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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2016

Providing eDiscovery professionals with the Highest Quality, Easy to use, and Best Supported Solutions: Inovitech


“We develop solutions that truly solve a need in the market place.”

 Founded in 2011, Inovitech is a solutions company based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. They specialize in building cloud-computing business applications and offering consultancy services to corporations, government agencies, law firms, and service providers to improve business process, enhance workflow strategies, and refine or integrate technology solutions around legal case work.

The company provides eDiscovery professionals with the highest quality, easy-to-use, and best-supported solutions possible. Having worked with eDiscovery professionals and industry veterans, Inovitech built its first cutting-edge cloud-computing software, called IS-A-TASKTM, to help ease the management of eDiscovery projects. “We decided to keep our core focus on supporting legal case and project management professionals since no other company does this in today’s legal market,” said Debra L Rozier, Founder and CEO.

IS-A-TASKTM A Dynamic Workflow Project Management Solution
IS-A-TASKTM, patent pending, is a dynamic workflow project management application designed to help alleviate the bottlenecks that occur with managing highly transactional projects. While traditional project management applications are more of a task-in, task-out concept with limited collaboration and flexibility, IS-A-TASK offers a cohesive approach between those who manage projects and those who work on project tasks to completion. For example, IS-A-TASK will allow a project manager to dynamically design a project using specific workflow configurations, manage the scope of information with change control, and simultaneously submit a project to numerous operation teams that are responsible for receiving, tracking and delivering the project. Not only is the tool collaborative, but it is also highly configurable to meet the needs across corporate law, law firm, and service provider perspectives.

In addition, Inovitech offers a hybrid approach to supporting its customers. “What we have experienced since the inception of Inovitech is there are three types of customer needs:

  1. Customers with an existing set of core internal processes that are well established and documented, and so they prefer to configure the IS-A-TASK application
  2.  Customers with internal processes that are not well documented, and so they prefer that Inovitech assist with documenting them, and configuring the IS-A-TASK application
  3.  Customers with internal processes that are not well established and documented, and so they prefer that Inovitech assist with analyzing the current processes, establishing and documenting improved processes, and configuring the IS-A-TASK application,” explained Debra.

Specializing in a Specific Functional Area
Inovitech’s core is specific to helping legal professionals manage projects more efficiently. By serving as the only niche company to specialize in this specific functional area, it allows them to remain very close to their clients’ needs. The company isn’t trying to manage an entire suite of products because it realizes that this may dilute the focus on making IS-A-TASKTM a best-of-breed. Their technology is also agnostic, meaning that you do not have to use its services to use the product, or purchase a product suite in order to use one specific area of the product. Further, if specific integration needs are required, the platform is designed to connect with other products in the market.

Target Clientele
The company currently targets corporations, law firms, government agencies, consulting firms and service providers whose core focus is supporting eDiscovery work products. Since the launch of IS-A-TASKTM in February 2014, Inovitech acquired clients ranging from law firms, service providers and government agencies. Its biggest clients reside in the government sector which includes the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Future Outlook
Heading into the future, Inovitech will continue to focus on its flagship product IS-A-TASKTM as it is on course to be a best-of-breed legal project management application. Specifically, they will focus on connecting with other technology platforms to increase information sharing and efficiency. They are also excited to launch IS-A-TASK v 5.0 this year, which includes a new user interface that will be fully 508 Compliant.

Knowing the Founder & CEO – Debra L Rozier
As founder of Inovitech, Debra has been in the legal domain for over 23 years with a core focus of supporting legal professionals on use of technology to streamline and create more efficiency around managing legal case work. She initially began supporting technology services, to then building technology services, to finally building the actual technology.

As she progressed throughout her career, Debra has had the opportunity to support from three distinct vantage points; corporation, law firm, and a service provider. Each perspective has a unique approach to interacting, servicing, utilizing, communicating and collaborating with various types of technology throughout the lifecycle of a case.

When it was time to branch out into a fourth vantage point, she decided it was best to work for a pure technology company that focused on building legal technology. However, Debra found that a lot of existing companies were developing the same types of applications which she had previously worked on, and thus, were already saturated in the market.

She was looking for something different, a game-changer. Given her industry expertise and understanding how thirsty the legal domain was for a technology to ease the pain points around legal project management, she knew she had to create the solution. This is when she decided to launch Inovitech.

“We work closely with industry professionals and listen to what they have to say.”