your business is not on the internet, then it will be out of business.” It holds true for businesses belonging to just about every industry. Whether a company caters to tourism, real estate, telecommunication, software services, or logistics, and healthcare, A presence on the internet helps a company gain greater viewership and helps in bolstering credibility.

In light of the importance of a user-friendly and interactive website, a company named Pulsion has emerged as one of the world’s leading firms in web design, mobile application development, and relevant services.

Here are some of Pulsion’s services  

Web Design

The digital era has reinvented how we communicate and access information. Whilst this could be seen as bringing new challenges, the team at Pulsion prefers to look at it as a fresh opportunity to engage with your audience and gain an edge on the competition.

Pulsion’s team works diligently to produce the highest standard websites that are accessible across devices, browsers, and operating systems, using solutions such as .Net, PHP, JavaScript, and Python. With over 20 years of web design experience, the company is no stranger to developing the most engaging web platforms.

UI & UX Design

Don’t limit access to your website. Pulsion’s intuitive user interfaces are designed to be fully accessible and responsive across all (PC, Tablet & Mobile) devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Rich Functionality

The company delivers a range of modern website features including customized site search, social media Integration, user feedback, integrated video and audio content, event calendar, subscriptions, analytics, integrated maps and many more.


Given the prevalence of cyber-crime and hacking, security is now a high priority for organizations. Pulsion’s technical skills, experience, and security accreditations allow the company to deliver highly secure websites and support and maintenance services ensure that they remain secure as any new threats arise.

Digital Branding

The design team will help communicate your brand in a way that is stylish and consistent with your brand specification. This is then echoed throughout your website, creating the most engaging platform.


Take advantage of search engine traffic and get your website noticed with a broad range of SEO techniques. Key terms, Keyword planning, and trend analysis are just some of what Pulsion does.

Mobile Applications

Working in partnership with you, Pulsion can deliver a mobile app-based upon your specific business needs and objectives. It is committed to developing optimal mobile technologies that will compliment your business operations and profitability.

The company’s mobile app development expertise includes creating native mobile apps for specific operating systems including iOS and Android. Its preferred mobile technologies are SwiftJava and React Native.


Pulsion’s mobile applications are optimized to be functional and efficient in the process. The ability to custom-build your app means your particular business requirements are met and can, therefore, be well integrated into operations.


Not only can Pulsion develop the best mobile app software for your business, but it also understands that as your Organisation grows and the commercial landscape changes you may require updates or support throughout the process.

Easy to Use

User experience and customer engagement are essential for mobile applications. Pulsion works closely with all clients to develop the most effective and practical mobile solutions that suit their needs and requirements perfectly.

Consumer Engagement

Building an engaging mobile offering can make your business more accessible and valuable for your customers. As an invaluable channel for your Organisation mobile apps can aid in building stronger brand loyalties and greater engagement, as well as gaining access to important customer feedback and data.

Digital Transformation

At Pulsion, the team prides itself in the experience of the entire technology stack and understands how to integrate mobile solutions into your organization's digital offerings. This allows for the maximization of the benefits of not only mobile but also the cloud and artificial intelligence, to meet your business objectives.

Software Development

Relying on manual processes, legacy applications and disparate systems can often anchor your Organisation from progression. Pulsion’s experience and esteemed knowledge can remove restraints and get it moving in the right direction with innovative software development solutions.

Pulsion is highly experienced in all areas of software design and development. It works with you to deliver creative software solutions that will make a real difference to productivity and efficiency. Its project teams include experts in project management, design, marketing, software, and quality assurance- all of the required skills to deliver exceptional tailored solutions.

Pulsion was founded by John McGuire

“Pulsion Technology partners with its clients to deliver innovative digital, mobile and artificial intelligence services.”